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Yu Minhong's Motivational Speech

There are two ways to live, the first is to live like grass. You are grass after all, even though you live and grow every year; you absorb rain and sunlight, but you don't grow much.

By BobbyPublished 7 months ago 8 min read

  There are two ways to live, the first is to live like grass. You are grass after all, even though you live and grow every year; you absorb rain and sunlight, but you don't grow much. People can step over you, and people will not suffer because you suffer; people will not come to pity you because you have been stepped on. After all, people themselves do not see you. Therefore, each of us should grow like a tree. Even if we are nothing now, as long as you have the seed of a tree, even if you are stepped on in the middle of the dirt, you can still absorb the nutrients of the dirt and grow up by yourself. You may not grow much in two or three years, but in ten, eight, or twenty years, you will grow into a big tree, and when you grow into a big tree, people will be able to see you in distant places; when you approach you, you can give people a piece of green, a piece of shade, and you can help others. Even after people leave you, look back, you are still a beautiful scenery on the horizon. Trees are beautiful landscapes when they live, and they are still pillars when they die. To be useful both alive and dead is the standard of being and growing up for each of our students.

  When one lives for others, it is very troublesome. Because other people's standards are different, without adhering to what you want by your pursuit, your dignity and self-respect are not guaranteed because you are always in the middle of drifting. For us, what is the best way to keep our dignity and self-respect? It is to say that you have a dream, and by taking one step from the very basics, you can begin to pursue it. For example, if in the end, you want to replace me and become the chairman and president of New Oriental, can you do it? As long as you have enough mindset and enough ways to do things, as well as the mind, you can do it.

  Anyone who wants to do something all at once, even if he does it, he has no foundation, because it is like a house built on the beach, which will surely collapse in the end. Only slowly step by step to do things, each step to build a solid foundation for themselves, each step to give a good account of themselves, and then re-take each step to the future higher, he will be able to do things successfully.

  When you decide what to do in life, you have to do it steadfastly, do not just change. You can be like a river, the broader the flow, but do not want to become another river, or become a mountain. With such a goal, your life will not waver, and you will not scurry around just because there is some kind of opportunity so that you can make things.

  An important ability for our future life is called the ability to endure humiliation. Many socialites will encounter many, many things that you cannot endure, but you have to endure. And you can't succeed if you don't endure. Why? Because if you don't endure humiliation, you don't have time, you don't have space, you don't have the space to go into the future. If you want to go into the future and end up stronger and more prosperous, you have to do a good job of leaving yourself enough time and space. When it is our turn to fight for a great goal in our own lives, you exclude and have to have to exclude, all the trivial distractions in your life, so you will have to endure the humiliation.

  No matter what age we are, which we can do things that we can't be angry with for a while. There are so many things in this world that you can't afford to be angry about, and only when you are angry can the world unfold in front of you in its most glorious aspect.

  I have this analogy, each river has its different curve of life. The curves of the Yangtze and the Yellow River are different. But each river has its dream, which is to run to the sea. So no matter how winding the Yellow River is and how many obstacles it bypasses; the Yangtze River doesn't make as many turns as the Yellow River, but she breaks through the cliffs differently, in the end, they both go to the sea. When we encounter difficulties, no matter whether we rush through or go around, as long as we can pass. I hope we can make our lives flow towards our dreams, like the Yangtze River and the Yellow River flowing to the end of our dreams and into the wide ocean, so that our lives become open and our careers become open. But it is not that you can flow through just because you want to it has a spirit, no doubt it is the spirit of water. Our life will sometimes be sediment, although you also follow the water together with the forward flow, because of your personality defects, the face of the difficulties of retreat or timidity, you may slowly settle down like sediment, once you settle down, maybe you do not have to work for the forward, but you can never see the sun. You settle down, the mud and sand on top will keep pressing you down, and finally, you will be dark. So I suggest to everyone that no matter what your life is like now, you must have the spirit of water. Even if you are polluted, you can still cleanse yourself. Like water, keep building up your strength, keep breaking through obstacles, and when you find that the time is not right, build up your thickness so that when the time comes one day, you will be able to run into the sea and make your life.

  Overcoming difficulties is a state of mind, if you want to cross over, you will certainly be able to cross over.

  Many people work with resentment and grudges at work, and your work will be far from good.

  There are several points on how to be able to do things more successfully. The first point is how to combine their long-term goals and short-term goals as much as possible. We must first distinguish which things are things we want to do for the rest of our lives, and which things are things that we can do at once and we can do without. There is a Chinese saying that urgent things are done slowly, the more urgent you are, the more carefully and seriously you do things, and the more you can do things well. And the more anxious you are, the faster you do things, but the more you do things in pieces, I call these urgent things are also called big things. The second element is to decide what to do with their lives. Then there is another I think is very important, is usually do things, the planning of the time. Another point is that success should be self-discipline. At any time, when you face a huge temptation in front of you, and any other possible temptation, if you think you can not stop, you must not go after that thing. Because you can't stop chasing that thing, the last to plant the heel must be you.

  Always remember one thing, the time to do anything can squeeze you out.

  The difference between greatness and ordinariness is that an ordinary person lives a trivial life every day, but he piles up the trivial, or a pile of trivial life. The so-called great person is a pile of trivial things, through a great goal, every day after the accumulation, into a great cause.

  My core value is to live with goodness and to treat my life and the lives of others with kindness.

  There are two sentences I appreciate more. Life is a process; a career is a result.

  If you are unhappy every day, if you combine all the days, you will be unhappy for the rest of your life. But if you are happy every day your life is happy and happy. Once when I was walking to the Yellow River, I filled a bottle of water with a mineral water bottle. As you know, the water of the Yellow River is very muddy, so I left it by the roadside for about an hour. To my great surprise, I found that three-quarters of the water had become a very clear bottle of water, and only a quarter of it is the sediment precipitated. If we compare this bottle of water, the clear water part to our happiness and joy, and the muddy sediment to our pain, we will understand; that when you shake it, your whole life is full of mud, that is, full of pain and trouble. But when you quiet your mind, although the total amount of mud and sand does not decrease at all, it settles in your heart, and because your mind is quieter, it will never be stirred up again, so three-fourths of your life must be happy.

  The road of human life is very uneven, and you can never finish it alone. The only way to make it happen in this world is when you are with others and do things together for the same goal. The power of one person is very limited, but the power of a group of people is unlimited. When five fingers are stretched out, it is five fingers, but when you hold the five fingers together, it is a fist. In addition to your success in the future, you must succeed with others, unite with others and form us, so you can make things successful.


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