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A Revelation

by Andrew Flanagan 8 days ago in advice

Mindset & Business Insights

Today is the day when this journal that I write begins to be put out into the world. Is it scary? Yes highly scary. Do I feel at my most comfortable? No, I do not. But I know that has to be part of the process.

So what will I journal about each day? It will be a lesson that I have learned, a situation I found myself in, or even just the odd funny story. This is my journal, real, raw, and unfiltered.

Who is this journal for? Anyone who wants to learn something new really. Am I writing this for anyone in particular? No. Simply I am writing this for myself. I am just allowing the world to be able to see it. This is the toughest challenge that will embark on for the rest of the year.

Not actually writing this journal piece. But consistently writing this journal piece. Every day finding the time to just take a breather and write. Along with this, I will also be uploading a video a day on my Instagram (the same name as in my bio) and on Youtube (all the same name.)

Which will encompass this journal. How long with this journal be each day? Who knows! That is the best part of this I think. There a no goals, no limits, no I have to think of an idea. Somedays the lesson will be simple and may only take up a few lines, other days the lesson may be huge and take up a whole research paper!

The point is there are no expectations. I refuse to do that to myself, as in the past this has led to me not being able to be consistent.

So now that I have rambled it is time to just start with what I have learned today... well, yesterday actually. As I think this is the hugest moment of my entrepreneurial life so far.

Yesterday was the first day I managed to coach someone! Yes, I did it. I made no money from it (boo). But I learned a lot from it.

My client was someone in my family, who had entered what I call The Abyss. This Abyss is where we all end up at some point in our lives. We are in pain and we cannot see a way out. This is where my family member was. She was negative about everything at work, she was closed off to her colleagues, she always felt like she was being blamed for everything. She hated what she was doing.

Now her belief was that they were victimising her, that they were laughing at her and blaming her for everything. After twenty minutes of talking it turned out not to be the case.

See at first she blamed two people A & B. When we talked about B her manager who was giving her a hard time, she would always link it back to A her colleague. Straight away after five minutes of talking, I asked her a simple question. Is A your real problem?

Well yeah. Came the response. My next question. Why?

Well... when I walk into the kitchen and say hi to everyone else if she answers in a bad way I know that the day is going to be awful. Was the response.

I shook my head in disbelief. What! Was my response. She was allowing her day to be decided by how someone else was feeling. This shocked me. Why do you let this happen? I asked.

Well A comes into the workplace two hours before me, she is with B & C (another work colleague) and I know they are gossiping about me. Was the response.

Brilliant! I thought as now we had come to the actual trigger. You see it was her worry that she was being gossiped about that she felt like an outsider that had manifested inside of her for years. The response of A did not matter because she could not change the story inside her head.

She was closed off to her colleagues, negative in her actions and this was what was costing her. She was allowing a story that may not even be true to take over her time at work. A & B had nothing really to do with it. They were simply the characters re-enforcing this version of events.

After forty-five minutes, we had changed her worldview on the situation. She went to bed happier and looked forward to work. From three years of hating every day waking up to now looking forward to it, with just one mind shift, blew my mind.

At this point, I knew I was ready to share my message with the world.

Today my learning has centered around business and more importantly the What, Why, When, How? Questions that as business owners we have to set for ourselves.

These questions become extremely important in direction. After all, when going on a long journey to a place that you have never been before, it becomes important to know where you're going. Usually using a GPS system to get there.

However, when it comes to business we all seem to forget to set the GPS and instead just shoot off the line.


What is the first question to ask. What is the outcome? What outcomes do I need to achieve to reach my target? This is the first question we need to know.


Why is this important? Why must you hit this outcome? This question seems to always fall into the shadow realm and down into the Abyss only to be questioned when you fall down into the Abyss yourself.

Then why is extremely important. When everything gets tough (which it will) then you will have the fire and the ability to push on.


Setting your own deadlines, getting the crap done that needs doing before it becomes an issue. Without setting your own deadlines, you become a slave to the world. By setting your own deadlines, then you are able to stay ahead of the game.


The question that is jumped to immediately, but is the least important question to start off with. The how only can come, when the outcomes have been decided, their importance to you/ the business have been stated and the deadline has been set.

Once you are at that point then you can focus on the how, because you will be able to find the solution.

By utilising these questions in this order, your plans can be achieved, you can then move the mountains and create the valleys that you need to. It is that simple.

However, common sense is not always common practice.

For this journal that is it. I am excited to see where my revelations take me. If you are wanting any further information then please feel free to give me a follow on Instagram or Youtube.


Andrew Flanagan

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Andrew Flanagan
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