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Best Youtube channels to learn graphic design. Part 5.

Here’s a list of the best YouTube channels to learn graphic design, as a complete beginner. Today’s lesson: Adobe InDesign.

By Ali StoicaPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Illustration by the author. :)

Hello there!

This is part 5 and the last of a series, where I share with you the ultimate list of Youtube tutorials for anyone who is looking to dig into graphic design.

Articles structure.

To keep things simple and organized, I divided this entire subject into 5 different parts, so you as a complete beginner to this field start with some basic knowledge and move onto more complex stuff along the way, without being assaulted with too much information at once. Here are the previous articles:

Part 1Graphic design basics

Part 2Marketing and branding for designers

Part 3 — Learn Adobe Photoshop

Part 4 — Learn Adobe Illustrator

Part 5 — Learn Adobe Indesign (You are here)

Let’s go!

Image from 99Designs site. All rights reserved to them. :)

Today we are discussing Adobe InDesign and as you can see in the image above from 99Designs, this program is mainly used for multi-page documents for print or online purposes. In contrast to his brothers (Photoshop and Illustrator), the power of this program stands in his ability to edit and format large documents, such as brochures, magazines, or even books with hundreds of pages.

Essentially, after you format the document the way you want ( i.e. the number of pages, orientation, the repetitive elements that will appear on every page), the rest of the work is just copying and pasting the text. By using this program, you’ll be able to get a 500 pages book ready to print in less than a day.

A lot of people find InDesign hard to use because of the complexity and number of features. Besides, since this program is created to edit text, isn’t so appealing, but if you want to break into the industry, every employer will ask you if you know InDesign.

Below, just like in my previous articles, I will leave you with a list of tutorials, from complete beginner to more advanced, to help you get started with Adobe InDesign.

Let’s go!

Best playlist for absolute beginners: Gareth David Studio.

You probably will guess with who I’m starting my list. Yup, it’s Gareth again!

As I mentioned in my previous articles, the reason why I recommend these old tutorials (don’t worry, this one is only from 2013, hi-hi) is the ability of Gareth to perfectly explain everything that it’s going on the screen.

This playlist is PERFECT for anyone who hasn’t opened InDesign yet.

Doesn’t matter how old you are, how good your English is, or how much experience you have with a PC. In this playlist, you’ll find 13 well-structured videos that cover everything, from the interface to what each button/function can do. Gareth also provided some exercises files to follow along with him as he explain the process.

But… the tutorials are so old! What I’m going to learn from them?

I did this mistake when I was young. For a really long time, any tutorial or article that was even 1 month old, I will just throw them away.

Till I realize that I was actually throwing away valuable information. Try every resource that comes into your hands, till you find the one that works for you.

As for the programs, over the years, Adobe just added things and moved some options, but they DIDN’t remove anything, nor did they drastically change the interface. So you can very easily follow these videos to help you get started in Adobe Illustrator, even if you have an older version.

At this point, you won’t do any complicated illustration or brand identity, because you need to get accustomed to the program. So don’t worry if you think you miss some features just because the videos are old. Just press play!

Illustrator marathon with Envato Tuts+

This is from 2019, and it’s a very well explained and structured 2.5+ hours video to help you get started with Adobe InDesign. You can find source files to follow along and timestamps in the video description to easily navigate the course.

Advanced InDesign tutorial from Learnit Training

As I worked on this series, I wanted to write about the channels I personally watched and helped me. This is one of the reasons that I stuck with the same people across all my articles.

But when I sit down to work on the InDesign part, I stumbled across this channel: Learnit Training. From what I saw, they create in-depth tutorials about Office Suite programs. Only a few months ago, they added some tutorials about Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign as well.

As for this particular link, you will find a 3+ hours video with technics to sharpen your Indesign knowledge. Also, the video is broken down into chapters and in the video description, will find source files to follow along.

What should I do now?

You could start by smashing that little heart icon, just saying...

Then if you never opened InDesign before, I advise you to start with Gareth videos. But if you are a little more advanced, just move down the list, and choose one of the links you this it’s suitable for you.

Good luck and I will see you soon with the next part!


Illustration by the author. :)

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