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Yu Dan's first job

by woodrow portie 2 months ago in celebrities
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Yu Dan's first job

Learn to accept the situation, but acceptance is never passive, passive, sigh to endure, acceptance involves the establishment of a behavior value.

This year's employment situation is very grim, and many people are complaining, how did we so unlucky to catch up with the financial crisis? But can you change that?

With her own life experience, Yu Dan tells us to accept it quickly. While you are confused and complaining, some opportunities have been taken away by others.

The first job was a far cry from the life you had

In 1989, I got a job. In that year, we came across a new policy, which was to let college students delegate. Our jobs were very good. My first job was at the Chinese National Academy of Arts under the Ministry of Culture, which was very suitable for my major because I was a master's student in classical literature before the Qin and Han Dynasties. But we are going down to work out, and we are not going to pack up and come back in two weeks. We are going down to the printing house under the Art Research Institute, in a place called Liucun in the southern suburbs of Beijing, with our hukou. If they do well, they may come back. If they don't, they may stay longer. I don't know how long they will stay. This is my first career.

How far apart was I at that time? From primary school to my master's graduation, I spent more than ten years in school alone, romantic, wishing I could live without eating or drinking, just by sucking wind, drinking dew, reciting poems, and burying petals like Lin Daiyu. I had long hair and poetry in my head every day. I went down to Liucun and tinkled down a dirt road carrying a plastic net with a washbasin in it. I had never seen so many of them, but I couldn't get around them, because it was a cornfield, so I went in, and the dog kept rushing up, making me a crick in my legs, wailing, wailing, and Shouting as I went in. Halfway through, out came the first person I knew in Liucun, a farmer named Zhang Jinsuo. He looked at me and said unsatisfied: "What do you shout? Look at the dog!" I have two reactions, the first reaction is that we read Kafka for nothing, this is the real black humor; The second reaction is, I'm okay, I can scare the dog, it's scared of me, I thought I was the only one scared of it. I wasn't afraid of dogs from then on.

After entering Liucun Village, we lived in the Long courtyard, four small houses, nine of us, master's graduates from different famous universities, four boys and five girls, we lived here every day and began to work in the printing factory. One of the big problems we found with this work was that we couldn't see the words. It was purely manual work. The girl is to use gasoline to wipe the ink, the boy is to throw paper wool, cut down the waste paper edge, ink roller oil after much let us click click. When our work is more serious, the somebody else is simply clicking on ink line, we give the somebody else roller clicks into white, and one long one leng, all into the multi-body, the somebody else workers as stupid reading people look down on us, said that let you do some work, the round click into the multi-body, are they not discarded. Later we girls do the work called "Chuang work", which is that kind of coated paper thick pile, cut, down, and then brandished it, so we hand at the same time a dozen blood cuts, but you can't wear gloves. My sister's got calluses on her hands, and the blood came out of our hands, but you have to do this job, and our shoulders are weak. How heavy that job is, swinging it every day.

It was a Ph.D. that I did

This is my first job, and I've been doing it for a year and a half. I still think of it as a real Ph.D., and I'm grateful for that time. I learned three things there, three stages.

The first stage is to quickly accept the situation and establish your starting point.

I've been hearing a lot this year that we're the only kids in the financial crisis. I have to say, we don't seem to have had this kind of hukou devolution before, we have caught up, can you change the situation? Accept it quickly. In the time you have spent puzzling, complaining, complaining, and asking questions, some opportunities have been taken away. So learn to accept the situation, but acceptance is never passive, passive, sigh to endure, acceptance contains a kind of behavior value establishment.

What value do we want to build once we get there? Be sure to build on your most distinctive values. I still remember that one day when we were working in the workshop, we heard someone bring a manuscript to the director of our workshop and said, "Please see who can proofread this manuscript. The value of these manuscripts is five times the average, but everyone was very anxious: who can understand the ancient medical writings? I said, Director Song, can I have a look? I AM a student of the PRE-Qin Dynasty. When I opened it, I saw my mother tongue. How long has it been since we saw Chinese characters? There was a boy named Ma who graduated from Peking University in the pre-Qin Period, and there was a boy named Miao who graduated from Peking University in classical literature. I called them over and said we three can do this job! The workshop director looked at us skeptically and gave us half a day off. We are in the pile of paper in the attic, sitting on a small bench, schooling out to others. All of a sudden, our position there was different.

Now that I think about it, it is quite a good thing for an arrogant student fresh out of college to go down to the grassroots and make friends with workers and peasants. He will tell you what a simple life is like. Later said Zhang Jinsuo with his daughter-in-law, two people chat with us every day. I remember Zhang Jinsuo 24, and his daughter-in-law 25, we are the same age. At that time, I thought they were angrier than us. Every day, his wife took the rice noodles to make this and that, which were very fragrant and took us to eat together. I remember at that time in the factory so many workers in the family of children, from a called aunt, to called sister, all came to us to catch up on our lessons, we opened classes like. Those big brothers and big sisters, especially kind to us, our door has no latch, the quilt is often carried away by big sisters, demolition, washing, airing, patting loose to you back. Our BIKES WERE OFTEN WHEELED AWAY BY OUR BIG BROTHER. I remember that from the time I got to Liucun until I came back, I forgot to pump up my bike. We are to eat a hundred family meals growing up, you for the remedial lessons of those children, while holding a bowl of porridge, while holding a newly baked cake, all kinds of food, piled there.

By this time, we begin to enter the second stage, which is to enjoy life. You have to find joy at the moment in this life. The first stage is to accept reality and build value. In the second stage, you must not only be worthy but also have the heart of life.

Since you can't go now, you can live a happy life, since we are here, why do we want to grind our teeth and frown here? Can't we just be happy here? So we started to make friends and play with people there. It was really fun. We fry eggs on an electric stove. We were carrying a big brick tape recorder, listening to Cui Jian rock, listening to the new Long March rock, Shouting 1234567; At that time we sang the flower house girl, sing a piece of red cloth. We were in that place, four rooms, the first, very crowded, and our boys were very gentlemanly, four boys in the first, three girls in the second, and two girls in the third making room for our library. We started to move a lot of books from our home. We bought a large desk calendar there, called our family history, and we wrote down the fun things on it every day. The days became happy and easy. You know to read, we want to complete the integration with everyone in this place, to enjoy that kind of happiness. We realized some real friendships in that place because we went out of the campus, there you will see the human nature of cheating, there are some local mastered the bad guys, of our account to punish us, try to turn our several female college students to go to their office, we all don't want to go. What to do? Adopt the most original way, recognize a brother in the workers, let the brothers protect us, we are not to go, we are willing to do heavy work in the workshop. Then the order came in

These are the lives we live. Why do I say we're really happy in the second period? Because, until today, I am ashamed to say that I never had a complete stage to complete such a blend with the grassroots. When you feel that you are one of them, that what you eat and drink is theirs, that you are protected and blessed by them, that you are exactly like them. If you say that he never left the campus from primary school until he graduated with a master's degree, and was thrown into the village at once, how could he live? You go to find value, not only value, but also happiness, and dignity.

The third stage is a little more advanced, you say you have a good life, also quite happy, what else do we do? Build your personality and quality in your mind that is truly radiant and belongs to the future. You have to do more and more. So the third step is the establishment of the spiritual value system.

I wrote my first book in Ryuamura when there were no computers. A group of my classmates wrote a book that had nothing to do with Liucun. It was called Oriental Leisure. It talked about Chinese cultures, such as playing chess, appreciating paintings, tasting tea, listening to operas, antiques, and seal cutting. I WROTE THE CHAPTER ENTITLED "Red OPERA BOOK", "SONGBOOK" is the carpet, Red OPERA book is a place to perform Kunqu opera. After 18 years, I later wrote Kunqu Opera: A Journey of Kunqu Opera Art. Many people said how can you write Kunqu opera? I would like to say that earlier, I wrote these things when I was a child, it was completely different from the surrounding area, but you can build a spiritual space. What were my days like? I had to go to work during the day. In the factory, my hair was thick and long. I put on boots and overalls and went to work. Later not tired of work, are technical work, quite happy. At FIVE o 'CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON, AFTER WORK, THE GIRLS TOOK A bath together, after the bath, so thick hair had to air, the day is not too cold, I rode my 26 little girl car, ON THE LIUCUN RIDGE RIDE round AND round. Where we go out of the village there is a watermelon stand, five or six cents can buy one, put the watermelon in the basket, summer is a white cloth skirt, spring and autumn is a cowboy dress, riding in the village, see the smoke, wheat waves, listen to the children running and the farmer's wife of the high door laughing together. About half an hour later, my hair was half dry. I went back to my cabin, cut the watermelon into two pieces, ate half of it with a spoon, and then sat down to write my manuscript. It says you listen to the crowd in the Long Yard, and then the lights go on, and gradually the people go away. I wrote until eleven or twelve o 'clock in the evening. I wanted to turn off the lights, ventilate them, put out the air, open the door, turn off the lights, and carry a big wooden chair with a high back. There was only one lamp in the long yard. I put it in the middle of the lamp. I sat there thinking about the day very leisurely. In the later years, I felt like I was living in an idyllic place, where you could write a book, where could see a light in your heart.

I remember once going back to the city to do business and then riding back to Liucun. That early spring, there was a lot of Xiao Xiao around. When I passed through the street of Xiejiekou, there were small stalls roasting mutton kebabs on both sides, and the branches in the early spring were not green. In the hustle and noise of the market, I suddenly heard the small video store on the street side, the male voice was clear and loud, and I heard the lyric "life is difficult to give up the blue-white cloud sky after all". It was 1990, and Luo Dayou's Love Song 1990 had just been released on the mainland, and there was no CD at that time. I bought that box of tape. When I came back and pushed my bike, you looked up at the sky. You will understand what is meant by "life is hard to give up the blue-white cloud sky".

I've been thinking, if my first profession directly into the art academy, sat there watching, directly facing the ancient books may not be today of I, I might be very melodramatic, very fragile and vulnerable, I will revel in their affair and cynical, I will complain about this world for me is too little, also is not fair. What will be missing? There is a lack of gratitude. What was the best thing about the Ryuamura experience? Let me learn the common heart, let me know, no matter whether you are job hunting, employment, or interpersonal communication, this world does not give you what is supposed to, that is the duty. But once I give it to you, it's love. Without this period, I might feel that I must complain about everything I can't get. If you think like that, you only have less gratitude. So do you think it's hard to get a job this year? I'm telling you about my employment, my first job, from the second half of 1989 to the beginning of 1991, and I spent the whole 90 years there. I miss it now. I love it.


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