Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Save You Money

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Save You Money

How long has it been since your last HVAC service call? You may be losing valuable dollars every month on your utility bill. If you really want to cut back on your cooling costs, a preventative maintenance and air conditioning service in your Peachtree City, GA home may be a great strategy for saving money. Not only will you save money, but you will also save time, all while prolonging the life of your HVAC system. Having your air conditioning system serviced is just as important as getting the oil changed in your car!

Avoid Costly Emergency Repairs

Most HVAC issues begin long before you notice a heating or cooling problem. Dealing with simple fixes such as replacing an air filter on a regular maintenance schedule can save your entire system from failing! The costliest result of an improperly changed air filter may be the internal damage it creates within your central air conditioning and heating system. Little problems that are easy to fix or ignore can become huge budget-busting repairs, or even worse, replacements. When you schedule a preventative maintenance service, your technician will have the opportunity to notice any potential concerns and address them before they become more expensive and potentially, major repairs later on. You’ll also be less likely to pay emergency service rates.

Extend your HVAC Lifespan

Regular maintenance on your heating and cooling equipment can help you prolong its lifespan. This will allow you to save on the cost of installing a new system. While no HVAC system can last forever, regular maintenance can potentially add up to 5 years extended life on your equipment. Ultimately, the better you take care of your heating and air conditioning system, the longer your equipment will last.

Maintain Energy Efficiency

Regular maintenance will allow your AC system to run more efficiently and produce cool air using less energy. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), air conditioners alone use more than 6% of all the electricity produced in the U.S. each year. Yet, an individual unit that’s not regularly maintained can lose from 5% to 15% percent in efficiency each year. Regularly maintained HVAC equipment performs more efficiently than equipment that is not tuned up, simply because systems that are dirty or worn out become less efficient. An inefficient system results in higher monthly utility bills. Some studies report that you could save as much as 40 percent on annual energy costs just by scheduling regular maintenance HVAC service. During your regular maintenance service, your HVAC technician may be able to provide minor suggestions throughout your home that can help you to save even more money. Maintaining a relationship with your technician is a wise decision that can help reduce your energy costs year-round.

Priority Customer Status

A good maintenance plan includes priority scheduling with emergency service. Priority scheduling means you won’t be waiting hours or days before an HVAC service technician shows up to resolve the problem. My companies offers a 15% discount on air conditioning service repairs in Peachtree City, GA for their exclusive Preventative Maintenance Agreement customers! This benefit can save you a significant amount of money on any heating or AC repair costs incurred while your service agreement is in effect.

Lack of maintenance is the number one cause for heating and cooling system total failures. It’s unfortunate that many homeowners wait for something to go wrong with their HVAC systems before they schedule a repair or upgrade. Regular air conditioning service on your Peachtree City, GA system can reduce your risk of expensive equipment breakdowns by 95%! Remember, it is always much easier and cost-efficient to maintain the integrity of your HVAC system than it is to repair or replace it.

swati sharma
swati sharma
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