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5 Things You Need to Prepare for Your Remote Working Application!

by istdennisa 4 months ago in workflow
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As the world becomes more connected through the Internet, we are seeing a rise in remote work Companies are seeking more and more qualified candidates to work outside of the office, seeing a shift in the way of working!

Many people want to work from home because it gives them more flexibility and they even feel that they are more productive! Workers are as likely to agree that their teams are as or more creative when working fully remotely (53%) or in a hybrid remote arrangement (54%), compared to working full-time in an office (53%) — Flexjob.

Furthermore, working remotely means you are working as a noms or nomad, and you need to be aware of the time zone and the different culture of the company that you will work remotely for.

Here is the 5 things you should prepare before applying and/or working remotely.

1. Set and ask the policies clearly to avoid confusion

Every company has its own culturess whether you working at a remote or office environments, in this case it is better for you to ask their policies on company, employment and also the govern remote work. Setting clear policies could help you to keep employees informed on what is expected of them in the remote work situations. It also help ensure that all employees specially remote employee, are held to the same standards so you could set the policies and adapt it to your term

2. How Is the communication handled throughout colleague, supervisor of the company

As same as the ‘policy’ not just everyone has their own style of communication but also does a company do their communication to one another in a different ways, and it is an important thing to make sure to have a reliable line of communication, such as the platform to discussion, or how many team meeting you would have for a better teamwork

3. What are the biggest challenges this company has (in remote environment)

many companies may still be finding their way when it comes to having team members spread out around the world.

Ask about how long they have been working remotely and what are the biggest challenges they face from having a remote team and work

4. Time Zone and Working Hours

Having the idea of “working flexible hours” and “work when you can work” are the goal for the ‘work-life-balance’, when you are working remotely, especially working on the other side of the world with different time zones, you’ll probably be expected to set up your hours so it wont be overlap, and asking about the working hours is the other thing you should find out before you working.

5. How is the payment handled

If you’re living outside the country your company is, this is the question you should know and make a note on a salary discussion, It’s more important for you as the employee to get a clear explanation on this because you might be required to pay taxes in a foreign country or with what account or bank will the company paying you with (Paypall, National or International Bank account)

Some remote workers take full advantage of the opportunities that a remote working lifestyle gives them. On top of being able to set their schedules so that they are able to work whenever they are most productive or creative, it also allows you to experience the wanderlust of life, connecting and making friends with new people from different countries, backgrounds, and stories. While also making a living by applying your skill sets to jobs that can be done digitally.

As in today's remote working are becoming more and more famous, and more and more people able to create their own work environment, so you are!


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