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11 Platforms Where You Can Share Your Vocal Stories

by Aamir Kamal about a year ago in how to
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A list of 11 social media platforms where You can share your Vocal stories.

11 Platforms Where You Can Share Your Vocal Stories
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As I am now getting over 2K reads a day, this is high time to write a detailed guide for some bloggers. I run a Facebook group with the name of "Vocal Media creators hub" there are a lot of submissions from writers who don't get enough reads on their Vocal stories. There are two ways to get more reads; Through targeting search engines and the second way is to do little hard work and share your stories on other platforms. One of the good things about Vocal is that you could share your stories on other social media and writing platforms and can get reads.

Vocal is a great platform to share your stories. I love to be part of this platform. Recently I have watched a video by the CEO of Created Inc Jeremy Frommer by Rex Finance where he discussed the future of this organization. It makes me love Vocal even more. Vocal is a platform that has a future.

Writing online isn't going to help you get more views because you need to share your content across multiple social media platforms in order to generate more views. This article is a guide for writers to share their stories on different platforms so to make more money.

1. Quora Spaces

Quora, in general, don't allow links from third-party sites but if you create a Quora Space, you can generate a good number of views. I have a Quora space with over 175,000 followers and it generates me 100+ reads a day. Growing a Quora Space is hard especially as of now but if you are continuous and imparting quality, you can get more readers.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is heaven for bloggers. If you are writing online and interested to generate passive traffic, Pinterest is the right website for you. All you have to do is just create Pinterest pins and optimize them for the search engine. Google also favors Pinterest links so it could help you generate some organic traffic in the long run.

3. Facebook groups

Facebook groups are the highest percentage share in getting you more readers. There is a case study in the resource section of the page; How I Used Facebook to Earn Over $2,160 in One Week on Vocal this shows that you too can make a good amount of money sharing your stories in different Facebook groups.

4. Medium

It is a long game but surely it will take more time for you to generate traffic. Medium is very strict with marketing or promotion of links but if you write a great article and include one or two links, it could help you generate passive readers which will generate passive income.

5. Hackernoon;

Hackernoon is an ex-Medium publication and now a self-hosted website. You can create an account and share your stories. They are more like Medium but with a built-in PPC-based business model. You can create an account and start posting content related to your recently published articles on Vocal.

6. Create your own blog:

I have a blog. The blog is making me money through Google AdSense ads and also links back to your published Vocal stories. This is a good opportunity to create a source of traffic for your Vocal stories. It is actually more empowering as you have complete control over the blog and can introduce more ways to drive traffic to your Vocal stories. The content published on your blog will also help you get more organic traffic.

7. Create a short YouTube video

Short, sweet under 5-minutes videos about the topic you have an article on Vocal could help you get more organic and evergreen traffic. I write an article on Medium and at the same time created a video on YouTube, I have no intention of driving traffic to my story but it generated 2,000 views in less than a month to that article just from that video. This shows how powerful is to create short videos related to the topic of your interest.

My newly created YouTube channel is getting 200 views a day and roughly 20 to 50 reads from that channel. This channel is new and it has less than 7 videos. This shows the power of using YouTube as a traffic-generating tool. If you are serious about writing on Vocal, the only way forward is to generate content on other social media platforms.

8. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is one of the most important publishing tools emerging on the Internet. In recent years, this platform is really changed from a network of professionals to a social media site for professionals. The site now offers a community-building tool called Groups where you can create groups around similar interests and get more members. I have never tried it but my friend uses it to drive huge traffic to his blog.

9. Email marketing:

It is getting harder and harder, day by day to be successful in email marketing.

The reason is; more and more writers and bloggers are using email marketing tools to drive traffic. More emails to a user mean less chance for you to get noticed. Substack makes it a new economy out of it by introducing paying email subscribers. You pay in order to read articles of a writer. No, we aren't going to discuss these things today.

You can now use Substack for free and send emails to hundreds of thousands of subscribers for free. You don't need to pay anything. The hard thing about email marketing is that it takes time but once you have the email of your reader, you can always send them your future articles.

10. Targeting The Search engines

This is my favorite kind of traffic. If you write great search engine optimized articles, you are opening to the possibility of getting evergreen traffic for a very extended duration of time. Google algorithm changes every time so make sure you write long-form content with detailed information.

Most of my traffic comes from Google search which is because I am writing consistently and with keeping the search engine in mind. I have an article about optimizing your Vocal articles to get better ranked in Google search: Vocal Media SEO: How To Optimize Your Vocal Articles To Get Ranked On Search Engines?

I have shared my experience in ranking every single time on Google while writing stories on Vocal.

11. Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists are a great way to promote your stories. It will take you less than 10 seconds to publish a story. Create a Twitter Lists which is a kind of Facebook group or Quora Spaces. People could follow your Twitter Lists based on their interests. You can post your links in Twitter Lists and get huge traffic.

Twitter is a great source of traffic and it has a more read-to-view ratio.

I hope this article helps you getting successful on Vocal. We have a Facebook group for Vocal creators which you can join here: Vocal Media Creators Hub

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