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Bossy Plans CEO Donna Richardson Has Tools for Your Soul Quest

by Jymyaka Braden 2 months ago in Creators
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"Black female business owner creates an unbiased shopping experience for the boss babe in charge of her spiritual journey."

Photo Courtesy of Arkansas Black Business

Written by J.J. Braden

See Bossy Plans CEO, Donna Richardson. She has the tools for your soul quest

Going on a journey within soon? Donna Richardson, executive officer of Bossy Plans, an online spiritual boutique, can supply your journey. The online boutique was launched in September 2019 with the seekers in mind.

The curious questioners, faith-finders, and fortune forgers are all welcome to explore journals, incense, hand-crafted jewelry, and much more.

“If you’ve got an issue, I’ve got a crystal," said Richardson. Although she grew up in a strict religious environment, her interest in the metaphysical was always present. "All of my bracelets have crystals. Some crystals bring you energy, some bring calm others serve as protection. So whatever need that you have, there's a crystal for that, "she explained.

Bossy Plans’ unique approach to spiritual healing combines ancient metaphysical tools with a touch of modern fashion.

“As a Pisces Sun [Capricorn moon], I have been fascinated by vibes, crystals, and the metaphysical since I was like 10. As [I] got older, I started to pick up little nuggets of information here and there until I noticed I'm generally into this stuff," she said.

As she learns Donna learns more about the hidden knowledge she infuses her wisdom and intuition into the Bossy Plans lifestyle brand.

Bossy Plans is a safe-space for people who believe that something bigger than humanity guides the universe with our favor in mind.

"Bossy Plans is not exclusive to any particular group, but we do support African-American women primarily," Richardson said. "I want [Black women] to have a place to go where they can shop, get advice, business tips, and from another black woman."

“If you’ve got an issue, I’ve got a crystal,” explained Donna Richardson, owner and Chief Executive Officer of online retail store Bossy Plans Spiritual Boutique.

"Bossy Plans' is a safe space for African American women who love God but like to curse a little bit," she said. "It's a judgment-free zone for wanderers."

Richardson describes her ideal customers as one whose faith walk might look a little different than standard religion. Growing up in the South and in church culture imposed a lot of fear on Richardson. She frequently speaks about how she actively dispels the ideas that no longer serve her.

"Religion separates more people than it brings together. I never liked all the rules and regulations that end in 'or you're going to Hell'," she explained. "At this point, my business is my spiritual practice."

The Bossy Plans brand aims to be relatable to just the people it serves.

"The most important thing that I want people to know is that I'm here to serve. I'm here to help in whatever way I can from the products and the advice I give on my platform. My biggest contribution is providing a safe, judgement-free space for like minded people to explore their spiritual journal."

There's something on the website that can resonate with just about anyone.

Through Bossy Plans, Richardson invites wanderers from her hometown Little Rock, Arkansas, and those on a journey of self-discovery and exploration.

Richardson hopes that the business she's building will contribute worldwide by enlightening the minds of those who might doubt their faith or wander beyond the confines of religion.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran2 months ago

    Very inspirational!

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