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The Problem With Pronouns

Why some people just can't handle it.

By Kerry WilliamsPublished 8 months ago 20 min read
Image by Welcome to All ! ツ from Pixabay

There is an inherent problem people have with "pronouns" and the use of them. More specifically, their own use of them, their acceptance of your use of them, and what they mean to their own sense of stability and the future as a whole. The problem is, what we, the newer generation, think is acceptable, is just completely ass backwards for the older generation.


Everyone wants to be able to live, love, laugh, and prosper. They want to be able to wake up in the morning, do their daily routine, and go to sleep at the end of the day with little worry. Expanding on that, people want to work without interruption, earn a good living, have a happy home, enjoy the fruits of their labors, relax, enjoy what life has to offer, and ultimately, they want to live a long life filled with peace and happiness.

In the pursuit of long life, love, and happiness, time and evolution stick a foot in things. People are to blame ofcourse. Everyone, for everything. Let me explain.

The older generation were brought up with a strict moral code, and if you messed with that code, you got punished. Not just a slap on the hand either. You could get punched, kicked, or knocked the F^%K out. Someone disrespects your mother, or your sister, even if she is a lying C*^%, along comes brother or daddy, to knock your ass out. And if they couldn't knock you out, they'd give you a good ass kicking. It didn't matter if they won or lost, as long as they "did what's right".

Today, all that "angst" has been replaced with fractions of moral quality, without any one of them being superior, and as fractions, they are all BROKEN. From those who avoid confrontation, to those who constantly play the role as victim, to those who obscenely over-react to everything that everyone does, or says, to those who are simply bat-shit crazy, the list goes on and on. But we're not covering every single social problem or issue here. Were talking about the Pronouns, and using them. So what's the big deal? Well, let's get into that.


In today's society, we have a few rules that have evolved over time. Those rules are, as follows;

  1. Everyone is part of a society. There are no exceptions. You can debate this as much as you like, but it's the sad truth. There is no escape from the rat bastards that, as a society, we all are.
  2. You can do whatever you want, as long as it's not against the law, and as long as it doesn't piss someone else off. Both of those need to be true because, today, even if you're doing something perfectly legal, if someone else complains, you get a visit from the po-po, and then you either get killed, or illegally arrested, and then it takes months to get your day in court where you win and get a payout from the insurance covering the police, which is basically everyone else's tax dollars.
  3. Lastly, you keep your shit to yourself. That includes your opinions, your religion, your values, your beliefs, the way you raise your kids, they way you think, everything. You keep that shit bottled up, and you only speak it among friends and close relations, and even then, you might wanna refrain from telling them everything. Most murders happen by a close relative or acquaintence.
  4. Violence is no longer the answer.

So, let's get to the issue with the Pronouns, shall we? Everyone ready to be pissed off? Okay. Here we go.

It's a free country, where nothing is free except bad advice and street sermons. Nobody wants to be told what to do, and nobody want's to hear they're being detained without first being told what crime they've comitted, or are being suspected of comitting. I really don't understand why police officers don't have a set of flash cards in their upper pocket, or one of those handy Venn-Diagrams. OR, better yet, a Flow Chart! The flow chart should go like this:

You see a person. Are they comitting a crime? If the answer is no, skip to the next person. DO NOT go back to the first person. If the answer is yes, then approach the person. Tell them they are UNDER ARREST FOR THE CRIME OF: and then State the crime you saw them comitting. If the person informs you that they are allowed to connduct such actions, and they are not comitting a crime, and you can confirm that, then go back to the beginning. Do not arrest the innocent person. Do not double down. Do not administer a knee to the back of the neck, a choke hold, a taser to the nuts, or shoot the innocent person because you did not get to fill your quota. Skip to the next person.

We would probably need to make the flow chart a bit better and include things like "Do you suspect the innocent person of comitting a real crime, for which you can state a real law or statute that they have broken", or "Does the person you are harassing seem to know the law much more in depth than you do?" things like that, so that Police officers know when they are being "Cash-Fished" which is a term I just made up. It's when a person knows they aren't breaking the law, does legal actions that police officers always get ther panties in a wad over, and then want to assault, illegally detain, false arrest, and or kill people for, so they can sue the police and get a nice big paycheck. Cash-Fished.

I might be off on a tangent here, but it's coming around. I know, I know, RED LEADER this is GREEN LEADER! STAY ON TARGET! Alright. So, the pronouns...

Let's say I'm in a store, like my local Target, and I see a very effeminate man walking around. What should you do?

The answer is simple. Go on with your depressing self-absorbed life. Buy your shit and get out of the store. Your reason for being there, is not to impose your own social or religious beliefs, and or views, upon everyone else you see! Get over it! And if you don't like what you see, close your eyes, look away, stab yourself, dig your eyes out, whatever you feel is the proper method to distract you from the reality of someone elses existence/clothing/makeup/physical appearance, you do it. Do it for you, not for them. Honestly, we'd all be a lot better off if a couple hundred thousand plus "Karens" dug their eyes out on a daily basis, and saved us their oranga-hippo rush across parking lots and stores, shouting their personal views, opinions, hatred and predjudice against others.

Now, what if you make the mistake of, greeting a person, a complete stranger in fact, in a public or private setting? Let's say, you think it's a pretty young girl, and you say, "hello miss. How are you today?" and she turns around and, in a very manly deep voice, she says to you, "I'm a MAN baby! Do I make you randy?" What do you do?

Now, the answer might be obvious, but to some, they're more in shock that anything else, so they stammer and guffaw. They really can't believe they thought that was a woman. They might even get angry because, a lot of insecure dudes feel like their entire sexual orientation is put in jeopardy when they see an incredibly nice ass, and then find it belongs to a guy who's shopping the tampon isle for his girlfriend. Way to go guy!

So, if you think it's a man, and it turns out to be a woman, or vice versa, the polite thing to do, is not punch them in the face and call them names. In fact, the polite thing to do, is assume you're talking to another human being on this floating heap of molten metal in the universe, and respond as if they have some inherent worth having weathers the past 13 billion years of planetary evolution to stand where they are today. If they tell you they are a man, then they probably want to be addressed as a man would. You can safely refer to them as he, him, or guy. Guy is one people don't use that much, but it works. If the guy turns out to be a gal, then refer to her as a a her, she, or gal. Really simple. No need for a nut check, you don't have to grab them gams and see if they're real or not. No looking for the dipstick, or pulling up the skirt. Nope. That's all uncalled for, and probably illegal.

Now, let's address the other ones. You know the one's I'm talking about. The Infamous THEY. Movies have been made about these (see I used another one) people. These, They, Them, Those? If you see a pretty girl and you ask her, "hello Miss. I was wondering if this white trash box wine would clash with my sawed off shotgun collection or my incest picture stash in my den," and the person turns around and tells you that THEY are not a MISS, and you should address THEM as THEY, you can do a couple of different things. Here is where I'm really gonna piss people off.

You can either, A.) Take note, as if you suddenly understood the correct abbreviation for their name, and then proceed to speak to them as if they were an actual human being, and you were one too... OR, B.) You can Fuck right the Fuck off, turn around and leave. OR, C.) You can argue the merits of a free society, where YOU are free to do, and speak, as you please, and so are THEY. Inadvertantly, you utilize the correct pronoun, and now you have to try and backtrack. explain to THEM, and then deny that THEY should be refeered to as a THEM, and then, in a flustered manner, realize, that there are only two options. A, or B. Get over it.

No, people cannot force you to change the way you think, talk, or act. Only you can do that. But consider this... when you were a kid, and you used that piece of chalk on that coal shovel to spell out your sister's name, and you got it wrong, pa would come in with the belt and give you a right whuppin ou deserved! As time went on, your teacher told you what was right and wrong. If you mouthed off, you got smacked. Ruler on the knuckles. Maybe Mrs. Teacher brought in her husband to use the paddle on you in the hallway and next thing you know, your bitch-ass elitist white parents are suing the school because, "how dare you punish their golden child". And then, suddenly, the rest of society picks this info up, nobody can punsih kids in school anymore, and all the rich-bitches are complaining about how nobody has morals anymore. YOU PEOPLE CAUSED IT. EVERYONE CAUSED THIS! ALL YOU FUCKING SELF-ABSORBED KNOW IT ALL's CAUSED THIS SOCIETY!

Let's break it down for Karen, since a lot of you indoor types might not know what that means. Pronouns are something associated with WOKE. Woke stands for "BEING AWAKE" Which, a lot of older people don't necessarily like being, but that's simply because, they haven't gone back to school. Old people haven't taken a social studies class since they were eighteen. Maybe even longer, before that. That seems to be the issue. If we simply subjected people to social standards, and made sure they could pass the social test, then we'd have a lot less problems in this country!


Now, I'm all about FIXING the issues, and not just talking about them, so this is what I propose. We institue a Social Standards test. Those who pass, get a discount card that saves them 5% off their life insurance, home and auto bundle, get's them a 10% discount at Perkins and Golden Corral, $5.00 off their purchase of $25 or more on all health and wellness items at their local Rite-Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Arbor-Drugs, Drug-Mart, or other like shop.

Speaking of things that older people need, and that just are not being provided! We need an ear, nose and back spa. I'm getting there and I can tell you, it's come to that point. I know what older people want. We want a good ass-waxing. I'm not going to get into that, but it's a real need, to keep the Evil Klingon's away. I need an ear shave. I need my nose hairs trimmed. I need a back shave, pimples popper, a general back scratching and cleansing. I feel like, that sort of care might be readily available in a place like JAPAN, but here in the USA, you can't get that sort of "all inclusive" service without someone thinking you're there for a happy ending.

So we'll start an "Elderly Care Center" where those who pass the Social Standards Test, will get in... 50% off. You've seen em, they need it, it's valuable, and the younger generation can stream the treatments live on tik-tok or Youtube, but half the proceeds go back to the elderly, so they can get some of that passive income enjoyment too! Can you imagine the number of views on a pimple-popping, back-shaving, ass-waxing, nose-hair trimming session??? MY GOD. Social Media Gold.

Okay, on to the test. Five Questions. YES, You read it right. FIVE SIMPLE QUESTIONS. Pass or fail, it's an all or nothing test. Multiple Choice. Here it is.

QUESTION NUMBER ONE: Assume you're out shopping, at the park, or somewhere else, in PUBLIC. Public means, anywhere outside your home. You see a human being displaying characteristics that you don't understand, or feel conflicted about. What should you do?

A.) Call the cops. _____ have no right to dress, act, or be the way they are.

B.) Take a picture, video, or live stream so that you can ask your friends about it later, and so you have proof, and so you can get social media views and make that passive income!

C.) Don't do anything. Who cares? They're not making you dress, act, or be the way they are. Leave them alone, they will leave you alone.

D.) Innocently express your derogatory views and insult the person(s) in question. Make sure to become louder, or more insulting, and apologize that the person does not understand that they should be, act, or dress, "properly", or as you do.

E.) Fuck off. Just go away.

Correct answers are C, or E. Extra Credit if you answered C.

QUESTION NUMBER TWO: Assume you've been living on Earth your entire life. Now assume, you live in the United States of America, where everyone is free from Religious persecution. Assume someone starts saying that your neighbor is homosexual, and that his nicely manicured lawn, expensive vehicle, and always being up to date on his taxes, has been the result of a long history of sucking the alternate word for "male chickens" in the homosexual pornography industry. Now that you know, what should you do?

A.) Call the cops. _____ have no right to own anything nice, live in a nice place, or be the way they are.

B.) Take pictures. No matter how intrusive, no matter if you have to break in to get them, GET THOSE PICTURES! They will serve as proof, when you're in court, trying to explain why you broke into another person's home, for no "good" reason.

C.) Don't do anything. Who cares? They're not making you do, act, or be the way they are. Leave them alone, they will leave you alone.

D.) Innocently express your derogatory views and insult the person(s) in question every time you see them. Make sure to become louder, or more insulting, and apologize that the person does not understand that they should be that way. Make sure to spray paint hate slogans on their garage and vehicle whenever you can. Try to make them go away, at all costs.

E.) Fuck off. Just go inside. Unless you're looking for some action. In that case, leave a note on the door, explaing that you're interested in what they might have to offer. If you get no response, then fuck off. You're clearly out of their league.

Correct answers are C, or E. Extra Credit if you answered E, for being open minded, and not a complete douche bag, but again, this is just a test, and does not insinuate that you must actively participate in the actions depicted in the answer, in order to receive the extra credit. Fucking off all on it's own, will get you that credit.

QUESTION NUMBER THREE: Assume you're out shopping, at the park, or somewhere else, in PUBLIC. Again, "public" means, anywhere outside your home. You see a man, with facial hair and biker tattoos, dressed in a pair of daisy dukes and a sports bra three sizes too small. He/She has a sun hat on and white Ron Desantis Go-Go boots. Alternatively, You can assume that this person is a woman wearing a mechanics uniform, with a shaved head, and more metal piercing her body than a Good-Year tire. What should you do?

A.) Call the cops. _____ have no right to be out in public, or shop, or do anything else, including, be the way they are.

B.) Take pictures. Make them feel uncomfortable. No matter how intrusive, no matter if you have to do, GET THOSE PICTURES! They will serve as proof, when you're discussing THEY/THEM later on that evening, at the local anti-inclusion rally you're hosting at your home in the burbs.

C.) Don't do anything. Who cares? They're not making you do, act, or be the way they are. Leave them alone, they will leave you alone.

D.) Run up to them and try to rip their clothing off of them, all the while, explaining that you'd rather see them NAKED, than to wear another gender's clothing. Once you have stripped them bare, and realize that they just suffer from a hormone imbalance or illness, cause by big agriculture flooding the markets with meat pumped full of hormones, you can then claim insanity, or stupidity at your arraignment.

E.) Fuck off. Just go away. Either that, or you can choose the alternative, and just Fuck off. Either way, Fuck off.

Correct answers are C, or E. Extra Credit if you answered C.


You're out and about, minding your own business, and you see two people fighting with each other. They're really going at it, punching and kicking, pulling hair and screaming at each other. Everyone seems to be either ignoring the fight, or pulling out their cellphones to record or live stream the fight. WHAT DO YOU DO?

A.) Call the cops. _____ have no right to be out in public, fighting, beating the living shit out of each other. It's illegal. It needs to stop. And you, an innocent bystander, have a patriotic and social obligation to this land, to contact law enforcement, and/or render aid to those in need if the fight stops.

B.) Take pictures. Live stream. Record the show. Who cares if you might be witnissing the precursor to a murder, gang activity, an attempt to stop theft, a social issue. As long as you get those likes and subscribers! Make it go viral. Add your own captions, commentary, or make it into multiple posts to try and fdrag it out and get the most for your money. Make sure you don't interveine, otherwise it will shorten the length of your content.

C.) Don't do anything. Who cares? They're not fighting you. Let them kill each other. Good riddance. Leave them alone, and they will leave you alone.

D.) Run up and try to get inbetween them. Literally shove your body, between the people fighting, so that you can get punched, hurt, attacked, or killed too. Pressing charges against people who are already acting stupid is a great way to make that cheddar! And while you might die from being involved, your relatives will reap the whirlwind of a payout or settlement, long, long after you're dead...if either party has money, which they don't.

E.) Fuck off. Just go away. Either that, or you can choose the alternative, and just Fuck off. Either way, Fuck off.

Correct answers are A, and, unfortunately, E. Extra Credit if you answered A. When in doubt Charlie Out, does not apply here! And, in case you're wondering, the reason why E is also correct is because, nowadays, and in accordance with social standards, you're just as likely to be shot by law enforcement reagrdless of whether you called the cops, got the cops called on you, or are just standing around watching, taking pics, or recording.

Okay, and Lastly...


You're at home, having a chat with your best friend, and they inform you that the kid across the street, the one who works down at the local grocery store, has recently come out as ASEXUAL, and is now asking everyone to address them as THEY. This is news to you! WHAT DO YOU DO?

A.) Call the cops. THEY have no right to be that way. THEY need to go to jail, with the rest of their hive of scum and villany. THEY are what's wrong with society. You used to live in a safe neighborhood with nice people and laws against that sort of thing. And you, as a true American, need to put your foot down and stomp out this difference. There just isn't enough room under this rock, for you and THEY to live.

B.) Take action. Go buy a gun to defend yourself against this intrusion into your quint peaceful lifestyle. Life is all about living it the way YOU want, and not them. When the time is right, attempt to plant the gun as evidence that this "THEY" person is a hardoned criminal who wants to touch kids at the local playground. Do your best to destroy their life, for all their life, because of the personal choices they have made, that have nothing to do with you.

C.) Don't do anything. Who cares? You don't know them, they don't know you. If you did know them, THEY might be really nice, and respectufl, and helpful. THEY just want everyone to get along and THEY don't feel quite right, being referred to as a HE or a SHE. THEY might feel a little conflicted at the moment, and you are definitely NOT the one to try and sort out their mental health, or give them advice. Leave them alone, and they will leave you alone.

D.) Post signs up around the neighborhood, demoralizing and threatening the person in question. How dare they make personal decisions that others might have to know about? Disgusting, filthy hobbits. We likes fresh fishes! We can rips their flesh with our teeth and eats them whole!

E.) Fuck off. Just go away. Either that, or you can choose the alternative, and just Fuck off. Either way, Fuck off.

Correct answers are again, C, and, E. Extra Credit if you answered C. When in doubt Charlie Out. It works!

Now, with the Social Standard Test, Extra Credit means ab-so-fucking-lutely, nothing. It just means you're an open minded respectful asshole that may snicker and make comments, or even form rude thoughts in your head from time to time, but then you think about what you thought or said under your breath and you realize you're just being an asshole, or a disrespectful little troll. You realize, quicker than most, that all people are actually quite respectful of each other, and only those easily offended, a.k.a. the real WOKE MOB, take offense to these ill-perceived threats to their fragile self-centered reality, which in fact, do not effect them, at all, other than to possibly make their hate for others, unacceptable.

Hope you all enjoyed, and remember - whether you agree or disagree, it doesn't really matter. What matters, is when politicians start making laws for the majority, based on the fears, or the minority. That my friends, is how Hitler got his start in Nazi Germany, and is exactly what Ron Dezznuts is doing in Florida. P.S. No I haven't registered for Ronnie D's list of people who talk about him behind his back so he can take revenge on them as soon as he makes slavery and honor killings legal...again.

Peace out.


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