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Zhang Yue: Fat and happy

by orlando hanafee 2 months ago in celebrities
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Zhang Yue: Fat and happy

Ms. Zhang rarely gives interviews to print media because she doesn't know how her words will be transformed into words. Therefore, she refused many interview appointments before, she said that, unlike other hosts, she did not have those marriage and family things to tell me.

I continued to fight: "Well, what about your unhealthy life?"

So, one evening in early August 2008, I went to Zhang's house.

Life geometry, meat when eating, friends say that I am thinking with the stomach rather than with the brain.

I was born fat, literally fat, as a teenager, and walking down the street, people would whisper, "Hey, that girl is really fat!" The more I was stimulated, the more I became wary of others and learned to fight back against the unexpected "enemy".

But I found that even if you have thorns all over you, you can't stop people's eyes. At that time, my biggest wish was that no one could see me. I especially wore black and gray clothes and wanted to hide completely.

After graduating from the Chinese Department of Capital Normal University, I became a middle school teacher. For several years, I was still living in a single dorm. Have OLD ELDER SISTER HATE IRON NOT INTO steel GROUND ADVISE ME: "YOU SHOULD REDUCE WEIGHT, OR ALL BECOME OLD GIRL." Adding the word "old" in front of the girl is sad, so I decided to lose weight.

My weight loss is a farce. I was greedy, as a teacher for six years, I almost did not save what money, other people's money is saved in the bank, and my money was all saved in my stomach. For eating, I am not just greedy, but love and pursuit from the heart - I have always thought that life geometry, meat when eating. For a bowl of sabzi noodles, the most authentic dish in Beijing, I can wait in line for the first soup at 5 a.m. I did not hesitate to throw half a month's salary to eat a bowl of Zhang Shengji's shark fin fishing rice - friends said I was crazy, and scold me is thinking with the stomach rather than with the brain.

Trying to lose weight for a woman who eats like a dog -- I think it's harder than climbing Mount Everest. Therefore, my weight loss process is very unbearable: I eat a meal, of course, I also bought back a lot of weight loss tea weight loss medicine, cup after cup of tea, big swallow medicine, also do not know what kind of chemical changes occurred after weight loss products meet food, after a month, I gained two jins.

Weight-loss products didn't work, so I decided to try folk remedies -- it's said that most smokers can't gain weight. I learned to smoke when I coughed and sneezed. After a month of smoking, I gained three pounds -- my monthly expenses increased by hundreds of dollars -- I learned to smoke and became addicted.

It IS SAID THAT DRINKING RED WINE HELPS REDUCE WEIGHT, OTHERS drink red wine is tasted, and I drink red wine is dry, a cup of red wine as long as a mouthful. You can't stop 10 bottles a month.


Before so low self-esteem a woman, suddenly proud, so dizzy.

While the weight loss stopped, the hobbies got worse, and I had to figure out how to cope with the extra bills. My friend at the station asked me to try writing a little sketchbook. It was a good try. My first sketch was on Landscape. The director of the production of a look feels OK, so the Spring Festival evening sketch also tried to let me do it.

Once WENT TO THE KARAOKE HALL WITH a FRIEND TO sit, and heard a female singer singing a song called "Snow area light", a very beautiful singing voice. But look at her. She's fatter than me. The friend said that the singer called Han Hong, because fat no song and dance group, had to sing in the karaoke. At that moment I thought something had touched a nerve. When she finished singing, I ordered a basket of flowers for her - a basket of flowers of 100 yuan, the singer can get 50 yuan. Soon after, Han Hong came to me with a bottle of beer and thanked me for the first flower basket she had received since singing. I said, "We are all heavyweights. Sooner or later, we will face each other in the spotlight..."

When I got home, I felt that I couldn't eat at school. What's wrong with being fat? For the first time, my morale is burning...

At that time, Half the Sky had a small section called Dreams Come True, which filmed women achieving their dreams in one day. At that time, they were looking for people who either wanted to be actors or models, and the director didn't think it was creative. Someone suggested that there was a fat woman named Zhang Yue who wanted to be a cook. The director was so happy that he hit it off with me. My visceral love of food made me shine, and the director asked me if I wanted to switch to hosting. Willing to! Of course, I would!

I do the first program, Han Hong as a guest invited into the CCTV recording studio. I want everyone to see that besides the singers and presenters who look good, there are people like me and Han Hong who look bad but show inside. Because of the experience of being hurt, I hate the monolithic way of life very much. I think everyone has the right to maintain their way of life as long as they don't hurt others. I will never tolerate the majority bullying the minority just because that person is not like them. So, I sat on my position on CCTV.

My assessment of a good book is simple -- if it's finished and the food next to the bed has barely moved, it's a good book.

Although not the happiness of marriage, but also a lot less because of the marriage of annoyance. It makes my life very simple.

When I'm not doing a show, I get up early to hang out and eat breakfast before I go home. I like to buy books, the shelves are not enough to put on the floor first. When I got back from breakfast, I just sat on the floor looking through the new books I had bought. First, roughly through, think not interesting to continue to throw on the floor, think worth reading deeply, pick up and put into the bookshelf. If the shelf doesn't fit, find a book on it that you used to think was good, but now doesn't look interesting, throw it on the floor, and stick the book you like in it.

Although the shelves were full, the books seemed just passable to me. Better books are in the bathroom. I made a fully enclosed glass bookcase in the bathroom. I used to like listening to music in the bath, but the stereo in the bathroom broke because of the humidity, so I read in the bath instead. Lie in warm water with a good book held high in your right hand and a cigarette in your left. When you turn the page, put the cigarette in your mouth and take a puff. When absorbed, a bath can last two hours.

As for the books I think are the best, they are stacked on the bed. I don't like watching TV. When I'm not busy, I usually lie half in bed with a pile of food and drink next to me and start reading. My measure of how good a book is is simple -- if it's finished with the food next to my bed barely touched, it's a good book, good enough to make me forget my other love.

I have many reasons not to shop because I can't buy the right clothes. But I also go out to buy books as often as women do. I used to take the bus, and subway, and then people always recognized me, and politely offered me a seat, I felt a little confused, so I changed to a taxi. Beijing drivers are particularly KAN, once I asked the driver: "Do you think it is difficult to drive?" The driver told me, "What's so hard about it? You put a bone in the steering wheel and a dog can drive."

Is it that easy? I am tempted, also plan to get a driver's license to buy a car. Then I realized that the dog the driver was talking about was from Mars. When I learn to drive, the coach was always in a hurry to shout at me: "You brake and step on the late several seconds, this to put on the road, you and killed a person......" It was probably after I ran over 12, exactly a dozen people, that I chose to drop out of college, and, for the sake of my life and the lives of others, I decided never to touch a steering wheel again.

I am 43 years old, and I am an unqualified woman for my age. I am unmarried, childless, unable to keep house, I smoke and drink, and I am fat and aesthetically ungainly -- some of which I was born with, some of which I indulged. Although at first sight, I have so many shortcomings, I don't dislike the current days of less healthy, I have become accustomed to this kind of bad habits of life - life is not a fixed script, you can think to do wife and mother is a kind of happiness, but I think, make a habit of single woman, enjoy the day also is a kind of unhealthy meet...


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