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Complete Guide of Applicant Tracking System

Does the Applicant Tracking System coordinate with other key projects your Talent Acquisition and Human Resources group employments? Will you have solid execution support, and progressing support in the event that you need it?

By employAStarPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Applicant Tracking Systems, or ATSs, are generally utilized devices by enrolling groups. Nonetheless, the term ATS gets thrown around such a lot of that it's even utilized by arrangements that don't coordinate with a real meaning of an ATS.

Beneath you'll track down a total manual for Applicant Tracking System(ATS), data on the best way to pick and separate an ATS from different frameworks available, and clarification of how to get the most worth from the arrangements that exist.

What is a Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System is a product instrument used to follow work candidates through the whole enrolling measure — from resume and introductory letter (application) sent, through meeting, and eventually employing.

Dream up your ideal applicant Tracking System

Odds are, you've been pondering picking another Applicant Tracking System for some time. When you at long last choose to get the ball going, it's useful to accumulate your contemplations on why another framework or switch will be advantageous, and show your considerations to organization administration. You ought to likewise recognize the particulars of your present agreement, on the off chance that you have one, to build up your course of events for exchanging.

A detail Understanding how a new Applicant Tracking System could help

Do some primer examination to discover how another Applicant Tracking System could profit your association. You may decide to peruse programming audit destinations, examine seller sites, connect with partners, or join some demo online classes. Likewise search for contextual analyses and information that exhibit the force of a cutting edge Applicant Tracking System.

Recognize your ATS needs

Plunk down with the group you've amassed to build up an unmistakable comprehension of your organization's first concerns and greatest torments. Consider where your present Applicant Tracking System misses the mark concerning your requirements, and what that contrarily means for your association now—and how it will later on

Get a team together

Choosing or exchanging your Applicant Tracking System impacts individuals across your association (spotters, HR staff, C-Level, and so on), so you might need to shape a choice advisory group to guarantee you're taking a gander at frameworks from all points. For example, you might need to rope individuals in from IT, legitimate, and account. At any rate, assemble input from an assortment of clients, from recruiting directors and questioners, to chiefs and your competitors.

Get executive buy- in for the new Applicant Tracking System

We realize you're occupied, so we suggest getting a gift from the people pulling the strings before you start assessing arrangements. Offer your requirements, how you accept another Applicant Tracking System ought to have the option to help, and the normal profit from speculation. You need to guarantee your chief group will approve another Applicant Tracking System, and build up a sensible spending plan.

Normal trouble spots a cutting edge Applicant Tracking System can assist you with settling

• You can't discover sufficient quality contender to hit your employing objectives

• Employees allude not many up-and-comers

• Candidates forsake the application interaction as a result of a helpless encounter

• Interviewers don't appear at meetings, or appear late, and have no clue about who they're meeting

• Administrative undertakings are hindering you, and removing time from more essential activities

• Hiring directors are not adjusted and have little perceivability into ability pipelines

• Time to enlist is moderate, and up-and-comers exit your enrollment cycle

• Poor revealing abilities don't permit you to see where you can upgrade your cycles

Step by step instructions to pick an ATS

Similarly as in recruiting, you need to comprehend what you're searching for in a Applicant Tracking System, so you assess all alternatives by similar measures. Utilize the needs you set up in the initial step to limit your decisions—and, eventually, settle on your choice.

Make your Applicant tracking system shortlist

Figure out which highlights matter most. They can be an incredible beginning stage for demos. You may likewise decide to present a Request for Proposal or go to an online course of different Applicant Tracking Systems to assemble data.

Schedule a demo of various ATS frameworks

Timetable demos to see every item in real life, and figure out how it might help tackle your trouble spots. Be careful with sellers who tell rather than show—highlights are not generally consistent, regardless of whether they have a similar name.

Compare ATS Solutions

Whenever you've gone to certain demos, begin contrasting highlights and ease of use between stages. It doesn't really matter which framework has the most highlights—what makes a difference is that you pick the framework that has the highlights that address your greatest difficulties.

Pick your new Applicant Tracking System

Presently it's an ideal opportunity to pick your new framework! We propose you pick the merchant that settles your remarkable trouble spots. Get the close down from your chief group, and, on the off chance that you as of now have a framework, let your present seller realize you will not be recharging your agreement.

Highlights of an ATS

The principle differentiators between the ATS referenced above are their scale and the highlights offered by every individual arrangement, however there are a few highlights that you ought to expect in any ATS.

Candidate engagement

How might the Applicant Tracking System make sourcing and commitment more proficient, for both dynamic and uninvolved competitors? How might it assist you with improving competitor quality?

Candidate management

How might the Applicant Tracking System speed up your regular work processes and assist you with improving your up-and-comer experience, so you can close a greater amount of your top-decision competitors?

Scheduling & interviewing

How might the Applicant Tracking System help you construct a more productive and versatile screening?


Does the Applicant Tracking System give you the information you need to settle on educated choices, and to report up to organization initiative?

Integrations & support

Does the Applicant Tracking System coordinate with other key projects your Talent Acquisition and Human Resources group employments? Will you have solid execution support, and progressing support in the event that you need it?


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