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With one stitch and one thread, 23 stores have been created

Small business in the corner of the mall

By Ruban SaundersPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

Ten years ago, Pan Junmin's small business of changing trouser legs started in a department store. Shopping mall business is stable, Pan Junmin people and lively, a year down, stocktaking, earnings are also very good.

This DAY, PAN JUNMIN IS BUSY, A YOUNG FEMALE CUSTOMER HURRIED TO COME, HANDED HIM A COAT: "MASTER, EXCUSE ME, CAN YOU CHANGE MY CLOTHES? I like the color, design, and style of the dress very much, but after the winter, it's a bit bulky around the waist." Pan Junmin took over the clothes to see, that change is not difficult, then took this single life. After the clothes were changed, the female customer thanked her while paying: "In the past, there were small private tailor shops to change the sleeves and trim the waist. Now, it is difficult to find such small shops with lanterns. The modification department at the mall, and just stick and hems pants, and they don't do that kind of work. It would be nice if you would take the trouble to expand your business." The PERSON THAT says NOT INTENTIONAL, LISTEN TO A PERSON INTENTION, PAN JUNMIN ONE AGAPE SPIRIT, AN IDEA FLASH COMES: IF HAVE PURPOSE TO INCREASE SOME OF CHANGE CLOTHES PROJECT, CAN DEVELOPMENT SPACE BE BIGGER?

After conducting market research, Pan boldly expanded the scope of his business, dividing it into two categories: new clothes modification and old things renovation. Because HAD GARMENT INDUSTRY TO WORK IN EXPERIENCE BEFORE, ALSO HOLD IN THE HAND HAS ONE PART RESOURCE, AFTER MANAGING period, ACCORDING TO THE CUSTOMER NEED, PAN JUNMIN ADDED ONE MORE: LEATHER IS RENOVATED. The new business not only increased Pan Junmin's earnings, but also made his reputation grow day by day, and before long, several other department stores came to his door to cooperate with him.

Registered shop name "Needle and thread"

It wasn't long before he saw the bigger problem. For Pan, who has always dealt only with traditional department stores, the rent is relatively low, the clothing department has a ready-made business, and, most importantly, the store will give customers a sense of credibility. Because of these 3 points, PAN Junmin never moved the idea that pulling away from the market, and opening a shop outside alone. Many traditional department stores have their counters to modify clothes. Even if they are willing to cooperate with Pan Junmin, they do not take him too seriously. If they change clothes, how much money can they make? Because of these ideas, Mr. Pan's shop is often placed in a safe passage, and he has to close for days during fire inspections. In addition, because the store security is not in place, the master who is responsible for changing clothes often dares not put valuable clothes in the store, and can only carry them home after work. Day after day, Pan Junmin perceived a problem: so go on, it is by no means a long-term solution. If you want to develop rapidly, you have to enter foreign department stores that focus on brand and image and seek cooperation with them.

Have an idea, Pan Junmin first found Huaihai Road Parkson. After UNDERSTANDING HIS SITUATION IN DETAIL, 100 SHENG SET the KEY TO HIM: ONCE WE decide to cooperate, YOU THIS place MUST do WELL LIKE AN image shop, want standardization, institutionalization, grade change. This was the first time that Pan Junmin felt respected, and he immediately agreed to the proposal. A week later, the specific cooperation plan was on the desk of the head of Parkson.

Encouraged by Parkson, Pan Junmin decided to build his shop according to the professional model. He first registered the name of the shop as quickly as possible and then standardized the shop. Each shop is made up of 3 professional changers and a receptionist. The master is only responsible for changing clothes and does not talk with customers directly. The communication is handled by the front desk. The front desk is both the receptionist and the store manager. In addition to being patient, the front desk must also be familiar with various techniques of clothing modification. Before taking up the post, the front desk must study with different clothing modification masters for half a year and work while training. Every time a customer is received, the front desk has to finalize every detail, sometimes it has to be simply shaped and proofed, and then formally modified after the customer tries on the sample. All, according to specialization, standardization, and brand mode.

To further expand the popularity, the expansion of "a needle and a line", near the Baisheng this "big tree" to obtain stable customers at the same time, Pan Junmin will also step into other foreign shopping malls, from time to time to visit the major shopping malls the person in charge of the counter, send leaflets, send small gifts, and introduce the introduction of "a needle and a line". For a long time, the network will pass, as long as the guests need to modify clothing, counter people will introduce "a needle and a thread". Gradually, PAN JunMIN HAD MORE REPEAT CUSTOMERS, a few times to modify down, guests discover the craft here is quite good, then more complex list also follows one after another.

Of POPULARITY AND REPUTATION enlarge STEP BY STEP, LET PAN JunMIN FAME INCREASE GREATLY BEFORE LONG, NUMEROUS market is ATTRACTED TO find PAN Junmin, invite him TO OPEN BRANCH. So one after another, three years later, Pan Junmin's "needle and thread" on the development of 10 stores. In 2009, after opening 17 directly operated stores in Shanghai, Pan brought "A needle and a thread" to Wuxi, where he opened a branch. Then, in April 2010, he went to Suzhou, and "one needle at a time" became popular. He not only used 23 directly owned stores to cover Shanghai and neighboring cities but also became a must-visit place for middle and high-end income people to play the fashion of changing clothes.


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