6 Web Design Tips to Prepare Your E-commerce Site This 2020

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Designing an e-commerce site can be tricky, but now that you are aware of these top web design tips, you are well equipped to design a site that is not only amazing but make conversions like crazy.

6 Web Design Tips to Prepare Your E-commerce Site This 2020

The year 2020 has just rolled in. For a lot of webmasters and web designers, the new year means its time to redesign their e-commerce website.

The thing is, there has been a lot of technological changes that have been happening over the years. So we must learn to keep up with these changes.

Website design is crucial especially when it comes to your brand identity and promoting your products. So, you must learn to keep up with the times. Also, make everything unique, interesting, and mobile-friendly to users.

So, if you are thinking of upgrading your current online store’s design, here are some tips:

1. Keep it simple

Minimalism is one of the most popular trends for web design recently, and expect it to continue this year.

At Sytian, a web designer in the Philippines, we always believe that simple is better. The more elements that you introduce on the page (banner, colors, and pop-ups) the more it takes away the whole point of the website.

You do not need all these elaborate elements on your website. All of these simply act as a distraction. Instead, try to keep your design clean, clear, and simple.

Make use of whitespaces, then focus your attention on the form and function so that you will not end up overwhelming your visitors.

2. Consider user experience

Every detail on your site contributes to the user's decision whether or not they should make a purchase. That's why you should always keep user experience in mind when it comes to your e-commerce website design.

Excellent user experience turns visitors into paying customers and eventually turn them into repeat customers.

If you are not so sure whether you are delivering a good user experience to your web visitors, you can try to get a second opinion through a friend or hire somebody to test your website. Then, ask them to rate your site according to navigational ease, usability, and overall satisfaction.

3. Have an easy-to-find search bar

If your products could not fit in a single page view, then you need to add a search bar.

Just consider skipping the mini-search feature or the magnifying glass icon. Instead, opt for a prominent search box located front-and-center of your product page so that it is a lot quicker to find.

4. Place “categories” at the top

Users hate searching for obvious information. That's why all your important content should be placed at prominent spaces on your website (usually above the fold).

Let's say you run a clothing website. You could try categorizing your products such as bottoms, tops, accessories, and shoes.

For users to really understand what you have to offer, you could create an engaging slideshow that they could scroll through to see your best sellers or newest items for sale.

Having these elements will give your site a touch of animation.

5. Add customer reviews

Do you know that 61 percent of online shoppers read reviews first before eventually buying a product? These customer reviews are helpful in driving potential sales and boost your conversions.

That's because most of them are more inclined to buy your products if they see other people are satisfied with their purchase.

If you are not sold out with the idea yet, do you know that customer reviews boost conversions to as much as 4.6 percent?

To apply this principle, you could place product reviews below your product descriptions, adding credibility to your store and your products.

6. Prioritize your branding

At the end of the day, when it comes to online shopping, a lot of people prefer buying from brands they trust ‒ the more established brands.

They do not want to work with faceless e-commerce sites that looked like trying to steal their personal data and credit card information.

So, if you want to establish credibility and trust with your audience, and drive serious sales for your business, you need to put in serious efforts on your branding.

Consider branding as the DNA of your company. It represents who you are as a brand, what you are all about, and how different you are with your competitors. This plays a huge role in establishing meaningful connections with your audience, driving in more sales.

Also, ask yourself these questions:

If my brand was a person, what would it be, exactly?

How would I describe my brand in three words?

What makes my brand unique from other e-commerce stores out there?

What does my brand do better than my competitors in the market?

Once you know exactly who you are, it is easier to work on the branding of your e-commerce site.

Over to You

Designing an e-commerce site can be tricky, but now that you are aware of these top web design tips, you are well equipped to design a site that is not only amazing but make conversions like crazy.

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Mira Adora
Mira Adora
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