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When you need to work, it's like running for your life

I started running for my life at 7 a.m.

By twddnPublished 2 years ago 11 min read

I started running for my life at 7 a.m.

Black water poured out of the alarm clock, and I staggered out of my bedroom as the bed gripped me with a force I could not escape from. Toilet, restaurant, water always want to involve me, toast vowed to put me in the middle, I quickly turn around, dodge, finally escape from the chase, open the door, go out.

The situation on the street is not optimistic, the mobile phone constantly suck away my energy, Internet cafes ready to take my soul. All I could do was walk away, to my place of work. The black water came again and covered my feet, and I had to take a car to escape the black water for a while. Far away, a bus lurched over, and I could see a face pressed against the glass.

"Faster, faster! I cried in my mind.

It is neither fast nor slow, like a sheep on the grassland leisurely.

By the time it reached me, the water was waist-deep. I was in a hurry to get up the steps, but the black water had a magic grip on my legs, and it took more strength than ever to move. The bus was packed with people, with three kids on the lid and fingers on the grip pole, and it was hard to tell where the cuffs belonged. People moved left and right until a place as big as the sole of a foot was revealed, and the man in the doorway turned his back to me. But I had to get up there. The black water was threatening to cover my chest, and the gasping sound was already more compelling than the black water. I pushed up, pushed in hard, left and right, finally I stood in the small place, the black water was still pulling at my feet, I pushed down hard.

"Screw you!!" I want to.

Finally take the bus to escape, but the black water has always followed my smell. Finally, after a long descent, they lost track of me, and by the time I got to work, there was only a drop of black water on my shoe.

Punch in, sit at your desk, and exhale long and hard. The hot water hole in the drinking machine had long since lost life and a stream of warm water flowed down.

It was the director, the annoying bald old man, and he asked me to go to the office.

"What did you want to see me about, Director?" I piled up as much flesh as I could and forced a few smiles.

"Take these files back and sort them out, and get me the form as soon as possible." The little old man did not look up.

"All right, director, when do you want it?"

"As soon as possible."

I went out with the door behind me. It was just the beginning of the day, but my head was confused and my arms were out of control. I went back to my desk and dropped the files on the desk. Black water poured from the files into my palm, and my fingers ached like a thousand needles through the tip of your thumb. Painstakingly pulling out the files, I began to make the first form. As I pressed the black water slowed down the speed of flow, the speed of work more quickly, it began to have a tendency to shrink, the pain on the fingers also gradually disappear. I no longer dare to neglect, crazy to start a watch, but people are not perpetual motion, can always maintain efficient work. Every time my mind stalled, black water would flow out of the file and burn my fingers. I had to keep speeding up.

At eleven o 'clock, a stream of dark water broke out like a caged beast and crawled up my fingers, slowly swallowing my palms, joints, elbows, and arms, gently touching my Adam's apple. No, I can't stand it any longer, I open my mouth and say:

"What the fuck is this!!"

People around him, however, buried their heads and did things as if they could not hear.

I went even crazier, tapping my fingers hysterically, staring at the computer screen and shaking. I saw myself in the mirror. My eyes were bloodshot, the veins in my neck had already burst, and what was more terrible was the black water, which had completely swallowed my chest. I did not want to see myself, so I moved the mirror, but he reflected the appearance of the window: the air was filled with soot, the sun made the strength to extend inside, but after all, could not rush out of the smoke blockade, I could not see the opposite and adjacent building, a radius of several miles seems to be only we this one, and this building seems to be only myself. For a moment the black water touched his chin.

The rate at which I type is the rate at which I turn my pain. Even if a thousand needles Pierce my skin, Shouting and insulting are useless. They can only be done faster and faster before they reach my heart. At eleven fifty-nine, I finished all the forms, the black water gradually retreated, they returned to the folder, the black water flowing all over the table instantly disappeared.

The time for lunch break finally came, I took off my glasses, both hands arched up in the mouth "shout, shout" to blow, so that the palm is more hot, and then put on the eyes to cover for a while, tired feeling weak, rubbed his face twice, and then opened my eyes after a blur. After a long yawn, I walked to the canteen.

Before the meal, there was a dense line of people, and the people at the table were shovelling their food into their mouths in a way that looked more like the eating of some animal than the eating of a meal. I took my place at the back of the line, inching my way forward. He picked up the meal and turned to face me. It was my brother, Ache, who had joined the company with me. He didn't seem to see me at all, and he couldn't see the light of entering the company in his eyes, so he ran away stupidly. Watching Chi, the woman on the other side of the window patted the glass anxiously and brought out a bowl of noodles.

"There is only this bowl of noodles left, the young man can eat, or he will have to go out to eat," said the woman anxiously.

I know exactly what it means to eat out. The nearest restaurant is three kilometers away. In this CBD with so much land, how can anyone open a restaurant here?

Picking up the bowl, I walked to the seat by the wall and hunched down in the corner to eat the noodles. The noodles are neither soft nor hard, and the spicy seeds are neither salty nor light. The taste is indescribable, which is in line with the Chinese doctrine of the mean. The ingredients are very honest, and the stomach is full after eating a bowl of noodles. I pick up my bowl and walk away, passing the other diners at the table. All of a sudden, one of the men raised his head suddenly, with soup still on his lips. The unintentional eye contact made my hair stand on end -- his pupils were flowing, billowing in them like waves, a drop about to spill from their sockets.

That's black water.

I did not dare to look back, to have the slightest thought of hesitation. Running to put the chopsticks in the recycling place, back to the station, terrified. Suddenly think of: desk that person's pupil became black water, that I can...... I quickly picked up the mirror on the table and played it in front of me, concentrating on the eyes in the mirror. The pupil turned left and right, suddenly big and small, the red blood was gradually forced out by me, but fortunately, my pupils have no escape plan. The moment I put the mirror back in place, a pupil slipped out, like an ice floe in Antarctica, slowly tearing away from the land.

With an hour left on my break, I walked to my office window and looked out. At noon, the haze is not as thick as in the morning. I can vaguely see the office building on the opposite side, and occasionally I can see people walking on the sidewalk downstairs. But it is very strange that everything outside the window is only black, white and gray. The outer wall of the opposite office building is gray, and the decoration inside is made up of black and white. The staff are dressed in gray work clothes, as if they had been trained to sleep. Their movements are exactly the same, pillow with the right arm lying on the table, stealing a moment of leisure.

I looked up and suddenly noticed a woman looking straight at me to the left. She, too, was dressed in gray overalls and mumbled as if she were talking.

Suddenly, the floor behind her rose abruptly into an oval of forward openings. Like a shark, it darted forward and closed in, devoring the woman and melting on the floor. I gasped and ran back to my station, my legs shaking.

Soon after the afternoon's work began, fatigue took over. In the black water overflowing and undulations, my arm was gradually submerged, I looked out numbly, dimly unable to see the sun. But the window grew darker and darker until it was completely dark.

At 10 p.m., four hours after closing time, people started leaving the building, and I packed my bags to leave. Walking out of the office gate, I saw Chi. Five years ago, he was the ideal young man in the campus and graduated with excellent grades. I even walked with him in the gray world. Walking out of the campus, shoulder to shoulder, everyone with headphones plugged in, fingers running across light screens. They walked unsteadily, unsteady step by step. It was black water, and the road was already covered with black water. It was more like they were swaying from side to side than walking.

I jogged all the way home and caught a taxi by the side of the road. I closed my eyes, trying not to see the zombies on the street, trying not to see their legs dragging forward. When I got home, I closed the door, locked the Windows and drew the curtains. I enslave myself in the corner of the room with only a lamp to light me. It was warmer than the sun with a red wax burning under it.

I thought, it's all terrible, the oppressive air, the walls that can't get through the wind, the smoke that can't get through the sun, the black and white gray that surrounds people, and, and the black water that flows everywhere. I didn't know when the black water was going to swallow me up and assimilate me into those people, but I knew I didn't want to be like that. I had to fight, I had to fight, against this constantly flowing black water, this black water from out of nowhere.

In a daze, I lay in the corner asleep, in the dream I was constantly being chased, like an outlaw, looking back, chasing my people and I have the same appearance. Crawling out of the ground, out of the files, flowing in the pupil, myself.

It was the same as yesterday to get up, this time I was no longer nervous, relaxed to brush my teeth, wash my face, eat, and wait for the bus. On the contrary, the black water no longer bubbled from somewhere, and the papers in the office no longer drizzled with the faint smell of ink. For lunch, I went to the restaurant outside the building to have a bowl of mixed noodles and a cup of coffee. The hand-made noodles were very strong and the smell of hand-made coffee made me look forward to going to that tropical country. At six o 'clock in the evening, I left the park, went home and made a simple meal for myself, and went to bed early. In my dream, I walked alone in the lavender garden, blowing a gust of flower fragrance breeze, far away, I saw the girl I used to like.

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