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Hardships of a writer

And tips

By Antonio MadrugadaPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
Hardships of a writer
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Since I am a writer officially in 2019 all that has been happening is just hardships and moments of pure hardom where in time all seems lost and so wrong. "Be consistent and work hard. They say. But I have been working hard and doing all that with no results at all. I am publishing around in KDP and it helped me in nothing at all, no matter if you change the words, improve the quality of the manuscript and the cover. It's so hard nowadays to be a simple writer in this world and honestly no one care less if fall down in the depths of the algorithms that Amazon did just bring those works that only a certain number of people wants to read, besides millions of books are published every day and it falls down the big hole, no matter how hard the work was. That's the dark side of KDP and other self publishing platforms. Because of this many traditional publishers either they have to close and file bankruptcy or increase the prices of the publishing to survive other winter. Some, still won't. Tons of people self publish now that brings that paradox that we all have been feeling since that Amazon launched first CrativeSpace and then, KDP. Other platforms open also to bring competition to Amazon. And thing escalated pretty fast after that. Now, many writers like me the because of that. And many are unable to escape the stagnation of publishing, when there is too much to offer and too few people who have the the power to buy. It's a sad moment and this will bring a new crash but for all book industry. Since I am a writer officially in 2019 all that has been happening is just hardships and moments o...I

t's not that simple to reach whatever goal I've been trying to reach. But I had a good dose of luck to find people who care and that helps and wants me to thrive. As I do my very best to reach my goal. Now, I am searching for a way to publish my first novel and I know now, as I got the real scale, of how much effort I need to fight and work hard to many sure that everyone knows what I do or who I am. I have been working since I am 13 in my opus and I lost account of many time I was this close to "burn" everything as I cried with my heart broken when I could not be able to do anything due to many factors. Today, I have a light bubble near me and knowledge to fight harder to accomplish my dream. My dream come true in 2019 but it's still going and the camera is still rolling. I am fighting.

Dreams tend to crash you like a wave crashing a ship. But if you don't fight you won't accomplish nothing. I believe if you fight hard, all the hardships will be gone and you will find success. I fight every single day against the tide and storms that wreck me me down. But fight more and learnt to be resilient. Now it's time to find a way to make sure that my legacy is not forgotten. And need your precious help to find all that.
All dreams come true if you fight for them even when they tend to be broken by others that slap you false sense of reality. Gravity is real and yet man went to the moon.

This is what quite often I Feel as I am going my best to find way to understand better the world. I honestly don't know if I will ever manage to do it.

What inspires you to write?
I am a fan of the little things happening when no one dares to care. The small details of things.
I love to travel to Portugal, Spain, France, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungry, Croatia, Bosnia and Italy. All the places I visited left me with a good mark in my writing.
A simple homeless person who is unique and sad, can inspire me to write in a way.
An weird pattern or behavior can inspire me to write in different way.
Paradoxes like Dark, Light, hero and evil are common in all stories. But to me those paradoxes are the ones – in certain way – while a evil character can be saved if we find the route of that evil and try to heal what caused damage.

What authors do you read when you aren’t writing?
JRR Tolkien, King, Goodkind and CS Lewis.

Tell us about your writing process.
My way of writing comes in weird way.
Sometime I have the urge to write about something, as if I listened a kind a whisper in my mind.
I forgot the uncountable times I wanted so badly to write and I can't. The need or I had to write in that moment. Then, for my dismay, I forget it. ´
Before having a phone, this would happen all the time.

For Fiction Writers: Do you listen (or talk to) to your characters?
I mourn for them if they are gone.
I am their God, but I am a god that truly loves them all and I am the one to encourage them to take certain paths. They love and hate me.

What advice would you give other writers?
Never give up. The power of your work and words can change the course of this world.
Allow your readers to laugh what you laughed about. Allow them to cry what you cried. And finally, allow them to be a god when you failed to be one.

How did you decide how to publish your books?
Being 13 years old with dark thoughts filling up your mind while living in a village in the middle of nowhere. I had to process all the deeds and trauma. I would create imaginary people that you are not a evil spirits to save my mind and soul.
Today, I write about all that in a different perspective.

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About the Creator

Antonio Madrugada

Writing rite since I am 13. Empower me to grow and I will publish my first novel of fantasy soon.

I am Portuguese. I am 33.

I published my first book in 2019.

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