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Yin TaoZhenghong: I am no longer "Yin twenty-one"

Yin TaoZhenghong: I am no longer "Yin twenty-one"

By Ruban SaundersPublished 6 months ago 11 min read

In May 2010, the TV drama "The Secret History of Yang Guifei" was broadcast on major TV stations across the country. The famous young actress Yin Tao gave an outstanding performance, which defeated the doubts that she was not suitable to play the role of Yang Guifei. From small to large, from obscurity to great fame, Yin Tao has been walking in doubt. Doubt is like wind and rain, sharpening the will of Yin Tao, teaching her more frustration and more brave......

First suspected:

I have to prove myself

Until TODAY, Yin TAO CHONGQING HOMETOWN of those old neighbors still says, really did not expect Yin Tao this childhood appearance, a careless little girl film, one day will PHOENIX NIRvana into a popular star. Only Yin Tao and her parents know how difficult her journey has been.

Yin Tao's father is a military art soldier, she is a military compound and grew up as a child. There were MANY boys IN the military yard. Yin Tao mingled with them all day long, standing in line, carrying a wooden gun, and proudly walking back and forth in the small area. She often made herself covered with dust and mud, just like a "tomboy".

Yin Tao'S MOTHER IS A gentle and virtuous traditional woman, the daughter's performance is more and more not pleasing to the eye: "The child goes on like this, the future grew up how to marry?" In this way, Yin Tao was parents from the boys "carry" out, into the piano class and dance training. The parents did not expect Yin Tao to embark on a career as an actress. In their opinion, the daughter's piano practice and dance learning can cultivate her sentiment and cultivate her unique temperament. Can they HOW ALSO CAN NOT think of, WHEN the daughter sits down in front of the piano, graceful music flows like water, the daughter will immediately be like a virgin like quiet down, eyes flashing holy light!

And at this time to look at her father, Yin Tao suddenly found that tall, burly, army uniform father will trumpet melodious, simply handsome! Therefore, she began to dream of being a heroic female soldier, because only in this way can she show her artistic talent perfectly. Before applying for the college entrance examination, Yin Tao made a big decision: she chose the PLA Art Academy. This idea not only surprised her parents but also surprised the neighbors who were familiar with her: this careless and even silly little girl wanted to be a star in an art school.

Although she knew her neighbors' suspicions were harmless, Yin Tao decided to prove herself. Less than two months from the college entrance examination, Yin Tao deeply explained the "iron man" spirit her father told her about when she was a child, like crazy to fill up the cultural classes. In the end, Yin Tao was successfully admitted to the military Arts with the highest score in professional courses and the second highest total score. It was 1999. Yin Tao was 20 years old.

Just in the military arts, some difficulty to adapt to the Jintao became the class late big. As a soldier, that's a big no-no. Later, the clever Yin Tao tried to get her teacher to give her the title of monitor, and soon got rid of her lazy habits. The special atmosphere of the military academy, let Yin Tao suddenly grow up, know how to be a qualified soldier, and also know how to explore their potential, foster strengths, and avoid weaknesses.

In her junior year, when participating in military training, she refused to accept the company commander's blurting out, "What kind of soldiers are literary and artistic women, soldiers?" Yin Tao challenged the company commander in public: "Literary and artistic women soldiers are not only soldiers but also no worse than male soldiers!" Say THAT FINISH, Yin TAO IS A BREATH TO FINISH the 5 KM MOUNTAIN armed cross-country, just to prove to the company commander that literary women soldiers are also loud soldiers!

Aspirant and unyielding character, Yin Tao began to perform on a small harvest. On the eve of graduation, she won many awards as a student for her outstanding performance in the drama I Will Wait for You in Heaven, including the Fifth Golden Lion Award for Chinese Drama Performance, the Eighth Cao Yu Drama Award for Outstanding Performance in Chinese Drama Festival, and thus became the youngest winner of the Golden Lion Award. The success on the stage of drama laid a solid foundation for Yin Tao to enter the film circle in the future!

Second time suspected: from

"Yin Twenty-one" to "Yin one"

In 2003, Yin Tao graduated from the PLA Art Academy with honors. At this time, Yin Tao met a noble person in her life -- the famous director Gao Xixi. Soon after graduation, Yin Tao applied for the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force political Department drama art Center, once with their emotional lines Kung Fu moved the judges, at that time director Gao Xixi is one of the judges.

In the second half of this year, director Gao Xixi directed the large-scale TV drama "The Sky of history" is about to start shooting, in the search for "female political commissar Oriental Wen Ying" part, he first thought of that articulate, expressive Yin Tao performance. A friend objected to Director Gao: "Yin Tao lacks acting experience, can you grasp the role of the rich inner world?" But Gao Xixi overcomes the consensus and still insists to let Yin Tao play East Wen Ying.

However, many people's fears have come true. Before NOT MUCH PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE OF Yin TAO FIRST TIME IN THE PLAY SUCH AN IMPORTANT ROLE, PLUS WITH HER PLAY ARE LI XUEJIAN, ZHANG FENG YI AND OTHER BIG STARS, Yin TAO NERVOUS PALMS STRAIGHT SWEATING, HOW ALSO CAN NOT ENTER THE ROLE. Yin Tao still clearly remembers, and ZHANG Fengyi's teacher to meet the scene, her lines are actually very simple, just a few words, no action, but she how also can not find the feeling, those lines are said dozens of times, but still can not pass. As a result of frequent NG, cast staff in the back called Yin Tao "Yin 21."

Doubts about Yin Tao soon spread in the cast, and even some people suggested changing actors. Director Gao Xixi is under great pressure, but more painful than him is Yin Tao. Strong Yin Tao sad even death of the heart have: he learned to act for so many years, also played some roles, how suddenly can not act?

Chaotic and confusing moment, is the director Gao Xixi cast aside Yin Tao's heart fog: "Many well-known actors before becoming famous, have experienced your confusion. You have too many thoughts on your mind, so you can't find the state, you can't get into the role." Li Xuejian and Zhang Fengyi also came to help Yin Tao analysis of her confusion. Predecessors and guidance, let Yin Tao's heart pressure reduce a lot.

Mental load light, Yin Tao no longer cares about some people's doubts, adjusts the state, and re-entered the set. With the attitude of going all out, Yin Tao is no longer timid, no longer nervous, into the play faster and faster, but also lets more and more people look at her with new eyes!

"The history of the sky" let Yin Tao small red a, many people remember that she played the Oriental political commissar with a sweet dimple. Many people ENVY Yin TAO is LUCKY, encountered GAO Xixi director, encountered "the sky of history", ONLY Yin Tao is clear through that period of heart course is how difficult. Looking back years later, she was still haunted by the unforgettable experience.

"The Sky of History" became a watershed in Yin Tao's performance career. Having crossed the psychological barrier, Yin Tao became more and more comfortable with performing. In many movies and TV dramas such as "Happiness Like a Flower", "Wrong Bus", "Vertical Strike" and "Police Story", she has created different characters one after another. Her acting has become more and more mature, and her acting skills have gradually been widely recognized by people inside and outside the circle. Yin Tao completely removed THE "Yin 20 A" hat, and had a lovely new nickname: "Yin A"!

"Yin Yi Tiao" began to rise in the mainland show business, and soon won the "Most POPULAR ACTRESS Award", "Golden Eagle TV Festival Outstanding Actress Award", "Brandy Best Actress nomination" and many other awards.

Suspected the third time:

Take it easy and watch me blossom

However, the growth of an excellent actor is doomed to experience ups and downs and tribulations. While Yin Tao is undistracted in the performance of the road sprint, a thing out of thin air will her into the abyss of pain, almost letting her ruin.

In 2009, Chongqing set off a raging "crackdown" storm, and a large number of local police officials have been sacked. Just then, a big mouth in the entertainment industry broke the news that Yin Tao had been kept by a senior Chongqing police official for three years. The news spread wildly on the Internet, making the entertainment circle and Yin Tao fans in an uproar. Although THE AIR POLITICS TELEVISION ARTS CENTER, WHERE Yin TAO IS LOCATED, QUICKLY REFUTED THE RUMORS AND WILL TAKE LEGAL measures TO HOLD THE LOUDMOUTH AND THE MEDIA who reported without VERIFICATION RESPONSIBLE, PEOPLE'S SPECULATION AND discussion are IN FULL FLOW, STILL, LET Yin Tao under unimaginable pressure. Her heart was bruised and bloody: she and the Chongqing police officials barely even met, how to talk about being kept? Why would people frame themselves like that?

Yin Tao said it was the darkest and most painful time in her life. To Yin Tao's relief, familiar with her relatives and friends have stood on her side, giving her great comfort and encouragement. At this time, Yin Tao has gained pure love. At this critical moment, her boyfriend who loves her deeply gives her the warmest and most dependable support: "You should know that no matter what goes crazy outside, I will never believe it. I will always be the one who loves you the most!

The comfort of the family and the power of love, gradually let Yin Tao out of the mire of pain. Before long, what famous director YOU Xiaogang helms "4 beauties secret history" series the first "Secret history of Yang Guifei" begin to shoot, the choice of heroine Yang Guifei is the focus that everyone focuses attention on, Song Hui Qiao of a famous movie star of Korea, Li Yingai is expected to act Yang Guifei in the media. In the end, however, You Xiaogang chose Yin Tao. The entertainment media have raised questions about this: Is Yin Tao suitable to play the role of Yang Guifei, who is historically plump while Yin Tao is thin?

Not only does the outside world doubt Yin Tao, even Yin Tao himself doubt whether can play Yang Guifei. His appearance and Yang Guifei have a certain gap aspect, and, the "being kept" storm has just passed, she does not know whether she has the confidence to play such an important role.

Yin Tao told you about Xiaogang his ideas and his hopes to quit Yang Guifei. You Xiaogang knew that this was not the expression of Yin Tao's true inner thoughts. She was thinking too much! He told Yin Tao that the role of Yang Guifei was right for her, and told her earnestly: "As a star, you get a lot, but you are also destined to endure a lot! You must use your power to silence all those who doubt you!" These words, not only untie Yin Tao's heart knot but also gave her great confidence and strength!

In this way, Yin Tao walked into the "Secret History of Yang Guifei" cast. She was calm and collected, perfect in every movement and even every line! In May 2010, "The Secret History of Yang Guifei" was popular on major TV stations across the country. Viewers found that the peach on the screen not only restored Yang Guifei but also restored the charm of the Tang Dynasty!

The praise is flooding in, but Yin Tao is calm. From small to big, from obscurity to fame, she has been in doubt, and thanks to those doubts let her grow and progress! Yin Tao is red, experienced the baptism of wind and rain, this peach blossom will bloom more bright, delicate, and beautiful!


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