Article Prompts to Cure Writer's Block

We all need a little help sometimes.

Article Prompts to Cure Writer's Block
  1. Compose a list of your top ten apps and why you would recommend them.
  2. Review the last book you read or movie you watched.
  3. Create the perfect date or lover.
  4. Write an open letter to a politician.
  5. Research opposing viewpoints on an issue you are passionate about.
  6. Develop a travel guide for your favorite city or current city.
  7. Analyze a piece of artwork's value to society.
  8. Give advice to others working your job.
  9. Instruct someone on how to fix a problem you have faced.
  10. Compose a playlist for a movie or book character and explain why you selected the songs.
  11. Describe what you look for in a friend.
  12. Share the best advice you have received and how it has impacted your life.
  13. Prove or disprove the existence of God.
  14. Tell the story of an exciting event in your life.
  15. Explain your favorite conspiracy theory.
  16. Reflect on something you believed as a child that turned out to be wrong.
  17. Disclose an experience you had with prejudice.
  18. Illustrate the life of someone you look up to.
  19. Collect a variety of opinions on a business or organization.
  20. Imagine what technology will be like in the future.
  21. Document your family history.
  22. Record what you do in a day.
  23. Advise someone on good writing.
  24. Inquire why generations think the way they do.
  25. Interview someone you want to become more like.
  26. Rank the top ten restaurants that you visit.
  27. Ask an someone older than you to describe what life was like when they were younger.
  28. Compare how a foreign culture is different from your own.
  29. Argue for or against the opinion of an article you have read.
  30. Compound different news articles on a particular story.
  31. Go without something you usually for use/eat/have for a week or month and write about your experience.
  32. Try something new and share your experience.
  33. Recommend a product you use regularly.
  34. Explore a new genre of music and review it.
  35. Test recommendations from friends and family and document your experiences.
  36. Form an opinion on an issue through research.
  37. Plan a trip to a place you want to visit.
  38. Ideate a start-up business you would like to see arise.
  39. Design a solution to a societal or government problem.
  40. Articulate someone else's viewpoint that you disagree with.
  41. Encourage your readers to follow a piece of your own advice.
  42. Teach the world how to get along.
  43. Enlighten on a truth you have discovered in your life through an experience.
  44. Quote a book and explain how it pertains to your life.
  45. Expound on an article you have already written.
  46. Find a stock or creative commons image and write an article about it.
  47. Coach someone through a tough time in their life.
  48. Revamp an article someone else has written.
  49. Exercise in a new way and document how it changes you.
  50. List quotes pertaining to love.
  51. Narrate your own autobiography.
  52. Brag someone else's idea or project.
  53. Introduce another culture's idea to your own life and tell about it.
  54. Follow a trend for a week or month and describe your experience.
  55. Call someone you haven't spoken to in a while and recount your memories.
  56. Outline the steps to achieve a goal.
  57. Reveal your secret to happiness.
  58. Divulge how you reached your place in your career.
  59. Bring to light an issue people don't want to face in your community.
  60. Question a belief you have held for a long time.
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Murial Bezanson
Murial Bezanson
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