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A Brief Overview of Outdoor Signage Options for Small Businesses

Types of Outdoor Signage for small businesses

By Louis RolenPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
A Brief Overview of Outdoor Signage Options for Small Businesses
Photo by Cassidy James Blaede on Unsplash

All business owners are retailers know the value of an excellent outdoor sign! The addition of one good sign can potentially increase sales revenue by 5-15%. There are multiple types of outdoor signs that can help businesses get maximum exposure. Outdoor signs have gained immense popularity in 2020 for various reasons.

When it comes to outdoor signage Dubai, there is a lot of variety in terms of materials, colors, and usage. Trying to decide on the best signage to use for your business can be stressful and overwhelming for some businesses. There are multiple factors to consider while one is looking for a signage solution for business, for example, purpose, climate, target audience, etc.

An Overview of Different Types of Outdoor Signage Options

If you are thinking about updating your outdoor signage but are confused about all the options, we are here to help you. The following are some of the top outdoor signage options in 2020 for small businesses.


Banners are excellent for all occasions! These can be used both indoor and outdoor to attract customer’s attention. You can customize banners the way you want for advertisement. You can make them visually appealing by using vibrant colors, graphics, and different fonts.

One of the major cons of using banners is that it takes a lot to pin-up and take them down because of their weight. Banners are not used for the long term; they are only used for a short period of time before they are changed and updated. So, if you are looking for a long term signage solution, banners are not for you.

Backlit Signs

Backlit signs are great to stand out at night with vibrant colors. They are a little bit costly, but the price is worth it because these signs can advertise both in daytime and night. When it comes to backlit signs location of the sign and color scheme is everything. With the wrong location, you cannot get the customer’s attention, and using wrong color combinations can drive your potential customers away.

Electronic Signs

Electronic signs are excellent for areas like city centers where there is a lot of blue light usage at night. They are a great way to stand out from your competitors. These signs are most trendy in 2020 because you can personalize your message and don’t have to print a different sign each time.

Electronic signs are, however, expensive and difficult to maintain. They also require a certain temperature range to work properly; otherwise, it won’t work. So, make sure to get the help of outdoor signage professionals to install an electronic, digital sign that goes well with the temperature and environment of your city.

Illuminated Signs

Unlike electronic and LED signs, illuminated signs only use electricity at night to give your sign a glowing look at night. This daytime/night-time duality is good for businesses that want to use traditional advertising by the day and something fresh by night.

These signs are, however, difficult to maintain as you need to constantly monitor them at night to ensure all the LED lights are working and there is no breakage in the sign.

Individual Cut Letters

Individual cut letters are a unique font that offers a clean-cut look for your company and draws the attention of customers. You can also enhance the effect of the letter by installing LED lights and elevating them, so it stands out.

One of the major cons of these sings is that they are expensive to install, especially if you opt for LED lighting. As each letter is custom made, it can be difficult to install them on an uneven surface. Therefore, consult an outdoor signage expert to analyze your building space before making a final decision regarding signage.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are capable of advertising multiple businesses at once. These signs catch customer’s attention from a distance and help you advertise your business before a customer reaches your store. These signs are easy to maintain and a good source of revenue as you can charge your signage tenant a monthly fee.

One of the cons of using these signs is that they are rather expensive, given their size. Another important is to consider the law because there might be laws in place that prohibit pylon signs in certain areas, so do your research before making a final decision.

Window Graphics

This type of signage makes great use of window space and is excellent for details. Window lettering is a great way to add pictures about your brand and services that won’t fit into any other type of sign. These work great in compliment to other signage options.

One of the cons of using this signage is that it can be challenging to install and can be very difficult to remove if you want to go with something different after a few months. Therefore, we recommend consulting outdoor signage Dubai based experts that can guide you with the best materials to use as window graphics that can withstand high temperatures.

Turn Your Dream Signage into a Reality!

Every small business needs a strong signage strategy to stand out from its competitors. Your outdoor signage is the first thing your customers see about you, so make them look aesthetically appealing. Customization is the key to help your business grow and lead the market. Use signage to help people understand your brand the way you want to be perceived in the market.

These are some of the signage options that you can incorporate your branding into and make a change.


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