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10 Ways to Drive Traffic and Earn More Money (without ads)

by Faith Summer 2 years ago in how to

Getting more eyes on your creative work.

I call it: The Art of Driving Traffic. Once you master it, you can effortlessly push traffic towards your blog, website, email list, social media, and more! When working on a platform that pays per read, or creating a product based website, you want to get a lot of eyes on your work, but often times don't have the budget for ads. I've got you covered.

Make sure first and foremost that you're publishing pieces that are SEO friendly (see my article on publishing SEO friendly blog posts!) You want to present something others care enough to pause and read, and even perhaps share with their circle. On top of that: something that ranks well with search engines, so others can find your posts.

See my recent post on SEO content

When putting a lot of time and energy into your work you want to get eyes on it. Naturally. Today I'm going to share 10 different strategies that you can use to share your work that will help build up more views and engagement.

Let's get into it:

10 Ways to Drive Traffic and Earn More Money (without ads)

1. Work with Influencers

Partnering up with influencers is a popular way to get more eyes on blogs, products, campaigns, and more! Consider what "influencers" there are in your particular niche, and how you can learn from them.

Include links to other posts in your field and shoutout those authors, write about your favourite brand or online creator, or review products you love. Let them know you've mentioned them by shouting them out through social media. People love to share things that make them look good. They may repost it, shoutout you or your brand, or partner up with you for collaborations. Don't expect anything, but definitely don't be afraid to network with influencers! Remember: it's all about who you know.

2. Get on top of Email Marketing

Email lists are quick traffic boosts. Your loyal readers, friends, and family can sign up for your newsletter, and in it you can include any new posts from that week, or month. Pair it with a little life update, and some decent humour; and you're good to go! It also gives people a chance to read your posts that didn't catch your social media updates.

If you'd like to sign up for my newsletter you can do so: here!

I used Hubspot to create a free signup page, you can do so as well by clicking the link at the bottom of my newsletter. Once you have people start to sign up you can create an email template that will go out to them! Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it sounds. It can actually be quite fun and creative. It's a great way to connect more personally with the reader, and create a loyal circle of viewers (very important for blogs!).

3. Get that Link in your Bio

If you wrote a new post, let your social media family know! Put a link to your recent post in your bio on instagram and let your followers know about it. If you have over 10 thousand followers on Instagram you can include a swipe up link in your story, and tell your viewers to check it out.

If you have under 10 thousand followers make a post with a good quality photo of you, or something to do with your recent writing. Post it with a caption that gives your followers a tease into your work, and an idea of what it's about. If they're interested they'll head over to your bio to read more, but make sure to have a catchy hook and call to action to entice them!

4. Pinning is Winning

I grew my clothing company to over 3 million viewers per month on pinterest! I think pinterest is a great platform for photography, retail, and blogging. I personally do all three, so I'm rightfully obsessed.

Pinterest is great for two reasons (in my opinion):

1. You can quickly grow a following by remaining active and contributing content to the platform. It's a unique way to express your business, unlike facebook or instagram. It also contains lot of resources.

2. It very much can become a vision board for your business, and/or life. You can organize photos into boards (thoughts) that you can categorize and separate. It's very useful for organizing both your brain and business.

5. Start a Facebook Community

Creating a facebook group is good if you're wanting to communicate with your audience on more active level, get their feedback, host contests, polls, etc. It's a great way to share posts, start a conversation, and attract more reads and shares.

This is a quick way to let your audience know you've created something new! Plus they can weigh in on it, or forward the link to friends. Facebook groups have many perks you can take advantage of that you may not have on your website, or blog. Another bonus with facebook groups is that they're easy to create and most people are fairly familiar with facebook as a platform in general.

6. Utilize Links More

Not only does Google like outbound links, but you can also use linking to promote and recycle past work you've done.

Let's start with outbound links. This means links to things such as recommended products, companies, etc. Google likes when sites use links as the viewer will have a higher chance of continuing their time on that search engine. Perhaps even purchasing a product.

Inbound, or internal links are links within your post that circle your viewer back to older posts or various destinations on your website.

For example, check out this post on the 6 ways I make money blogging!

It creates a sort of circle of traffic, or recycling method. It's very effective because readers who click those links are likely to enjoy more within that niche. Definitely consider amping up your posts with more links and resources before hitting submit, it'll pay off for you in the end!

7. Content and Topic Selection

If you're obsessed with a topic but there aren't the numbers there to obsess with you you're going to struggle to get views. This is where topic selection comes into play, which ones will thrive? Which ones will end up with just 25 views? Here are a few links you can use to find effective content ideas:

Amount of interest in a topic - graphed

Enter a keyword and see how much people are sharing it!

Of course you want to be passionate about your topics, but also keep the viewer in mind. What would be interesting to the reader? How can you add value to them? These questions will help guide you towards quality topic selections.

8. Don't Forget about Friends and Family

When pushing traffic towards our website, we often forget about our family and friends. Often times we are so worried about annoying people, or hiding our 'side hustles' away from people until we're doing "good enough". Well, stop that! Guaranteed you have girlfriends, or a partner, or a mother that would love to read your work! Don't be afraid to send it out to your friends and family- remember word of mouth is most powerful of all.

9. Chirp Chirp! I mean Tweet Tweet

Twitter is a great platform to share your work. Pair your article link along with a brief (140 characters or less) synopsis. Intrigue your followers with a short story tease that will entice them to click your link.

Likes, comments, and retweets on twitter make your story easily shareable. Don't forget you can recycle old content as well! Go back every few months and repost your articles with new captions, this will keep your audience engaged and your view count climbing.

10. Making it Easily Shareable

Yes, make it shareable! People love to be at the forefront of new information, and share with their inner circle. Make your work so good readers will want to come back to it, and have your social shareing links out and ready! The more that people share it, the more views it gets, and the more various search engines will start to notice it.

I grew my clothing line Pinterest account to over 3 Million viewers monthly which is a major contribution to the traffic on my website. People love to share if you give them the option!

What's your favourite traffic driving methods? I hope this helped.

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