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What is the nature of humanity? A combination of repeaters, atoms, algorithms ......

by yesenia neibart 2 months ago in vintage
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What is the nature of humanity?

What is the nature of humanity? A combination of repeaters, atoms, algorithms ......
Photo by Ekaterina Shakharova on Unsplash

One, human beings are by nature repeaters.

Some are high-fidelity repeaters, some are distorted repeaters, and very few are creative repeaters.

"The world's literati are one, you copy me and I copy him."

Human beings are born as an almost completely blank machinemachines to start learning to speak, to learn to walk, learn mathematics, to learn foreign languages, to learn languages, to learn everything that must be written and learned, and learning is first and foremost about repetition.

Human civilization is all about repeating to pass on, but most people can't even do it to keep it real, but there is always a part of them that repeats and then creates ......

Second, Marx said, "The essence of man is not an abstraction inherent in a single person; in its reality, it is the sum of all social relations."

Whereas human connection creates social relations, human connection requires imagination, and human social relations are created by the consensus formed by the common human imagination.

From this, it can be deduced that the essence of humanity is the consensus formed by the imagination.

Third, the essence of humanity is scientifically speaking the combination of atoms that can make up a human being, or a rock, a tree, or a bird.

From the point of view of the earth, a human being is no different from a rock, a tree, or a bird.

The existence of human beings is of no significance to the earth, they are just machines that absorb oxygen and produce carbon dioxide.

But this question presupposes that the Earth must be conscious, but human beings are too small to understand whether the Earth is conscious or not.

Fourth, what is the essential difference between humans and artificial intelligence?

The cheapest laptop can beat the smartest mathematician, but even a supercomputer with 16,000 central processors cannot compete with a child in other respects; it is not just a question of one being more powerful than the other, but there is a fundamental difference between the two. --From Zero to One.

In the present day, AI does not possess general intelligence.

In the long run, AI is upgraded to human intelligence, and the capabilities of AI will surpass human intelligence countless times over.

Since the human brain is a part biochemical machine, and with infinite memory and processor plus infinite energy, AI certainly has infinitely powerful possibilities.

Fifth, philosophers explain the nature of human beings.

Descartes: I think, therefore I am. Then, if I do not think I am not.

Human beings, in Chinese, are written with one stroke and one stroke, which means that as a human being you have to have the support of other people to be called a human being, you are the stroke of a human being and other people are the stroke. Without other people, a person cannot be a person.

You know, human beings always overestimate the value of what they don't have. --George Bernard Shaw

(The fashion among women in 1942 was to paint on their legs to make them look like they were wearing socks.)

What a marvelous masterpiece man is! What a noble reason! What a great power! What graceful gestures! What civilized manners! What an angel in conduct! How like a heavenly god in wisdom! The essence of the universe! The spirit of all things! -- Shakespeare

Human scribes are often narcissistic, Shakespeare tells you that human standards are the only standards, does the earth agree?

Does the sun agree? Do the ants agree? Does the grass agree? Do cats agree?

Arrogance plus a little bit equal stink ...........


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yesenia neibart

I can't bear the burden of deep love, and words of love are only lies that are casually fulfilled.

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