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What Is the Runner’s High and How Can I Get More of It?

What Is the Runner’s High and How Can I Get More of It?

By MANNUPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
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Have you ever felt a rush of energy and happiness while running? That feeling is called the Runner's High. Learn what it is, why it happens, and how you can get more of it in this article!

Evolution of Running

The runner’s high is a state of euphoria that runners experience during or after running. It is often described as a feeling of elation, well-being, and increased energy. The runner’s high has been reported by runners of all levels, from beginners to elites. While the exact causes of the runner’s high are not fully understood, research suggests that it is related to the release of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are hormones that have pain-killing and mood-boosting effects.

The idea of the runner’s high dates back to the early 1970s when a German researcher named Hans Selye first coined the term “endorphin rush.” In his research, Selye found that rats given injections of endorphins ran further on a treadmill than rats that did not receive injections. This led him to hypothesize that endorphins might be responsible for the “euphoric feeling” some runners experience.

Since Selye’s initial research, there have been numerous studies conducted on therunner’s high. In one study, researchers found that long-distance runners had higher levels of endorphins in their blood immediately after running than they did at rest. In another study, runners who were experienced marathoners were more likely to report feeling a runner’s high than those who were novice runners. This suggests that the runner’s high

Endorphins make us feel good

Endorphins are a feel-good chemical that is released by the brain. They are responsible for the "runner's high" that many people feel after a long run or workout.

Endorphins are released in response to pain or stress and they help to reduce these sensations. They also produce a sense of euphoria and can act as a natural painkiller.

Endorphins are released during exercise, which is why many people feel good after a workout. They can also be released in other situations, such as during laughter or sex.

If you want to increase your endorphin levels, you can try things like working out more, laughing more, or having sex more often. You can also take drugs that mimic the effects of endorphins, such as opiates.

Endocannabinoids produce a buzz

It's no secret that runners often talk about feeling a "high" after a long run. But what exactly is this feeling?

scientists believe that the runner's high is caused by endocannabinoids, which are chemicals produced by the body that are similar to the active ingredient in marijuana. Endocannabinoids bind to cannabinoid receptors in the brain, which helps to produce feelings of euphoria and pain relief.

So how can you get more of this feeling? Unfortunately, there's no surefire way to guarantee a runner's high every time you hit the pavement. However, research suggests that exercising for longer periods of time or at higher intensities may increase your chances of experiencing endocannabinoid-induced euphoria.

So next time you're gearing up for a run, keep in mind that it may not be just the endorphins that are making you feel good – it could be the endocannabinoids too!

Leptin gives us the hunger to go

Leptin is a hormone that helps to regulate energy expenditure and hunger. When levels of leptin are low, we tend to feel hungrier and have less energy. However, when leptin levels are high, we may feel more satiated and have more energy. Researchers believe that the runner's high is associated with increased levels of leptin in the body.

So how can you get more of thisrunner's high? Well, it turns out that exercise can help to increase leptin levels in the body. So if you want to experience more of the runner's high, make sure to get moving and get your heart rate up!

Haven’t reached the “runner’s high?

If you’ve been running for a while and haven’t yet reached the “runner’s high,” don’t worry – you will! The runner’s high is a feeling of euphoria that comes from exercise, and it can take some time to achieve. However, there are a few things you can do to help reach the runner’s high more quickly:

First, make sure you are running regularly. The more often you run, the more likely you are to reach the runner’s high.

Second, try different types of runs. Interval training, tempo runs, and long runs can all help you reach the runner’s high.

Finally, be patient! It can take some time to reach the runner’s high, but it is definitely worth it. Once you reach it, you’ll be hooked on running forever!

Use Cannarma CBD Oil and Increase Running

Cannarma CBD oil is a great way to increase running performance and get more of the runner’s high. CBD oil has been shown to improve energy levels, reduce pain and inflammation, and improve focus and concentration. All of these benefits can help you run better and longer, and enjoy the runner’s high more often.

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