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by Dylan-Quinn Harris 10 months ago in satire
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They Know

For my eyes only, keep out.

4th September 20XX

Dear Reader,

Hello, my name is not important. My work is very classified, and the secrets I hold could change the fate of the world. I feel as though I am being monitored, that is why I am sending these transmissions. This is the only form of communication that I believe to be 100% free of prying eyes.

My workplace has become a cesspool of uncertainty, wandering eyes, private meetings, and dark conspiracy involving the top 1%. I can’t say much now but in due time everything will be revealed. This is until the next transmission, stay vigilant and know who your enemies are.

11th September 20XX

Dear Reader,

This makes no sense! The data isn’t adding up, they keep me running experiments but the results just come up inconclusive. They watch me, you know. I see them, side-eyeing me. Even the test animals look as though they know something. Just the other day I was feeding the lab rats when one refused to take its eyes off of me, I named him Eran.

Eran is quite different from the other rats, aside from his unbroken gaze, he has abnormal behavior. When he eats, he hides. When he sleeps, he hides. When he’s awake, he’s watching. He doesn’t play, he doesn’t wonder, he just watches.

I have decided to not leave Eran’s side, I take him everywhere with me. I have taken notice of my colleagues talking while I eat. Eran sits in front of me, watching. Always watching me. It’s become unbearable, so I decided for sanity I would eat with Eran in the janitor’s closets. THEY FOLLOW ME! When I leave to go back to work, I see them standing in the halls, talking until I leave. The second I leave they watch in silence. NO ONE IS TO BE TRUSTED.

30th September 20XX

Dear Reader,

They tried to keep me from the lab rats. Today, I went to retrieve Eran at the start of my workday but my key card isn’t working. It just says that my access was denied. Who knows? Or maybe they’ve taken Eran, I knew something about that rat was off. It was no surprise to me that the Rat was a rat.

I’m certain that no one knows my secret passageways through the facility. Once, when I first started here. I discovered these hatches in the ceiling that had enough room for an average adult human male. I have been using them to avoid co-workers and their questions for years now. I used it to find Eran, he knows too much and he could be giving all the entail to them. I CAN’T TRUST ANYONE. From what’s happened this morning, it is clear that they’re onto me and my findings. For the safety of the world, I have made the decision to take Eran off Company property, as I am writing this he watches me. That’s right, I brought him home.



Dear Reader,

There is a new development, a woman. She’s relatively new but she’s quick, no doubt someone from the inside sent to keep tabs on me. Everywhere I go she’s there, waiting. Now decided and then I hear whispers about Eran and how he’s gone missing. They say,

“ There’s no way it just ran off, the entire cage was gone.”

Then they glanced at me and they would say,

“ didn’t he watch that thing all the time?”

and others would remark,

“ That was like a month ago, and he looks too sad, I think he misses it.” They know, and they’re letting me know they know.

I have to move in the shadows for a while.

18th November 20XX

Dear Reader,

That woman continues to follow me, she steals glances while I'm running my experiments, and even today she was made my lab assistant at the request of an “Anonymous associate”. I have labeled her enemy No. 1 and you know what they say. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Seeing as i don’t have any friends i shall keep a healthy distance but i will not run from interaction in the hopes she slips me information by mistake. We’ll call it [Operation: southern comfort]. In lighter news, I don't understand how people happily adopt pets. Eran is so needy, it's starting to break the bank a bit.

Never mind the trivial, as for my plan. I will ask her to go drinking and see all that she knows. Once I have the insight I'll bring her here and do what needs to be done. For the fate of the world, I must. If anything happens to me, then this will be the reason for my disappearance. Don’t believe what you're told, trust no one.

20th November 20XX

Dear Reader,

Interesting development. The other day I invited that woman to lunch and she seemed incredibly interested in me, they got a really good agent for this job. I almost thought she wanted to sleep with me. She won’t catch me slipping, I'm not even interested in people. The only thing that I'm interested in is the truth! Speaking of which, decided to steal something from work today. All i have to say is this

Thank you for Having Every Young Person Knock oN Our Wood.

This is the time to get a little more crafty, be vigilant. Trust no one.

22nd November 20XX

Dear Reader,

That lady is a hoot, she’s so funny in all the wrong ways. It’s so weird. but she’s almost charming, I won't be swayed. Last time, I wrote about something I took. Well, It’s a flash drive from the admin’s office. They haven’t realized it’s gone just yet but I’m certain it won’t be long before word gets out. I have to work fast. stay posted reader, if i take a while to write then you know what happened.


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Dylan-Quinn Harris

living my life and doing me things.

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