Trackers: Chapter 1

by Kami 5 months ago in literature

A vehicle malfunction destroys your night but later leads to a harmless conversation

Trackers: Chapter 1

A dry Arizona day did not prepare me for my day. It started as clockwork with school and my part time apprenticeship before waiting for an alternative transportation in the evening. I made a quick request and waited for my ride after exchanging and signing paperwork to the toll truck.

I had several calls come in about my night before I reviewed my notes and prepped for the next day. Only to wake up late and arrive to my first class late. Also to find my spot taken by a brunette respectable man who displayed a right sleeve tattoo.

He smiled as I softly scuffed sitting left of him, waiting for the professor to start. “You don’t remember me?” he wondered.

“I remember you. You helped me yesterday and now moved from the back to my spot, right?” I whispery barked.

He chuckled, “I found away to inform you…”

“Let’s review from last week before we move on…” the professor started class.

“I wanted to inform you about your car,” he explained as we pack our things up.

“Well, thank you,” I sighed. “Are you hungry, because I am.“

“I can go for some food,” he said standing.

We walked to the nearest store on campus and grabbed a bite. He informed me about my car and its return. I boldly asked the basic questions about his major and career path as he mentioned having a career and returning to school to expand his knowledge. It explained the way he carried himself and his youthful looks deceiving me when he was 34 and looked 28.

Our conversation continued as I prepped for my next class as we talked. His eye contact was strong and bold. I had to ask for 30 minutes to review my notes, which turned into an hour. He didn’t mind it, but offered to walk me to my next class and to sit next to me again.

I agreed like I had no choice, but I was thrilled. My friends and I messaged each other during our class which restricted me from my notes. They thought Derek would be perfect for me since my previous guys were tasteless.

A month and a half goes by and I’ve done my part by making the mark and ready to sell the brand. These exams were not going to end me in any way. I made camp in the basement library studying for multiple exams when Derek tapped my table. “Is this all you do? Study?”

“Yes.” I answered, re-reading my sentence again. He sat next to me not saying a word. “Why aren’t you?” I asked looking at him.

He showed his white teeth with his smile, ”I’ve done my exams early in the week.”

“Lucky,” I said matter-of-factly. We chatted for another ten minutes, getting yelled in a whisper for being loud several times before we left. He decided to take me for a midnight snack to IHOP. He ordered a BLT and I got breakfast. Our morning went on for two hours before I got a call from my friend. It was four in the morning and her calls were always emergencies.

I left him with no follow-up.

My friend apologized multiple times for taking me away from Derek. We handled her situation and left no trail. I spent the night and we went to school together and prepped for our last exam. Once I finished and returned my exam, I walked into Derek outside.

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