Adulthood Is Like Losing Your Mom In the Supermarket

by Zanna Hintz 2 years ago in satire / advice / career

Being 22 years old is like going to the supermarket and losing your mom, but for the rest of your life.

Adulthood Is Like Losing Your Mom In the Supermarket

You go to school your entire life, from 5 to 18 you are a student. Then you are told to go to college and get a job. Which as a recent college graduate, I will tell you that it is a good time. You get to meet so many new people and learn new things. Maybe not even college, maybe trade school, or exciting programs that set you up for a good career.

The point is, within that time you think you have life all figured out. But here is a secret; being 22 years old is like going to the supermarket and losing your mom, but for the rest of your life. I am contradicting myself when I say I am co-dependently independent. My mom does laundry the right way, I do laundry the 22-year-old way (throwing three loads in at once, all colors, and fabrics, its a surprise my white underwear isn't pink yet!)

Now so many people write articles about how it is okay to be behind in life, and they are exactly right. Yet sometimes you forget that it is okay to be lost in your early twenties (and let's not forget the part about being a broke mother F**ker). I have been fortunate enough to have parents who are helping me support my bad habits (I literally own all my favorite bands packages, (for the dirty minded this double parenthesis is here because you are just sick) clothes, you name it I have it) not to mention the fact that I am a coffee hoe, I love coffee as much if not more then my future first born child. Now that I have digressed, the purpose is that being confused about life is okay, and quite normal.

Sometimes I really wish they would pay you to drink coffee and take long naps. Yet, here I am cutting lunch meat for the most wonderful people in the world (if you can't feel the sarcasm there you probably don't have any). I have a BA in communications, I worked my ass off for four years to get to where I am today. I am mostly just confused now that I have finished a major goal. Where do the hell I go from here? Is this adult hood? Finding jobs is literally like finding your mom in a ten isle grocery store, IMPOSSIBLE!

Here is the fun part about being 22, Trial and Error. I may hate the next ten jobs I have, I may love them, My end goal in life: own my own music venue, be a well-known blogger (even that is a challenge at this point). The important thing is that I know it won't always be easy. Sometimes I will be ready to give up, and call it quits. So find something that you love, and refuse to give it up. Just because things seem impossible now, at whatever age you are, 1-100, doesn't mean it is too late. I would rather be a struggling writer, work in an office and gain my experience, go through tons of bosses if it means that one day, I will have my own business, and people know my work. I will be able to say that I did it! My favorite expression is three years. Three years from now things will be different, you will accomplish things that you never thought you could. So even though things may seem confusing and awful now, keep going, keep looking, get out there, stop being afraid to make changes.

So go ahead and grab the cookies (the ones that your mom probably said no to yet won't notice if you throw them in there well she isn't looking), take advantage of being lost in the store aka adulthood. You know that when you find your mom aka your passion, that life won't seem so hard. Do what you love, and love what you do!

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