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Affiliate Marketing: 4 Ways to Drive Traffic

Consider these media tools to achieve ad/text link clicks and referrals.

By The Writing CasperPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

As an affiliate, unless certain tools are used to their advantage in terms of driving traffic, and then convert that traffic into clicks, completed sign-ups, or sales, then the role as an affiliate isn't being fulfilled. It isn't just slapping ads and/or text links on a page and then waiting for something to happen; especially while thinking some way or somehow they will be found to be clicked by droves of visitors.


Affiliate: An individual who is responsible for either advertising or publishing a product and/or service for promotion.


One mistake which new affiliates make is inactivity. There is an idea that because the Internet is used by millions, or perhaps even trillions, of individuals, it's highly possible to make a significant amount of money because those individuals are just bound to be curious enough to blindly fork over their money. But without driving traffic, how could many of them know the affiliate exists as well as what their purpose is?

Another mistake is barraging.

Barraging is the act of constantly posting affiliate links in the comment sections of blogs or forums, for example, in order to gain clicks and referrals.

Usually, this is annoying and goes against policies in terms of spamming which could result in an affiliate being flagged or reported. Social media platforms are quick to crack down on the act and have become perceptive to pinpoint such. To be anxious to attain success is one thing, but to be desperate is another.


Read the list below to get a better understanding of utilizing tools, which could help greatly, to make the most of earning affiliate income.

4. Personalized Ads

Ad Network Icon

Ads which are based on a website or a social media page(s) are a couple of ideas. Also, a headline which is catchy, along with a filtered stock photo as the background, could give the ad an attractive appearance. A call-to-action gives the ad a finishing touch with text such as 'Learn More'.

There are platforms filled with templates for creative ads which are sized and prepared to be placed. They're also HTML5-coded, responsive, and compatible with Google Ads to be used for a campaign.

For an affiliate who wants creative control, photo editing software such as Photoshop can be used to create ads as well. With the use of its animation feature and filters, a professional ad could be created very quickly.

An example of an ad which is intended to drive traffic to a specific website page

An affiliate taking on the role of an advertiser for the purpose of building awareness isn't far-fetched.


3. Social Media Posts

Social Media Icon

Knowing what hashtags to use, related to affiliate marketing, is important.

Also, in this day and age, social media posts have the option to be promoted to gain a significant amount of reach. Especially when geared toward a niche other users have or are interested in. Of course simply following other accounts could spur a gain of followers, but the help of promotion could achieve a better result.

A smartphone displaying a fictitious social media profile with likes, comments, and follows

Captions which are intended to attract attention, and are directed toward users who have a relation, or an interest, to what is being promoted could have significant reach if consistent.


2. Website

Website Icon

Having a website is an opportunity to utilize such as a platform to write a lengthy article or/and blog post; especially to detail the products and/or services which have been chosen to be promoted. Since some self-publishing platforms don't allow affiliates to post ads nor links, to redirect viewers on the platforms to an article and/or blog post on an affiliate's website, which contains ads and links, is a far better option. And there will be less of a chance of the affiliate being banned.

An affiliate could also write detailed tutorials. Or squeeze a few reviews in there as well. So while helpful instructions and personal experiences are provided, there is a possibility of achieving clicks and referrals.

A fictitious website displayed on multiple devices

The limitations are next to none and breaking rules, in terms of what can or can't be promoted on a personal or business website, is practically non-existent.


1. Videos

Video Camera Icon

This could be done with a smartphone or production equipment, such as a professional video camera, combined with some video editing to add effects and transitions. Either way doesn't matter. However, it would be wise to actually convey a resourceful perspective rather than simply tell viewers to 'click here' on an affiliate ad and/or link. Or beg them sign-up to get that first referral.

Perhaps a detailed tutorial on how to sign-up is a good way to garner enough interest in viewers to convert them into sales. Or even a personal review to convey a perspective which isn't uneducated. Some companies actually advise affiliates to experiment with what it is they want to promote before discussing it.

A video camera lens ready to be attached for recording

Videos could have reach which is far and wide. Such could be twice as effective in driving traffic on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


Other Tools

Email Campaigns

Email subscribers are interested and curious enough to have subscribed according to an affiliate's content. In reality, they're supporters and it's important to be cordial while also appreciative. Such could result in some of them spreading the word and, therefore, could attract more subscribers.

Luckily, a website isn't needed to start. All which is needed is an account on an email marketing site and get to work. Templates are usually provided and have nothing short of a professional appearance which is meant to represent an affiliate's business. Social media can be used to create posts directed to other users who may become subscribers.


This could be essential for affiliates who want to display their logos. It contributes to the identity of the business and could also build awareness.


An infographic which illustrates tools affiliates can use to promote their business


These tools are very common and could work wonders. Taking the time and applying the effort, as well as being dedicated, could make the genuine desire to grow as an affiliate a possible reality.


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