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Carbon Footprinting

Carbon Footprint Consultant

By agile advisorPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Calculating and examining a person's, a company's, or a product's carbon footprint is known as carbon footprinting. The aim of carbon footprinting is to understand the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions, usually carbon dioxide, produced because of a particular action or combination of activities.

When calculating a person's carbon footprint, numerous aspects, such as energy use, transportation, waste production, and land use, are often thoroughly analyzed. The analysis also accounts for indirect emissions, such as those brought on by the creation and delivery of goods and services consumed by the person or business.

The outcomes of a carbon footprint study can be used to pinpoint regions where emissions can be decreased and to create plans for doing so. An organization might encourage sustainable transportation alternatives, increase energy efficiency, switch to renewable energy sources, or cut waste.

As worries about climate change have grown, measuring carbon footprints has gained importance. As part of their efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and lessen the effects of climate change, numerous governments and organizations have launched carbon footprinting programs and initiatives.

Agile Advisors, a Carbon Footprint Consultant:

The Services We Offer:

The challenge of climate change and global warming is one of the most difficult ones we are currently facing. As a carbon footprint consultant in India, we help our clients manage and reduce emissions by providing estimation and management services. We perform consulting work on carbon footprints, create carbon strategies, and establish GHG reduction goals and a plan of action to reach them. We Provide a Wide Variety of Services To Support Our Customers' Path To Low Carbon Transformation.

Carbon Footprint

Our clients can use our pool's expertise when they need carbon footprint consulting services. A carbon footprint is the entire quantity of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the operation of a company, the consumption of a product, the provision of a service, or the staging of an event. It contains carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases that trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. As a carbon footprint consultant, our first step in mitigating climate change is to identify your influence, which the carbon footprint enables you to do. We rank among the top consultants for carbon footprints in the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East.

Net Zero Approach

To minimize their emissions and slow climate change, we assist businesses in implementing short- and long-term Net Zero carbon strategies. As a carbon footprint consultancy in India, Agile Advisors offers these services to numerous clients. With our carbon strategy's help, we ensure that our clients' transition to a low-carbon economy is expedited and in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Science-Based Target Initiative

To establish practical Science Based Targets, we have worked closely with businesses. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), a collaborative project of CDP, the UN Global Compact (UNGC), the World Resources Institute (WRI), and WWF, aims to enhance corporate ambition on climate action by encouraging businesses to set greenhouse gas emission reduction targets that are commensurate with the level of decarbonization needed, according to science, to keep global warming to less than 1.5°C or 2°C compared to preindustrial temperatures. As a carbon footprint consultancy, we assist organizations in establishing Science Based Objectives.

Certified for Carbon Neutrality

We assist businesses in calculating their emissions, locating options to cut these emissions, and using carbon credits to make up the difference in emissions. Our carbon-neutral certification services are available for businesses, individuals, events, and products.

Creation of Carbon Projects

We support businesses with the creation, filing, and sale of carbon credits (CER / VER), as well as developing and registering these initiatives. Projects that reduce GHG emissions can be registered under several methods, such as the Verified Carbon Standard or the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the UNFCCC (VCS or VERRA). Because of our experience in carbon trading, we can guarantee that our clients will receive the best prices for their carbon instruments.

We support you as a carbon footprint consultant as you transition to a low-carbon future.


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