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Asur season 2 released on OTT:

Where to watch online, reviews, cast, plot Asur is finally back with the second season after the show debuted three years ago on March 2nd, 2020. Asur Season 2 released today and it is available to stream for free.

By Praful PatilPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

Release: "Asur" Season 2, titled "Asur 2: Rise of the Dark Side," was released on June 1, 2023.

Streaming Platform: The series is available to stream for free on the JioCinema app.

Cast: The show features Arshad Warsi as Dhananjay, Barun Sobti as Nikhil Nair, Gaurav Arora as Kesar Bhardwaj, Anvita Sudarshan as Raina Singh, Amey Wagh as Rasool Sheikh / Shubh Joshi, Bondi Sarma as Ankit Sharma, Jayant Raina as Radha Charan Joshi, Anupriya Goenka as Naina Nair, Ridhi Dogra as Nusrat Saeed, Sharib Hashmi as Lolark Dubey, Vishesh Bansal as young Shubh Joshi, Nishank Verma as Samarth Ahuja, and other actors.

Plot: "Asur" is a Hindi-language mythological thriller series. Season 2 picks up from where Season 1 left off and continues the story. The show explores the dark side of human nature and delves into the cat-and-mouse chase between the forensic expert Dhananjay and the serial killer Shubh Joshi.

Episodes: Season 2 consists of eight episodes. The first two episodes were released initially, and the remaining six episodes will be released one by one every day until June 7, 2023.

Reviews: Early reviews for Season 2 have been mixed. Some reviewers have praised the show for keeping the audience engaged and maintaining the originality, while others felt that it didn't surpass the first season and had certain dragged-out portions. India Today rated it 3 out of 5 stars, Zoom TV gave it 4 out of 5 stars, and Bollywood Life also rated it 4 out of 5 stars.

Asur Season 2 Review: Mythology Continuous To Seamlessly Blend Into Real-Time, But The Attention To Detail Goes Missing

  • The reviewer mentions that "Asur" Season 2 isn't as brilliant as the first season but still offers a gripping tale.
  • The season progresses the story of a mastermind who plays with myths and technology to kill and brainwash people.
  • The writing in the show is praised for its brilliance and transcending genres and storytelling patterns.
  • The second season expands the story beyond a team of CBI officers chasing a killer and delves into mythology, technology, and noir elements.
  • The review appreciates the complexities introduced in the story and how the tangled bits are gradually unraveled.
  • Barun Sobti's performance is highlighted, mentioning his transformation both mentally and physically for the season.
  • Arshad Warsi's portrayal is praised for keeping his character simple and relatable.
  • Riddhi Dogra and Anupriya Goenka are noted to have consequential roles, but some aspects of their character dynamics are not explored fully.
  • Meiyang Chang's performance is acknowledged, indicating his potential as an actor.
  • The review points out that the attention to detail seen in the first season is missing in Season 2.
  • Certain plot elements, such as the missing fingers, are not addressed, and an aspect involving victims and remotes feels out of place.
  • The charm of mythological storytelling from Season 1 is said to be left behind to focus on the technology angle.

Asur Season 2 Review: What Works: One of the strengths of "Asur" Season 2 lies in its unique and daring storytelling approach. The series successfully blends elements of mythology and real-world themes, allowing the audience to engage with complex ideas and become the judge of moral dilemmas. The show explores the concept of a mastermind manipulating myths and technology to commit heinous acts, creating a larger canvas beyond a simple pursuit of a serial killer. This expansion of the narrative offers both advantages and disadvantages.

The blend of mythology, technology, and noir in Season 2 creates an intriguing and compelling viewing experience. The incorporation of the Kali and Kalki tale from mythology adds depth and layers to the story, exploring themes of good versus evil. The use of technology as a tool for the mastermind's plans adds a contemporary touch to the narrative and keeps the audience engaged.

The writing in "Asur" Season 2 showcases brilliance by transcending traditional storytelling patterns and genres. The series takes risks by presenting a unique and thought-provoking concept that captivates the audience. The show's success is largely attributed to its word-of-mouth popularity and the compelling writing that sets it apart from other content.

The shift in writers for Season 2 brings a change in the voice of the show. While some may view this change as both positive and negative, it allows for a broader exploration of the plot. The stakes are raised as the story moves beyond a team of CBI officers chasing a serial killer to a grander scale where the entire country is at risk. This expansion opens up new possibilities and challenges for the characters.

Overall, "Asur" Season 2 offers a meaty and risky idea that successfully blends mythology and reality, engaging the audience with its intricate storytelling and exploration of moral choices. The incorporation of technology and noir elements, along with the mythology of the Kali and Kalki tale, adds depth and interest to the narrative, making it a captivating watch.

Please note that the above review is based on the provided information and may not reflect all aspects of the series or individual opinions.

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