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A little more than 29 weeks to Go.

Marathon Journey

By Mike OwczarekPublished 2 months ago 5 min read

Sitting at Daily Provisions with my cortado, laptop, water, and health at hand. I didn’t know how I was going to end that sentence, as well as I how I was going to start this entry. This is it.

The journey already started.

When did it start?

I can make a case that it started when my aunt and uncle were running marathons and every holiday when we came over their house, we would check out the new time completion sticker on the refrigerator. This was always followed by, “Michał, you have to try!”

I knew sooner or later, I would. This was at a time though that I was not even running, and I considered running to be very ‘inhumane’. And what I meant by that; it wasn’t easy. And of course, it wasn’t as I later came to find out – I really did not know how to run.

Then I bought my first pair of running sneakers, Nike Pegasus 33’s and I nicknamed them Dziadek’s after my grandfather. One of the strongest people I know.

The running and marathon journey was official – here I go.

Fast forwarding from that time to this year is where I would like to take these entries. There has been a lot that has happened before 2024, and I will be sure to write about that too. For my health and focus, I will keep it for this year, and even more so, the week that just happened.

So focused, I have yet to take a sip of my cortado! Let’s go.

Delicious. Sip taken. And it tastes like this journey.

Where am I at?


In a very good place. There are so many ups and downs as I know is the case in all our lives. Yet, I say I am in a good place is because I keep moving forward. I keep feeling progression. And this is the mental section. Even if it doesn’t seem like there is any progression going on. Each day, and even throughout the day itself, I feel like I become more and more me. That is the overall picture.

When it comes to my running, some big things happened mentally in the past week. I was in the locker room Saturday morning before getting ready for my Saturday 3-mile treadmill run and while sitting, getting changed, putting on my sneakers, I told myself I feel confident. And this was no boosting sort of remark. I really felt confident. For the first time since. I then silently uttered the words that I am a runner, yet I knew it wasn’t there yet fully, but my goodness is it getting close and the “I’m confident I’m going to run 3 miles today” was and is my truth.

It happened. Even afterwards, speaking to Anthony, I told him I’m a marathon coach with zero hesitation. The things going on and that have happened to my ankle/foot are less and less being verbalized and thought about.

Then there was also the start of last week – Easter Sunday. A date that was on my calendar for a good amount of time. My cousin, Philip and I were talking about running together on Easter. First it started as mentioning a mile. This was back when I wasn’t even running in January because the inside of my ankle was hurting and my physical therapist, Jai, and I both looked at each other and knew that it was time for me to give it a rest. Then in February, I made it a point to run every Saturday – a distance that feels good. Slow and steady, I was building up.

Fast forward to Holy week, and I knew I wanted to run with Philip.. and this was after a time where Philip and his family were going through their own hardship.

Easter could not have been more beautiful. I ran, he biked, and he helped me so much by coaching me and not letting me go too fast when I was getting excited, as well as looking at my form and making sure that I am being efficient. He gave me peace mentally, and essentially from that Sunday to this past Saturday, that’s what it was like from my mental perspective.


I feel strong. I’m going to try to speak to the past week and as these entries move forward, I wonder if I will write on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, or all of them to recap. The past week, from the Easter run to my Saturday 3-mile run, the foot and ankle feels the best it has since. Even more so, it feels super strong and capable. I feel like a stronger runner.

There still is something on the inside of my ankle by the posterior tibial tendon region. I feel it most when I am looking to extend, and/or as I sit here typing.

I believe this explains two things. The feeling during extension, I believe is a combination of lack of strength and mobility in the extended gait. I say mobility because as I warm up it tends to go away and then when I give a bit more of a push it also seems to aggravate it and that is why I mention strength. Now when I say ‘aggravate’, it is not a painful feeling. More so, discomfort. If I were to push it further, I could possibly see it being painful, but I will not take it there and that is something Philip helped me during our Easter run.

Now as for this week.. there has been more discomfort although I believe this is a direct correlation from me stretching less at night and getting less rest. I’m confident that if I stretch more for the rest of the week it will go away and I’m looking forward to my Saturday run.

One more physical ‘ailment’ that is starting to build, I think. Underneath my big toe, there has been a tender/hot feeling since I have been back to walking. There have been times it felt better, as well as times that it felt worse. This past week, or maybe this past Sunday was the first time though that I touched my foot with my hands and felt the hardness building. Not sure what to call it yet, but it is becoming a focus of mine. I’m looking into sneakers and ways to give my foot a rest, as well as practicing more toe yoga. I’m not too scared yet because there have been times it felt worse, as well as better, so, we’ll see.


I’m grateful. Yesterday I saw myself in the mirror and realized that I have everything I need. My health is where it needs to be, and all is up to me. I can. I am. I will. And I have a loving family back home that I continue to grow closer with. I have work that gives me so much purpose. My heart keeps beating and that is a blessing.

This week has events that will be special, as every week, and since the eclipse, I am so in the now, and I have been in the now more and more. So key.

Looking forward to stretching more and caring more for my big toe, as well as being the runner that I am.

All the love.



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  • Esala Gunathilake2 months ago

    Well done. Keep it up.

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