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B.E.A.T Productions Presents Politics and Culture Episode 2 (Part 2 of 3)

Faith and Rhythm: Selah The Corner's Journey in Christian Hip-Hop.

By B.E.A.T ProductionsPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 3 min read
Selah The Corner (Left, Guest) with Jason "Conquest" Roberts (Right, Host).

On a warm summer evening, Jason "Conquest" Roberts sat in a modest but vibrant venue in Harlem, NYC. The date was June 24, 2017, and the occasion was the second installment of his conversation series "Politics and Culture." This particular episode featured a special guest: the enigmatic Christian Hip-Hop artist, Selah The Corner. The anticipation was palpable as the crowd settled in, awaiting the wisdom and insight of a man who had been making waves in the Christian Hip-Hop scene for years.

The interview kicked off with Jason introducing Selah, a figure he had known since 2011. The two shared a camaraderie that was evident from their interactions. Jason recounted their first meeting, reminiscing about the profound impact Selah's music had on him. The room was abuzz with excitement as Selah took the stage, his presence commanding yet humble.

After a brief introduction, Jason dove into the heart of the conversation, asking Selah about his hiatus after the release of his acclaimed mixtape. In a world where artists like Future and Drake were consistently releasing new material, Selah's decision to step back and take his time with his next project was a bold one. Jason was curious about the challenges and obstacles Selah faced during this period.

Selah's response was candid and reflective. He spoke about the discomfort that came with his faith journey. "Real faith only gets comfortable when you do it for a long time," he said, emphasizing the importance of trusting in the process. He described his approach to making music as similar to preparing a meal—something that needed to be done with care and precision to ensure it was nourishing and fulfilling for the listeners.

The conversation moved on to the challenges of being a Christian artist in a secular world. Selah explained that creating music in this genre required a delicate balance. It wasn't just about reputation; it was about responsibility. He wanted his music to be something people could digest and savor, something that would nourish their souls. This meticulous approach to his craft was one reason he had taken his time with his latest album.

Jason then shifted the focus to Selah's relationship with his label. There was an understanding and mutual respect between Selah and his label, but the pressure to deliver was ever-present. Selah recounted the support he received from his label, even as they patiently waited for him to complete his project. It was a process that required time, healing, and a lot of introspection.

One of the most poignant moments of the interview came when Jason asked Selah about the song "Intro" from his new album. Selah's face lit up as he described the creative process behind the track. The song, he explained, was a deeply personal exploration of his inner struggles and his journey towards self-acceptance. It was about solitude, isolation, and the desire to retreat into one's own world—a sentiment that resonated with many in the audience.

Selah revealed that he had always been an introvert, finding solace in his own company. This characteristic often clashed with his profession, which required him to be in the spotlight. Yet, he found a way to channel his introversion into his music, using it as a form of therapy. His honesty about his struggles with social anxiety and the pressures of performing was refreshing and relatable.

The discussion then turned to one of Selah's more controversial tracks, "Masquerade." Jason highlighted a line from the song that spoke about loyalty and authenticity. Selah explained that the song was a reflection of his life experiences and his commitment to staying true to himself. He emphasized the importance of maintaining the same level of loyalty and dedication to his faith that he had in his previous life in the streets.

Selah's boldness in expressing his beliefs and his refusal to conform to the expectations of others was a recurring theme throughout the interview. He spoke passionately about the power of his faith and how it influenced his music. For him, being a Christian Hip-Hop artist wasn't just about making music; it was about ministry. It was about using his platform to spread a message of hope and redemption.

As the interview drew to a close, Jason and Selah shared a moment of mutual respect and admiration. The audience had been given a rare glimpse into the mind of an artist who was unafraid to be vulnerable and authentic. Selah The Corner's journey was a testament to the power of faith, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of one's true calling.

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