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7 Podcasting Business Tricks All Experts Recommend

by MentorsBlog 2 months ago in business
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7 Podcasting Business Tricks All Experts Recommend
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These days, a lot of people listen to podcasts and try to start a podcasting business. Do you count among them? When someone finds a podcast, they truly enjoy it, they will subscribe constantly and listen to every new podcast episode that the author releases. This is a fantastic chance to generate money.

Podcasts are quite useful. Users of smartphones and tablets may listen to them because they are accessible in MP3 format. While driving, you can enjoy a fantastic podcast, but you cannot watch videos.

Here are the top 7 tips for a profitable podcasting business: Podcasting Niche, Equipment, Strategy Plan, Records, Distribution, Audience, and Monetization.

Additionally, people listen to podcasts while exercising, shopping, on trains and buses, and anywhere else!

Many marketers try to produce profitable podcasts but fall short. They make several mistakes and lack the persistence and resolve to carry the assignment through. We’ll show you how to avoid them in this tutorial and produce popular podcasts that your audience will like.

How to Choose the Right Podcasting Niche

The most crucial tip for podcasting business success is this. Your efforts will be in vain if you select the incorrect niche since you will be guaranteed failure from the beginning.

You should pick a niche where there is a healthy demand for content and enough opportunity to produce a variety of podcasts over an extended period. The market potential in the specialty is likewise significant.

You will read all over the place that you should select a podcasting niche about which you are enthusiastic. While it is a fantastic concept, in theory, you must first decide whether there is a market for the niche before moving forward.

The Google Keyword Planner is the simplest and most cost-effective way to achieve this. To use the planner, all you need is a free Google AdWords account. You can find out how many people are using the Google search engine to look up content in your specialty by using the Google Keyword Planner.

You will also be given recommendations for relevant keywords when using the Google Keyword Planner. This will greatly assist you in choosing the various topics for the podcasting business.

Start by choosing a seed term, such as ” Digital Marketing” and count the number of monthly searches that result from it. You’re on to a winner if there are thousands.

You may monetize your podcasts in various ways, which we will go into later. One effective strategy is to suggest products and services that match well with the topic of your podcast.

Therefore, if your podcast focused on, say, email marketing, you could, as an affiliate marketing, suggest either your own course (if you have one) or someone else’s.

It is important to investigate the extent of the business potential for your niche concept ideas. Find out if there are any digital items for your niche at You may also explore to see if there are any chances for tangible products.

The ideal podcasting niche is one that you are enthusiastic about, has high demand, a wide range of potential podcasting topics, and promising business prospects. If you choose a specialty in which you have no interest, you may still get passionate about it by learning all you can about it.

Being passionate about your specialty is crucial for podcasting business startups. Your voice will convey your passion—or lack thereof—to the listeners. Since this is extremely hard to fake, real curiosity is always needed.

Spend time considering potential niches, then check each one using the Google Keyword Planner. List your hobbies and passions first, and then include topics in which you excel or have knowledge.

For instance, you could be able to talk as an authority on a certain talent you have developed via your profession.

For specialized suggestions, you may also check other websites. Here are some excellent examples for you to review:


When you visit these websites, check through the many categories and subcategories for podcasting ideas. It is an excellent sign that there is a need for knowledge in the niche if there are things being offered on these websites. Always use Google Keyword Planner to double-check this.

Get Good Equipment for Podcasting Business

Using the microphone on your laptop, smartphone, or the one linked to those cheap headphones to record your podcast is not a good idea.

Your recordings’ sound quality will be terrible, and they often are quite terrible. People who listen to your podcasts will rapidly lose interest in them and post unfavorable feedback.

For your recordings, you must make an investment in a high-quality microphone. Obtain one if necessary.

People who listen to your podcasts will evaluate them based on the information you provide and the audio quality. Never produce a podcast with subpar audio. An audio editing program can only be used for so many things.

You must consider the long term while choosing the equipment before starting the podcasting business. Choose a USB microphone like the Blue Yetti that you can plug onto your computer if you want to largely offer solo recordings.

Buy XLR dynamic microphones if you wish to host potential customers in your podcasting studio.

You should always get a pop filter and a stand or boom arm in addition to a decent quality microphone, regardless of whether you plan to buy several or just one.

Your recordings will sound much better if you use a pop filter, and the stand will help you position the microphone so that you can accurately capture your voice.

Get a mixer and a digital recorder to set up a small podcasting studio. For all the mics, boom arms are also needed. You might wish to go on to this later, once your podcasts are popular because it is a significant investment.

Additionally, we recommend that you get some high-quality headphones. Yes, you can record a podcast without headphones, but unless you listen to the recording, you won’t know how well or poorly it sounds. You may check the sound quality in real-time while wearing headphones.

For your recordings, a reliable audio editing program is needed. You will undoubtedly make mistakes, especially during your first few recordings. Thankfully, there are two excellent audio editing programs that are available for both Windows and Mac systems for FREE:

  • Audacity (Windows Users)
  • Garageband (Mac Users)

These programs will meet all your requirements for audio content editing. There are some that demand payment, but they do not truly have to start.

With these two audio editing programs, you can add intro and outro music, sound effects, and more with ease. You may mix everything together when you finish recording to produce an MP3 file.

Podcasts may also be recorded with a smartphone or tablet. You will want a top-notch lapel or tie-mounted microphone for this. For about $50, they are available via Amazon. For both Android and iOS smartphones, there are several free recording apps that you will also need.

Although you can edit podcasts on a smartphone, the limited screen makes it a little challenging. We recommend that you record an audio content file on your mobile device, then edit it on your PC.

You will also need top-notch cover graphics for your podcasts. This will serve as your brand’s recognition on your podcast page, in podcast directories, and on other pages.

Find someone on who is competent at graphic design if you are not and pay them a few dollars to complete the task for you.

Finally, we recommend that you publish your podcast files using a provider that hosts podcasts. Although your web hosting service may offer limitless disk space, audio files cannot be stored there.

For a nominal monthly cost, reputable podcast host providers will save your files and give you an RSS feed for your podcasts. Later, more on this.



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