8 Tips to Make Your Work Day Easier

by Kevin Gardner 8 months ago in workflow

Ways to Have an Easier Time at Work

8 Tips to Make Your Work Day Easier

Mental health is not only facilitated by a healthy diet, but peace of mind also enables it. Being free from stress at work will allow you to have optimal mental health and quality of life. Here are eight ways to make your workday easier:

1. Use a Virtual Assistant for Small Tasks

Everyone has small tasks that can consume hours to finish, but can merely be done by another person. If no one at work can assist you with such tasks, consider using a virtual assistant to help you out. A virtual assistant can assist you with tasks like proofreading reports, scheduling your travel plans, researching, and creating your presentations, sorting your emails, and more.

2. Avoid Interruptions from Colleagues

Your colleagues do not have bad intentions, but their constant messages, conversations regarding their weekends, or questions about their latest work can significantly interfere with your concentration, making it difficult for you to do your work. Create a system that alerts your co-workers when you are focused. This can be huge headsets, a do not disturb messenger status update, or a do not disturb sign on your desk. Be sure to offer clear communication.

3. Question Meetings

For most busy people, meetings are usually a waste of time when they are not productive or relevant to their work. Anytime you plan a new or follow-up meeting, be sure to question whether there is a need for it, or whether you need to attend to it. If you don’t see any reason for holding a meeting, consider not holding the meeting or asking to be excused from attendance.

4. Delegate Part of Your Work

Sometimes, there are some parts of the job that you don’t like, and others that you feel are not part of the job description. This is the case with your job, consider delegating the tasks to a more junior staff member, or bringing in an intern.

5. Undertake a Job Swap

If there are some tasks you don’t feel like doing, or some that are challenging, ensure you request a colleague to swap tasks. They can send you one of their least favorite jobs that you think you might like, and you can send the same to them. You will not have to force yourself to do something you are not interested in, but the job will be completed. It can even be done better than you could have done it.

6. Streamline Printing

Make use of proximity printing to ensure that users can always view the printer that is close to the client device during a session. This will ensure seamless printing regardless of the location. If you are on a particular IP address range, you can automatically access the printing devices on the network within the same range. You can even add printers to a workstation depending on IP address, computer name, and more.

7. Don’t Be a Perfectionist

Pressuring yourself to make your job perfect will cause unnecessary pressure, reduce your speed, and result in procrastination since you are too worried about mistakes to finish. In particular instances, like an end-of-year report, this level of attention to detail can be critical. However, other instances like emailing your colleagues, being a perfectionist can make your work life difficult.

8. Eradicate Follow-Up Emails

Follow-up emails from colleagues who you haven’t had the opportunity to respond to often fill up your inbox, which makes answering emails difficult. Hence, set up an autoresponder to let individuals know that you got the message and will respond soon. This will prevent the eager senders from constantly emailing you. Additionally, you can include answers to frequently asked questions. This will assist the sender in assisting themselves, and you won’t have to answer them.

Whether it is the use of virtual assistants, elimination of follow-up emails, or any other way, you will be able to have an easier time at work and a more stress-free life.

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