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Greyhound Racing's Mac Davis Joins Wheeling Miners As Co Owner Of The Franchise

Wheeling Island Greyhound Owner Mac Davis Adds New Football Team To Nail City For 2024 Season

By Stephen PitrePublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Wheeling Miners Arena Football Team

Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing Owner Mac Davis recently added a new ownership venture for the 2024 season, Co-owning the Wheeling Miners Arena Football team, the new football team playing in Wheeling, West Virginia. The move comes after the decision to get involved in greyhound racing, which has the top track in Wheeling, this past fall, boosting his decision to get involved in the Miners Organization. “I am thrilled and tremendously excited to be a part of the Wheeling Miners Arena Football Team, and I can't wait to bring a championship to Nail City this next season,” said Mac in a statement to us this past weekend following his official announcement on Instagram Monday Evening.

The Wheeling Miners play in the American Arena League, which is one of the many arena football leagues in the nation. The league has 13 teams total, with Wheeling being the only team playing in a large arena. “The Miners call Wesbanco Arena home, and we are so thankful for the city of Wheeling for supporting us through our first season,” Mac stated. The team will be having their first home game in April against a team to be named, as the American Arena League hasn't announced their current schedule yet. The season, which is expected to be around ten weeks long, will run from the start of April all the way through the start of July, with the championship game being played in the first weeks of July. "We are bringing fast past high action football into the city of Wheeling, one that not only showcases the skills of our players but also the energy of the sport of arena football." Davis said when talking about the addition of the team to Wheeling.

Though not from the state of West Virginia or Wheeling, WV, Mac has found the city to be like home for him as he has his greyhound and many friends living in the city. Mac bought his first greyhound from the 2023 National Greyhound Association's Fall Nationals Auction, named Jumping Jill who sold to him via a private sale. “Wheeling has been the home of greyhound racing since 1976 and has been at the forefront of greyhound racing since the closure of the Florida tracks. The sport is alive and well through the city, and I thank them for that not only as an owner of a greyhound but also as a fan of the sport of queens.” Said Mac in a recent article when talking about greyhound racing in the state.

Mac Davis Pictured In Wheeling Miners Welcome Poster

Mac looks to carry that same love into the Wheeling Miners organization as well as work with the community through the team to continue the city's growth with the addition of the team. “Our team isnt just the local football club that plays football for the city. We are also the ones that help build the city up off the field. This season, we can't wait to be able to work with the City of Wheeling as well as with the local youth groups in the region to expand the involvement of football in the city.” he continued adding, “Not only are we bringing in high action football, we are also keeping it affordable. For the talent that we are bringing in as well as for the experience itself, $55 for a season ticket is a bargain and one that stays wallet-friendly and allows for more people to come visit our games and join Miner Nation.”

The team will be making an official announcement of the 2024 schedule very soon as the league hasn't finalized schedules yet for the season and can be reached at or on Instagram.


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