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Tylee Purpgod Announces Release of Acoustic Rap Single “Better Days”

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By Flux EchoPublished 29 days ago 3 min read
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South African rapper Tylee Purpgod is gearing up to unveil his much-anticipated acoustic rap single, “Better Days,” on July 19, 2024. This profoundly personal track represents a notable shift from his usual style, providing fans with a raw and introspective glimpse into his life and challenges. Tylee’s upcoming release has already generated significant buzz, promising to offer a fresh and heartfelt narrative that deviates from his previous work.

“Better Days” emerged from Tylee’s yearning for improved times, a sentiment vividly reflected in the poignant lyrics. “The whole song is about me, a true story,” Tylee reveals. “I wrote the song last year while working on my previous album, *Naval Hill*, but I didn’t release it because it didn’t fit the album’s theme. So I kept refining it until it reached this point.” This careful refinement process indicates Tylee’s commitment to authenticity and artistic integrity, ensuring that the song resonates deeply with his listeners.

Typically known for his energetic songs with traditional rap beats, Tylee opted for an acoustic rap style for “Better Days” to better convey the song’s intimate and reflective mood. “I usually make loud songs with traditional rap beats, but that felt wrong for the story I was trying to tell with this song,” he explains. The beat was created by Ryini Beats, and Tylee personally mixed and mastered the track, ensuring every element perfectly matched his vision. This hands-on approach underscores Tylee’s dedication to his craft and his desire to produce music that is both authentic and impactful.

“Better Days” tackles themes of pain, anxiety, and personal growth, aiming to deeply resonate with listeners. “I want my listeners to know that they are not the only ones who feel how they feel,” Tylee says. Through writing, he finds a way to cope with his emotions, transforming his experiences into a song that promises to be both relatable and uplifting. The raw emotion in his lyrics and the stripped-down acoustic arrangement create a powerful combination that is likely to strike a chord with many listeners.

As Tylee’s first release of 2024, “Better Days” holds special meaning. “I’m both excited and anxious for the release; it’s personal too,” he confesses. The track also acts as the lead single for his forthcoming second album, *Life in Purple*. To build anticipation, Tylee will be sharing short clips and lyric videos daily for two weeks, offering fans a unique insight into the creation of “Better Days” and its lyrical significance. This strategic approach to promotion not only heightens excitement but also allows fans to connect more deeply with the song’s themes and Tylee’s personal journey.

Tylee’s choice to share the demo of “Better Days” with his fans prior to the official release received enthusiastic feedback, boosting excitement for the final version. “My fans loved it,” he notes, highlighting the strong bond he maintains with his audience. This pre-release strategy demonstrates Tylee’s understanding of his fanbase and his ability to engage them effectively, fostering a sense of community and anticipation around his music.

With “Better Days,” Tylee Purpgod is set to make a significant impact on the music scene, presenting a song that is as much about personal reflection as it is about shared experience. The song’s themes of resilience and hope are universally relatable, and its acoustic rap style offers a fresh and compelling listening experience. As he continues to explore new musical landscapes and share his journey with fans, *Life in Purple* is poised to be another landmark in his rising career.

Tylee’s evolution as an artist is evident in his willingness to experiment with new styles and delve deeper into his personal experiences. “Better Days” marks a bold step in his artistic journey, showcasing his versatility and emotional depth. As fans eagerly await the release of his new single and the subsequent album, Tylee Purpgod stands at the forefront of a new wave in South African rap, blending raw emotion with innovative musicality to create a sound that is both distinct and profoundly moving.


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