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Why Your Deceased Loved Ones Do Not Communicate

Visitation and Contact After Transition

By Julie O'Hara - Author, Poet and Spiritual WarriorPublished 3 years ago Updated 7 months ago 6 min read

I see this question posted all the time, and it breaks my heart every time I do. There is so much misinformation out there.

About a year ago, I had a huge spiritual awakening and was blessed with two tremendously strong spirit guides (St. Anthony and St. Paul) as well as a partner spirit who is with me all the time, and who I have reincarnated with many times in the past. Much of what I am going to write below is coming from them - channeled if you will… 

There are many reasons why you do not hear from your loved ones immediately upon their passing. I am going to try and explain a few of the major ones to help ease your grief.

Please understand, your loved ones have not disappeared. They are not "gone forever." They are still very much in existence, but they are now pure energy because they no longer have "flesh bodies". The flesh body is nothing but a vehicle to experience life on earth. 

Most spirits stay in what is called the "fifth dimension" whereas in mortal form, we tend to stay in the "third dimension." You often will drift into the "fourth dimension", especially in your dreams, but very few mortals experience the "fifth dimension." It is not a privilege given to all. And it is a privilege.

But your loved ones, if they have not reincarnated, reside in the fifth dimension, enjoying their existence there, and they are very cognizant of what is going on in the third, fourth, and even first and second dimensions. 

Despite what some "mediums" and "psychics" may tell you, it is not all unicorns and cupcakes in the afterlife. Yes, there is joy and tremendous love, but there is also jealousy, anger, food, and yes, even sex. However, those emotions and feelings are understood and processed at a higher level.

All souls make the decision to come to earth to learn and experience life here. We all do this. I know some people say, "why would I choose this?" And the mere fact that you are asking that question, indicates that you are not learning the lessons you agreed to take on, and you are holding on to EGO. That will be something I will go into in more detail another time, another article.

People in mortal form "die" or "transition". That is part of the contract. You will leave this flesh body and move on. I am hesitant to use the word "die" because that implies deterioration and degeneration, when in fact, "death" is just the opposite. It is a step, usually up, into a new and more ascended experience. I will refer to "death" as a "transition" only.

This is not an in-depth treatise on this subject, but more of a Cliff Notes. And it might engender more questions, which is a good thing. That means you are growing.

Reasons You Might Not Hear from A Loved One.

1. You are not spiritually open to it. To be able to interact with beings (and that includes loved ones who have passed on and are back in their natural energy state), you must be spiritually open. And unfortunately, so many mortals get too caught up in their earthly experience to be able to be open enough to hear them. It becomes about their job, their material things, what other's think. When it comes to death, mortal EGOs can get so wrapped up in own pain, grief, and denial that they cannot access the fourth or fifth dimension where they can interact with their loved ones.

2. Fear. Many people fear interactions with spirits who have passed on. Please understand this if you get nothing else out of this. THERE ARE NO DEMONS! THERE ARE NO BAD ENTITIES. Those are human made constructs designed to keep you under control. Those are fears implanted into us through organized religion, government, and authority figures. Now, do not be fooled, some of the spirit guides, or angels, or aliens, or whatever you want to call them will not hesitate to force you to do what you need to do, even if that is painful mentally and physically. But there are no demons trying to take your soul to hell because THERE IS NO HELL. Vengeance is a human construct. There is nothing to fear from a spirit. If a spirit frightens you, you simply tell them to go away. They are obligated to do so.

3. Their karmic debt to you has been paid, and/or they are not part of your soul family. This is one of the harshest realities to face, and hardest to accept and wrap your mind around. But many times, even loved family members, are brought together because they have past life karma that they need to resolve so that they can ascend to the next level. If a spirit has had a relationship, even a close one, with you and it is karmic based, and that karma has been settled and resolved, they are not going to interact with you from the other side. To do so would cause more karma, and the lessons resolved in this lifetime will have to be lived through again. They are forbidden from it. It doesn't mean they don't love you. It doesn't mean you don't love them. And you may run across them in future lives, but you will never have that "pull" toward them again in a future life because you have learned the lessons you were supposed to learn with them. However, when all souls have ascended you will become ONE with all, and you will be with them again. But if they aren't responding to your pleas, it may be because the karmic ties are completed. Yes, that can hurt us as mortals, especially when we love so deeply. But we must discern whether that love is true universal love or EGO-driven love. True universal love feels joy for the deceased, whereas EGO-driven love feels self pity and grief. Which is another reason, you must let go of EGO and realize the pain is not justified and is only hurting you. The best thing you can do, is to manifest the release of this karma and not try to hold on.

4. They may be in what can be called "soul detox" which means they are in a rehab facility of sorts where they are healing themselves. This is where you tend to find people who have committed suicide, people who have had committed heinous crimes, etc. And before someone goes off on me. People who commit crimes, even mass murderers, are damaged souls, and our beautiful Source will put every resource available to heal these souls so that they can ascend also. If you feel that is not "fair" or not "justified" then you do not understand universal love and you are still being ruled by your EGO. The need to exact revenge and justice are mortal constructs rooted in EGO. While souls are in rehab, just like rehab here, they are forbidden contact with other souls, especially souls in mortal form. Also, souls may have transitioned, who on earth may seem very healthy and normal, when in fact they are damaged and in need of rehab. So, it is not just the suicides and criminals that might end up going through a stint of soul detox/rehab.

5. The person who passed may have been very young. Sometimes young people come through and visit loved ones, but oftentimes they are reincarnated rather quickly and once reincarnated they cannot visit. When a soul contracts to transition as a child, they are often not here to learn lessons, but to teach lessons. Whether they pass at a few hours old or 10 years old or 15 or even 20 years of age, they are here to teach us something. When they transition that young, they were not sent here to learn, they were sent to teach.

When we come here in mortal form, one of the first things that is implanted in us is our EGO, which for a baby is necessary for its survival. As infants, we need to get our needs met, so we must have a strong EGO and sense of survival. The difficult thing, however, is that almost as soon as we are born into mortal form, we must start letting go of that EGO and start practicing SURRENDER to the Source. We need to embrace universal love and tolerance.

I see so many posts here that are just riddled with EGO that is running out of control and the ensuing pain that is caused by that. But unfortunately, until a person is ready to hear and understand the true concept of EGO and SURRENDER, they will suffer and prevent their own ascension which is the goal at the end of your many incarnations.

- Julie O'Hara 2023

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  • Jay2 years ago

    "But unfortunately, until a person is ready to hear and understand the true concept of EGO and SURRENDER, they will suffer and prevent their own ascension which is the goal at the end of your many incarnations." This kind of comment can come off as overwhelming to someone who is suffering so much they can't see any way out other than to end it. I've seen comments like these drive people straight into attempts. Please be careful! Some people simply can't do it on their own. They need help! You obviously have no experience with mental illness, dementia or neurological damage. It's a humbling experience and one that no one who has actually suffered with it would ever claim is a "choice" one can just think themselves out of when they decide to. Studies of the brain show significant alterations. And I learned from an acid trip that free will can be removed. A person's being can be altered to the point of ditching even their core beliefs. It doesn't matter whether a person is trapped identifying with their ego or not. They shouldn't be left to "figure it out" on their own. That's cruel. Beliefs like that permit apathy and victim blaming. You may dismiss people as being in ego if that makes you feel superior but it's not helpful to anyone. If anything, they deserve more help, love and compassion. Also, never in my experience directly with "Source"(God) did I see anything about mandatory reincarnation and karma. There are no debts. Sorry. That's New Age crap. Karma is an outright lie. This kind of belief permits people to victim blame. Do you have any idea how many people I've heard justify rape with the belief in karma? It's absolutely disgusting! No one is forced against their will to relive the hell that drove them to give up in the first place. At least that wasn't my experience when I briefly died. You are right about many things in your article, though, like how all beings eventually become one and, yes, one most go through a long healing process before they can ascend. That can take a very long time for some. And while it is true that the need for justice and revenge upon a child-murderer comes from "ego", that doesn't permit you to dismiss a person's pain. Even if it is "illusory" within the grand scheme of the spirit, it's very real to them. They don't need to be shamed for identifying with the ego. They need help! The rain

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