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A Writer's use of Time

by Warren Brown 8 days ago in fact or fiction

How do you spend your time as a Writer?

 A Writer's use of Time
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How do you spend your days, your work days and your holidays? This is a question we are sometimes asked in life. We may hesitate or we may just say that we went out on a short weekend break, or we had friends over or we went out to see friends or we went to a concert, the theatre, the pub, the art gallery or somewhere interesting that will make us appear interesting.

As a writer there are a number of ways in which we can spend our time. If writing is a side hustle, then it usually needs to be done at the end of a regular workday or at the weekends. However, if writing is your profession, then you will be writing every single day including the weekends.

Here is a list of a few ways in which any writer can fill their days, even if it is a side hustle. Every person needs a break from what they are doing. One of the best ways to spark creativity is to do something completely different, as this helps the creative process.

Write every hour of every day: Are you this type of writer who likes to write hourly? This can become monotonous after some time. It is always good to rest and does other jobs between your writing assignments.

Write three times a day: This is a good way to keep practicing your writing, by doing a bit of writing three times a day. Create a draft in the morning, add more to it in the afternoon, and complete or finalize the draft by the evening. I enjoy working with this method at times.

Meet friends: This is important for you as a writer to meet and interact with friends, when possible.

Spend time with family: Family relationships grow stronger when regular interaction is possible.

Play outdoor games: Yes, you need to get those muscles moving instead of spending your whole day sitting in front of a computer screen.

Time for a hobby: It is always good to have a hobby, as this encourages the creative mind. I have started to do clay sculpturing. I would previously do artwork and NFT creation.

Watch a film or a television series: Watching a visually entertaining movie or serial on television is great for refreshing your mind. It also helps in coming up with new ideas for your literary work.

Entertain yourself: Dance, sing or playing a musical instrument, is an effective distraction for opening up the creative centers of the mind.

The Meal: Prepare a meal or meals for yourself, your family, or your friends. A meal prepared is great for your mind as well as providing nourishment for your body.

Exercise: Go swimming to exercise your body and to keep fit. Walking and Trekking are also excellent ways for opening up the creative idea to generative parts of your mind.

Employment: Working at a day job and only writing in the evening. Keep time aside to focus on at least one topic for a period of 15 or 30 minutes. This will encourage you to develop your creative writing skills.

Weekend Writer: Write at the weekends only if this is the only free time available to you when you can concentrate on the literary craft.

Creative Mornings: Write in the mornings only, if this happens to be the only time during the day when you are at your most creative.

The Reader becomes the Writer: Read a book on the art of writing, so that you can perfect and polish the way that you write.

Favourite Authors and Books: Read books by your favourite authors on subjects that you write and enjoy. This is a great way to stimulate your mind.

fact or fiction

Warren Brown

Warren Brown is an Independent Author and Publisher. Warren is a Life Coach, Writing Coach, Blogger, YouTuber, Artist and Copywriter. Warren lives in London.

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Warren Brown
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