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A Leap Year Celebration

Finding the Special in Daily Living

By The Schizophrenic MomPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
A Leap Year Celebration
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Today was the only sign of a leap year... one day that won't return until 2028. I wanted to write something that was as special as this year is, but today wasn't exactly special.

Or was it?

My kids let me sleep in today. That was awesome and much needed after a severe panic attack Tuesday night coupled with my oldest deciding that sleep wasn't gonna happen that night. That is special.

I had enough energy to make it to get food... and put it away. Found out a guy's name who is always kind and respectful while grabbing the groceries. I've always been scared to ask, afraid that it isn't my business. Realizing that I need to work on my assertiveness more is special as introspection is important for self-growth.

I had help to clean the house and van before my Mom arrives this weekend. That is always extra special - both Mom coming and getting help. :-)

I got to share my new fountain pens with a friend this evening and the fact that I had someone to share in my excitement was awesome! One is a calligraphy fountain pen set while the other one is really old fashioned and requires you to dip the tip into the ink as you write. :-) Having friends to share in lifes joys and sorrows are a blessing... and sharing joys today was special!

I looked at my wallet on Vocal for this month and realized that I have a new high for my monthly reads! That is special - and exciting as I am one tiny step closer to making an income by writing! It's not a lot, but if I try to increase it month - by - month, small amounts do add up!

I have over 1000 likes on my TikTok account as of today! That is pretty special.

I got paid for my royalties on Amazon from November today. It isn't much, but that check is special in more ways than one. :-)

My kids and I watched Alladin and had popcorn and fruit snacks for supper. Family time is special.

Overall today was just like most days... but if I have so much that is special on a typical day? Well that just means that I am living a life worth living because if you aren't doing what makes you smile, love, laugh, and dance on a daily basis ... well, ya gotta make some changes. Life is too short to not be special!

I was glad that the sun was shining and that the weather wasn't super cold today - even if it is strange for February. But maybe that is the weather's way of being special too.

My friend and I talked about birthdays and she said that she feels bad for kids born today 2/29 because they don't get to celebrate their birthday every year on the day itself. I can understand that, but I am also wondering... if you were born on a leap year, do you enjoy telling people that you are much younger than you are from lack of birthdays? Myself, I have rarely celebrated my birthday on the date itself... as a kid it was upsetting, but as an adult, it is just the way life is.

I am thinking about getting my hair done again... back in 2021 I dyed it like Harley Quinn for my birthday and in 2022 I had my first perm. I loved the curly hair, but it was hard to maintain with the tangles. I kind of want to try a sunset peekaboo hairstyle with deep pink, orange, and purple or blue. I think it would go good with my blonde hair.

This year is special for another reason. It will be my first surgery. I go in to get my tonsils removed on Tuesday and the surgeon said to stay off of my mental health medication until after the surgery. I only take them as needed, but that means that I am going to have to make extra special sure that I don't get stressed out... which is stressful... oh no! lol The staff asked me if it was going to be a problem and my response was, "well, I guess we'll be finding out!" :-) They weren't as relaxed about it as I was... somehow they are stressed about how I will react to a surgery. I have no idea why... it isn't like I have a long list of bad reactions to medications or schizophrenia... oh wait... I am special that way too! lol But that means that I will get too enjoy popsicles, have my Mom stay with me to help out for a week or two, and hopefully never have another bout of strep throat again!

What did you do special today?

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I am a mother of 2 precious angels who drive me slightly more crazy

than I already am with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

When asked "are you crazy?!" my favorite come back is:

"yes! And I have the papers to prove it! How about you?" LOL

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Comments (2)

  • Wendy M Fischer Faughn4 months ago

    Love this you have an amazing talent for finding the good in everything. I enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the good work.

  • Alex H Mittelman 5 months ago

    What a special day! Well written!

The Schizophrenic MomWritten by The Schizophrenic Mom

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