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By Dr. WilliamsPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

It is a sad commentary in this day and age that our government has managed to immerse itself in foreign policy directives that continue to provoke responses that are capable of unleashing an unspeakable terror. With our support in Ukraine, we have failed to understand what caused Russia to use military responses to eliminate a growing threat to their homeland. The continued escalation of military force by both Ukraine and Russia has opened up a Pandora's box of contingencies that could have global consequences. By our involvement with supplying billions of taxpayer dollars and military equipment to Ukraine has fueled the flames of more hostilities. What we should have done when Russia was contemplating the use of military intervention in Ukraine wasn't even considered. Instead of being a mediator in negotiations that would produce an acceptable agreement to which both Ukraine and Russia would abide by we fueled the flames of calamity.

We have to remember that ever since the Korean conflict the US has been intervening in foreign entanglements that have no bearing on the quality of life for the American public. All we have been doing with military involvement and taxpayer dollars has been destabilizing the whole world. And now with this dysfunctional newly elected Congress the American public continues to be in the cross hairs of a government that continues to sidestep the many urgent crisis's facing millions of Americans whose quality of life keeps slipping away and mounting international crisis that could spill over into a global disaster.

As the debt ceiling been reached with a potential financial calamity brewing for millions of Americans is another fact that has brought about the harsh realities of the failings of our own government and Administrations past and present. They have failed to understand that our fiscal policies and our wasteful spending has contributed to why our nation is actually faced with a nightmare scenario of fiscal irresponsibility by our own government.

The travesty of all this is that millions of not only Americans but millions more worldwide continue to languish in desperation facing unsurmountable injustices to their dignity, to their basic human rights, and their livelihoods. It has been the failures of governments to actually put in play policies that would negate many of the travesties that they themselves have created on their populations.

This recent meeting in Davos Switzerland is nothing more than a showcase where the world's elite converge. And every year when they do meet the world is still faced with the dismal responses by governments to curb the global crisis that continue to plague mankind. There are many questions that have to be asked in light of the events that are unfolding with no apparent solutions forthcoming. Will congress finally get its act together and put policies in place that would stave off financial Armageddon? Will our present Administration intervene and be a negotiator between Russia and Ukraine to resolve this international crisis? Or will we continue to supply more tax dollars and military aid to Ukraine that only pressures Russia to further escalate hostilities?

These are just some of the urgent questions that need direct answers. For far too long our elected officials have proven incapable of serving the American Publics best interests. Our whole political system has become corrupted by corporate influence and mega donors. All of which has contributed to Americas decline not only in world affairs but domestically. Now as America keeps slipping down that slippery slope of congenital distress while the world's elite continue to orchestrate one crisis after another one has to wonder will we survive? We would be wise to remember that America can right the wrongs of injustices against our own citizens. But will we?

Today, mankind is trapped by his own failings. The United States in particular continues to show favoritism over one nation over another. We have and continue to act impulsively without the slightest regard for to the consequences of our actions. We are seeing the results today especially with the continued threats by Russia, China, and even North Korea. If our current foreign and domestic policies remain or with slight alterations the United States is headed for disaster. Only a total reform using National Economic Reforms Ten Articles of Unification can change the course the US and the world is heading. We had better realize this before it really is too late.


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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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