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Vocal Media SEO: How To Optimize Your Vocal Articles To Get Ranked On Search Engines?

by Aamir Kamal 2 years ago in how to
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Optimize your Vocal Media articles for the search engines.

Vocal Media SEO: How To Optimize Your Vocal Articles To Get Ranked On Search Engines?
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Recently I have created a Facebook group for Vocal Creators and named it "Vocal Media creators Hub" where a contestant asks a question about getting more reads on Vocal media articles. According to me; If you want to really make a passive income writing on Vocal, there is only one way and that is; getting ranked on Google and other search engines. I have over 1100+ reads a day.

I have scrolled down on Vocal Media and neither of the articles has a title that is optimized for the search engine, an article titled "I am feeling down" is not a good contestant for ranking on the search engine neither I don't think more people will search for this keyword.

I am writing consistently on Vocal for over 2-months and am making over $200/month and I use just the search engine to build this much of the traffic. One good thing about Vocal Media is that you can write about almost anything on this platform and there are no ads or any other promotional materials. I am blogging for over 4-years now and this thing helped me getting more reads as I know; How to find keywords that have high search volume and lower competition.

Find a keyword:

A Keyword is everything in search engine optimization. An ideal keyword has two characteristics, first, it has a high search volume and its second characteristics is that it has a lower competition to rank on. If you are very new to Vocal Media and planning to write seriously on Vocal Media then try to find "Long Tail Keywords"

Long-tail keywords have a lower search volume and lower difficulty to rank. A single article might generate 100 to 200 reads a month but if you think for the long-term, you could get 20,000 to 30,000 reads a month from your cumulative articles.

How can you find a keyword? You could use SEMrush or AHREF or countless other keyword researching tools.

Optimize Your Title and Subtitle

Your tile and subtitle is the most important part of the title. You should include your targeted keyword In your title and subtitle. The best solution for anyone to write is to follow simple guidelines, write a long-form title, place your keywords in your title, and repeat your keyword in the body of the article.

Getting ranking on Google takes time. Sometimes, when I publish an article, it gets ranked under few hours while other articles take weeks in order to get ranked on Google. I have seen one-word or two titles so this is the worst way to spend your time writing an article. There are some writers who always complain that it is very difficult to reach the $20 or $35 threshold in order to get paid but they do the biggest SEO mistakes.

Nobody could be called himself a guru in the SEO but all we could do is learn and use some basics to implement those learnings in our articles or stories.

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Place Multiple headings:

An essay writing or any form of blog post writing, the structure is the most important. More than 80% of the blog post get successful when it has the right structure. When you are describing things, you should place multiple headings and in one or two headings, you should have your keyword. This is the best way to getting ranked higher on the search engine. We divide the blog post into multiple headings to make it more successful and so people can find it more informative as well as easy for reading. If you are not interested in a heading, simply scroll down and read the heading that interests you.

Some On-page SEO Tips:

Following are some on-page SEO tips that you should definitely use in your Vocal Media stories.

  1. Write long-form content. Google doesn't recognize long-form content as a ranking factor but there are dozens of studies that showed that "Long-form articles (2500+ words) articles getting ranked way easily than short-form 1000 to 1200 words.
  2. Interlinking: Add a link back to the stories that are already published and that is related to the current article you are writing.
  3. Add an alt-text to your images. Images are text too. When a search engine bot visits your site, it can't understand images so if you add an alt-text on your images, it is easier to understand them.
  4. Add videos or images to your articles. You can tell a story in multiple ways; you can tell a story through text, adding images and videos. These things increase the time spent on your blog post which is a good factor and Google takes it as a positive factor.
  5. Optimize your URL by just making it more search optimize and your keyword should be first in your URL.

Some Off-Page SEO Tips:

These are some of the things that you have to do when your articles are accepted into the Vocal Media system.

  1. Share your article on social media. By sharing your article on social media, you will get more traffic and it also plays a positive role in SEO.
  2. Get no-follow backlinks from forum sites like Quora, Reddit, and Medium. Getting backlink to your Vocal Media article is one of the best things you could do as it is one of the major Google search engine ranking factors.
  3. Page-loading speed. The only thing you could do here is that you add your feature image that is in .JPG format as it takes very little space and it is web optimized.

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I hope this article helped you.

We created a Facebook group for Vocal creators, you can join this Facebook group and can get guides and case studies about Vocal Media to increase your reads as well as ask your questions, Join the Vocal Media Creator Hub Facebook group.

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