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Are You Ready to Be An Entrepreneur?

Do you have what it takes to chase your dreams and become an entrepreneur?

By Cuyler PaganoPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Entrepreneurship can be intimidating, yet so many of us have dreams. It's easy to come up with an idea. What is much more challenging is finding the courage to chase that idea and turn it into something tangible.

This begs the question, are you ready to take the next step? Is now the time for you to become an entrepreneur? The answer may be yes. Below is a list of signs that you are ready to be an entrepreneur. If you respond strongly to any (or all) of these signs, it may be time for you to move forward.

You're Willing to Work Hard

Entrepreneurship is not as easy as it looks. The average entrepreneur has to personally handle many elements of their new business, at least in the early stages. Entrepreneurs will always find their plate full even when the company is sufficient enough to allow for a dedicated team.

In other words, committing to an entrepreneurial life means committing to hard work. If this doesn't intimidate you, you're already on the right track.

You're Resilient

Unfortunately, setbacks and failures are part of doing business. Resilient people are more likely to succeed as they don't let these setbacks chase them from their dreams. The simple truth is that not every company or product will grow. Some will flop. Even a successful business can have a product launch fail - plenty of examples prove this fact.

However, if you sincerely believe you have the resilience to roll with the punches, you might be ready to become an entrepreneur.

You've Been Playing With Different Side Hustles

For many, side hustles are nothing more than a way of bringing in additional income. For others, side hustles are a way of experimenting with different business ideas. A side hustle is a great way to test an idea without dedicating your full time (and income) to the cause.

If the latter is true for you, it's time to ask if any of those ventures have been lucrative. Can one of those side hustles be turned into your full-time job? If so, then you already have your answer.

You Have a Strong Support System

Contrary to popular belief, all entrepreneurs need a bit of support in their lives. Starting a business is tough, and it can be mentally draining. Entrepreneurs that have a strong support system to lean on are much more likely to thrive.

Furthermore, a support system can help bring their business idea to life. For example, it can provide willing workers, potential investors, and unique solutions to everyday problems. For this reason, it is critical to establish your support network before moving forward.

You're Good With People

Having good people skills is an essential skill for any entrepreneur to have. Why? Much of their job will require them to communicate with others. For example, an entrepreneur may have to court investors, negotiate with vendors, and effectively run a team. These are just a few potential tasks an entrepreneur may have to handle on any given day.

While people skills are essential, there's no rule saying you can't continue to work on these skills. So if this is a weaker point for you, there's always time and room to improve. Likewise, considering further rounding out these skills is always a good idea.

You're Willing to Learn and Improve

This leads us to our final point: the willingness to learn and improve as needed. An entrepreneur's education is never over. There will always be a new skill or learn or improve. Most entrepreneurs learn to embrace this fact and instill learning into their routines.

If you're willing to accept that learning will always be part of your life, you're already on the right path to entrepreneurship.


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Cuyler Pagano is the CEO of Abraxas, LLC, the VP of 1 Internet Marketing, and the proprietor of the YouTube channel Bit-Rush Crypto. Visit

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