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Tao Yi: Dezhou Chongdefu

Boundless Gleam, the Pinnacle Realm

By ArchiTodayPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

The essence of savoring life lies not only in material indulgence but also in the artistry and taste of our living spaces."

— Oscar de la Renta

"At the intersection of University Road and Dongdi Road in Decheng District, Texas City, emerges a new chapter in the Chongde series. A masterpiece of innovation, this structure boasts a facade of full aluminum panels, offering a panoramic 270-degree view that unfolds into a boundless celestial canopy. This represents the forward-facing residential essence of Texas, where the intersection of Dacheng and Dongdi embraces a future-oriented dwelling identity.

In collaboration with Yichuang Space, the interior is meticulously crafted by Tao Yi, blending dignity and luxury within. The space cradles subtle light in boundless realms, reshaping life with an elegant and contemporary touch. Through a devoted pursuit of life's true essence, it is a renaissance of living, where memories meet innovation, and luxury converges with grace."

Integrated Domain / Efficiently Creating Value

"Within the confines of a 600-square-meter sales gallery, a cutting-edge lifestyle is distilled into a compact spatial realm. The design, like a seamless dance of clouds and water, embodies fluidity and inclusivity, allowing a high-quality and aspirational living community to shimmer with the modern glow of contemporary living."

"From the foyer, meander through the sand table area into the open, multifunctional discussion and leisure zone. Finally, swiftly return through this space, creating an uninterrupted and efficient circular flow. The sleek modernity of the design seamlessly connects the intricacies of the interior, immersing visitors in the richness of details in the shortest possible time. The design not only embodies the client's product strategy and consumer logic but also brings forth a value that transcends mere observation."

The Dim Light of the Era / Timeless Space

The design interweaves the unpredictable future into a limited space, crafting a romantic reverie about the universe and boundless possibilities. Simultaneously, the designer has, within the constraints of cost control, achieved high-quality spatial outcomes for the client. Simple materials are endowed with a sense of the future and practical meaning through structural interpretation and artistic expression, thus creating exceptional spatial value.

"Step into the open, all-encompassing discussion area, where the lofty roof and elongated strip windows seamlessly incorporate the outdoors. The deep brown water bar area immerses a piece of Western classicism into contemporary Eastern living. On the other side, a fusion with nature unfolds—a modern life that is relaxed, graceful, and radiant. The collision of these two points on the extended timeline creates a spiritual experience that transcends the constraints of time."

"The scenes crafted by the design evoke a visual narrative that leaves emotional imprints in the hearts of residents and observers alike, unfolding a gentle dialogue between individuals and their living spaces."

"The monumental art installation, combined with lighting, crafts an abstract concept of city and land. The gentle lines of the structure, enhanced by the rugged texture of the materials, exude a simple yet unassuming elegance. Delicate fabrics and the sheen of metal complement each other, drawing inspiration from nature in their color palette. Integrated seamlessly with living spaces, it unfolds a dual perspective—outward, a flourishing abundance; inward, a serene retreat. Ever-changing, ever-renewing, it embodies a coexistence of urban life and spirit."

Life Again / Empowering Cities with Growth Potential

"In the construction and envisioning of lifestyles, the significance of space is continuously revisited. Within a limited timeframe, designers integrate resources, overcoming challenges such as the implementation of craftsmanship and the constraints of the original space, to deliver spaces that exceed the expectations of both the client and the consumer in terms of quality.

Unbounded by time, scenes, or a particular style, Chongde Mansion possesses limitless growth potential. This inherent ability to evolve empowers the city and the era, igniting people's passion for life. As individuals immerse themselves wholeheartedly, a city can remain eternally vibrant, consistently creating the extraordinary."

Project Information

Project Name: Chong De Fu

Project Owner: Shandong Chongde Real Estate

Project Location: De Zhou,Shandong, China

Project Area: 300 square meters

Project Date: July 2023

Design Agency: YI CREAT SPACE (Beijing) Design Consultancy Co., Ltd.

Creative Director: Tao Yi

Project Photography: Wang Hui

Copywriting and Planning: NARJEELING

Project Planning: Le Brand Strategy Agency


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