Capitalism and Anxiety in the Workplace

by Micheal Rogers about a year ago in humanity

Have you ever been at your job and wondered why you're here?

Capitalism and Anxiety in the Workplace

Have you ever been at your job and wondered why you're here? Do you feel lost on your off days? Every week millions of people cash their checks just to spend their money on their so-called responsibilities, just to go back to work for a company that has profited off their labor. This causes aniexty for a lot of people who do not have a sense of self and they soon identify as just a part of the corporate machine. This aniexty manifests itself in ugly ways like drug habits, spending habits, and dysfunctional behavior at home. Some people start to lose themselves and become two different people on and off the clock, making people subconsciously feel below their employers and lash out at other people (i.e. family, friends, coworkers) in ways that they don't normally act and they don't know why.

We first must understand that this form oppresion is called capitalism and is what America and other countries and companies were founded on. Using the labor of others to build dreams and pay them pennies on the dollars for their labor. I was at the grocery store the other day and a woman in the checkout line told me she felt like a slave at her job. This can be a form of slavery to people who are not true to themselves. Doing work they hate only to fulfill needs that make them feel better about themselves i.e, buying liabilities and expenses instead of investing in assets. This is what people call the rat race. I wrote this essay to maybe help at least one person see their worth as a person and help them put things in perspective.

When we are kids, everybody has dreams on what they want to be when they grow up. As we grow into adults sometimes those dreams change and that's okay. But what is not okay is doing work that you hate only to live a life other people say you should, as this causes a lot of negativity in people's lives. Now sometimes we have to work jobs we don't want to to fulfill future goals. It is important that you understand your job is a commodity and you as a worker are a commodity to the employer. It is nearly impossible to get rich working a job. And it is very dangerous to your well being to work a job just for money. You will eventually lose yourself if you do not have hope for the future. Employers bank on this especially if you are a good worker because you are a productive commodity and not a liablity. That is why it is important to never lose sight of your goals and your well being.

Now if you're truly happy working your job, this does not apply to you. This is for the millions of workers who are not happy going to work everyday. I'm not telling you to quit your job if you hate working your current job there—that is your decision. This is just to help you gain some perspective on where you're at in your life. You only have one life; it is your choice and only your choice to live your best life. After you read this, take a minute to think: are you doing what you really want to do? Stay mindful of your goals even if you are not doing what you want at the present time. Just because you are not doing what you want now does not mean that it is over for you. Never trust someone more than you trust yourself. Believe in yourself and reach for the stars.

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