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A New Hangout

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By KJ AartilaPublished 5 months ago Updated 3 months ago 3 min read

A New Hangout

The opening image is to a video of a love song of great importance to my husband and I. Probably kinda over-the-top for my Vocalites and writing, but it's a gorgeous song that I felt inspired to share here. Maybe you'll enjoy it, maybe I'm just a touch crazy, but that's how I roll. Wanna join me?

I am now on Substack. You can find me here. I would appreciate your free subscription! Of course, I would love your generous support in offering a paid subscription, but it's not required. :) At this time, I plan to share the majority of my creations at no charge. I will be adding "Paid" content in October.

All of my postings will be delivered to your inbox if you subscribe, so no hunting me down to read, and I don't get paid by the read, so read at your leisure, or not! But, of course, I prefer if you do. And you can unsubscribe at any time without a hassle.

There are many talented creators on the Substack platform on every topic imaginable. I'd love for you to explore, and even check out the recommendations on my page! There is so much to explore, as far as reading from new authors, to discovering the tools and how to use them for making my best creations for you to enjoy. That may take a little bit of time, but it's really quite fun!

My newsletter/site is focused on writing and horses, as that's my thing, but we all have challenges, mental and/or physical. It is meant to inspire you to use your own passion to inspire yourself! It's also meant to be entertaining, so I hope you subscribe for that, too.

You are personally invited to check out my page and subscribe! It's so easy. I look forward to you joining me here! (Or click on the image below.)

A free subscription gets my posts delivered to your inbox as I publish them, which will be on a weekly basis. A paid subscription gives you access to the same, as well as to the paid content (to be added soon) and private chats.

I will continue as a Vocal member, though not a paying one of the (+) variety. I will continue to support creators of the platform through reads and comments, and my profile shall remain, but any new content that I write will be posted to Substack.

Here's the link to my Vocal profile if you care to visit some of my work.

Community and engagement backed by human authenticity drew me Vocal originally. I have found a multitude of good things which helped me improve my writing and gain a network of writer friends. Unfortunately, as of late, a number of issues have presented on the platform that I just will no longer tolerate. Therefore, I went searching for a new outlet in which to share my writing. Substack seems to offer transparency, community, non-moving goalposts, and a plethora of tools for creating and promotion. They also have an honorable system in place in order to support and promote their creators. It's a learning curve, and a scary challenge, but one of which I think the time has come for me to pursue. I'm not trying to steal any of you away from Vocal, I'm only inviting you to come check out my space on an alternative platform. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions to share?

Thanks again for reading, and please check out my Substack page here! I'm trying not to get too crazy with the self-promotion, but that's kinda what this writer thing is all about, isn't it? Am I wrong? I just wanna share my words! Don't you?


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KJ Aartila

A writer of words in northern WI with a small family and a large menagerie.

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  • Thavien Yliaster5 months ago

    If I may ask, what is substack like? I've heard of it before, but never used it nor have I navigated there. I've only used Medium as another writing platform, and besides that I have Instagram, YouTube, and (disgracefully so) TikTok.

  • Maureen Y. Palmer5 months ago

    Thanks for sharing! I've subscribed :)

  • Thanks for letting us know, KJ. Good luck in this new venture. Heading now to subscribe. (Unless I'm one of the things that happened recently that you will not tolerate. Just let me know & I will respect your wishes.)

  • Judey Kalchik 5 months ago

    best on the new platform! Not sure I’m up to adding a third one, as I feel like I’m spread thin already between Vocal and Medium. If I do decide to jump, do you get a referral bonus/link?

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