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In the Year of the Dragon

By Mary K BrackettPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
The Feather by M. K. Brackett (Trader) 1990

The year of the Dragon has begun, which makes 2024 the year of opportunity and for aspirations that will burn hot enough to ignite the stars. Specifically, this is the year of the Wood Dragon, which brings growth and transformation, creativity, and success. A year that reflects everything that Vocal embodies. The Wood Dragon also brings with it courage. Courage to face challenges, the uncertainty that pursuing publication brings for a first-time author, and courage to meet any obstacles to success with poise and aplomb. It is time to embrace the Wood Dragon of 2024 and journey with Vocal into the coming year of creativity and aspirations.

With Vocal offering a multitude of challenges over the coming year, it is time to broaden my horizons, take hold of the inspiration and opportunity that the challenges provide, and perhaps to finally draft that terror-filled short story, dipping my pen into the abyss of the Horror genre until my pulse races. Each month, I intend to take full advantage of the inspiration offered by Vocal, both through the challenges in poetry and prose and through the myriad of creative pieces offered by other Vocal creators.

Meanwhile, this is also the year to pursue publishing my two completed manuscripts, finally introducing the world in which I live to the world of William Periwinkle, police detective extraordinaire, with a passion for old cars and fresh blood, and to Fallen Angel, a teen rock band fronted by, what else, but an actual fallen Angel. While these two main stories continue to grow into further books, I will also expand the world outward to encompass an outworld much like our own Earth, but where, appropriately, dragons still exist and gather once every hundred years, travelling across the stars and the universe to return to the place of their birth. When each of these worlds eventually collide, it will create an explosion worthy of the wisdom and legacy of these great beasts.

During the past year, I found a sense of community and inspiration for making (and protecting) time to pursue my writing dreams. In 2024, it is time to expand on this inspiration and endeavor to pen a new short story, poem, or chapter each month – from first draft to final. It is also the year to pursue inspiration in new genres, styles, and locales. Visiting book festivals, fairs, and creative spaces in my area and beyond will offer a multitude of opportunities to draw inspiration from people and places outside of my usual writing space and comfort zone. Attending a bimonthly Writer’s Guild meeting will also create new paths for growth in my skills, sharing the creative spark with others, and avenues for bringing my world out into the universe.

Lastly, it is also my hope to continue introducing new readers and other Vocal creators to the inspiration that I may be fortunate enough to offer them as I continue to build my Vocal submissions, expand my horizons into different genres and poetic styles, and finally bring my dreams into reality. Further I intend to share the amazing resource and creative space that is Vocal with family, friends, and fellow creatives as we journey together through this coming year.

May the great Dragon called Inspiration surround us all and bring creativity, success, and growth to all who call Vocal their home. May it breathe into our souls the joy that writing brings, the enlightenment that comes from sharing with diverse and likeminded creators, and the fulfillment that springs from a work well-received.

Here is to the Year of the Dragon and to making it the Year of Vocal.


About the Creator

Mary K Brackett

Mary Brackett is a novelist, poet, & award-winning short story author. She has authored and co-authored articles for magazines with her husband and is currently writing a series of novels with her talented daughters.

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    Mary K BrackettWritten by Mary K Brackett

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