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Top 10 Signs That Prove You Are A Genius

This article explains the top 10 signs that every genius has.

By Mohammed FayazPublished 2 months ago 7 min read
Top 10 Signs That Prove You Are   A Genius
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A genius is a person who thinks outside of the box and has the creative idea and capacity to overcome a problem. A genius is a person who is more creative in doing inventions and also beginning to learn new things.

There are a lot of differences between genius and intelligence. All genius is intelligent, but not all intelligent people are geniuses. Geniuses can’t be made. They are born and the creativity of the genius cannot be created by studying or utilizing some experience.

They are inherited. You can make a person intelligent, but can’t make him/her a genius. The number one intelligent in the World is Marilyn Vos Savant. She was born in 1946 in Missouri. According to The Guinness Book of World Records, this person is considered the highest IQ-possessing person in the world.

She has a reported score of 228. In this article, we are going to see the top 10 signs of a person who is a genius.


A person who is ready to implement new ideas, new things, and information that all others can’t align with is known as an open-minded person. This is one of the qualities of geniuses.

Because if you are a genius, you are ready to accept new things and ideas, so only you can invent new things. According to researchers, open-minded people see the world differently and they are more creative, happier, and healthier as a result of being open-minded.

The open-minded are always trying to learn and accept new things from others. People always feel open-minded, when they are not insisting on themselves under time pressure. If you want to live a healthy and happy life, try to be open-minded. There are many ways to become an open-minded person.

The key points to becoming an open-minded person are 1. Leave your comfort zone, 2. try to ask a lot of questions, 3. Try to forget black thinking. And avoid being too open-minded. Because, “if you are too open-minded, your brains will fall out”- Lawrence Ferlinghetti.


This is also an important quality of genius. Because if your surrounding is not clean and if you don’t spend too much time cleaning your surrounding, your mind is filled with more important ideas and things to be implemented.

Geniuses always keep their room and living area unclean and they do not try to reorganize the place. They believe that they got some new creativity in that place only.

That is the main reason for the unclean surroundings of the genius people. They want all the things around them and also need the things to be taken easily. This is also another reason.


Geniuses are always curious about learning new things. Asking a lot of questions is a major sign of geniuses. We can identify a genius by his/her curiosity behavior by asking a lot of questions, learning from other people, express that they don’t know about something.

Curiosity is the capacity and practice of utilizing awe and a desire to learn more. People that are curious actively experience and make sense of the world by trying new things, asking questions, seeking clarification, enjoying new information, and forming connections.

An example of curiosity is asking a lot of questions about a subject, reading books for getting vast knowledge, and trying to learn new things from the world.


A person who is a genius might be too focused on a thing that is important to them without any specific reason. That may be learning about arts, photography, doing a short film, and whatever it is. And even studying also.

They completely focused on the thing that they want to do and forget about the World around them. Being over-focused is also known as Hype focused. But there are some negative shades of being over-focused.

Nobody will care if you spend hours on housework or math problems. However, being overly focused can lead to interpersonal disputes as well as issues at work or school. Additionally, it may make it more difficult to identify ADHD, particularly in brilliant children.

ADHD-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Some ADHD sufferers experience hyperfocus, which is a state of intense and prolonged concentration.

ADHD is more of an issue with controlling one's attention span to desired tasks than it is necessary a loss of attention. Therefore, while some tasks can be tedious and difficult to concentrate on, others can be completely fascinating.


This is one of the interesting facts about genius. Most of the genius in the World may forget a lot of unimportant things like birthdays, locking the room, etc. According to recent research from the University of Toronto, forgetfulness may be a sign of higher intelligence.

According to the research, your memory optimizes decision-making by only retaining key information and dismissing irrelevant details, thereby creating space for what counts.

According to scientists, those who frequently forget trivial things like names, birthdays, or where they put their vehicle keys could be more intelligent. According to studies, memory lapses are common and there is no reason to be concerned about forgetting things.

Most geniuses have a lot of reminders around them to avoid forgetting things to be remembered. Normally, their brain functions like forgetting unimportant things.


Dreaming about anything deeply and forgetting about the entire world around us is a primary sign of geniuses. We all have a specific dream to become like such a person, but geniuses have abnormal dreams like they have to rue the world.

Everyone has a dream. We quickly forget practically all our dreams after we wake up. We often credit our forgetting to neurochemical changes in the brain that take place during REM sleep, a stage of sleep marked by dreaming and rapid eye movement.

But according to geniuses, “Dream is not which come while sleeping, it is the one that does not let you sleep”- Abdul Kalam.


This is the craziest sign of geniuses. But geniuses may speak a lot of bad habits. According to us, speaking bad words is bad behavior, but most geniuses speak bad words.

Here we are not debating whether speaking bad words is good or bad behavior, but almost all the geniuses were always used to speaking bad words generally. According to studies, cursing during a physically painful incident can make us more resilient to discomfort.

According to experts, utilizing expletives might help us develop emotional fortitude and deal with circumstances in which we feel powerless.


Most geniuses are night owls because they have a lot of creativity at night time only. The crazy thing about night owl is, the code for Facebook was written at night only by Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs worked a lot for the Apple foundation is night time only.

If you're a night owl, some habits, including regularly eating late dinners or spending time in bright, artificial light in the evenings, may have assisted in teaching your body's internal clock to shift a little later than usual. However, it's also possible that you're just a night owl by nature.

There are some particular benefits, according to a few scientific studies, for persons who prefer to go to bed and wake up late. With more mental endurance later in the day, night owls may be more brilliant and creative than early birds.


They don’t like to expose to a professional dress code and give much importance to appearances. Most geniuses are not ugly based on their looks, but their actions of them make them unique and proud.


Usually, geniuses have a closed circle of friends only. They do not spend much time speaking, instead of speaking they are more likely to listen to others. The fact that bright people prefer to listen to talk is one of the main causes for why they have fewer acquaintances.

The introverted genius will typically be found in a group of friends, quietly observing, listening, and attempting to comprehend those around them.

Because they do not require a sense of tribal connection to find significance in their life, clever people choose to socialize less. In reality, they are the ones who are more likely to choose to follow their route when given the option of "belonging" or not.


There are also more signs of genius, but the above-mentioned are the most common signs of genius. The other habits of genius are 1. They listen more than they speak, 2. Adapt to change easily, 3. Focused on something for hours.

There is no exact definition of genius. They are classified based on their IQ score. Geniuses are identified by being smart or having a high IQ. There are 4 classifications of IQ.

They are 1.90 to 110 - Average, 2. 110 to 120 - Superior intelligence, 3. 120 to 140 - Very superior intelligence, 4. 140 above - Genius. A person who is having IQ of more than 180 is considered a Super Genius.

A genius who is extremely brilliant and also an extremely smart person is known as Super Genius. A lot of geniuses were in the world and found so many inventions. Some of the most important geniuses are 1. Isaac Newton, 2. Thomas Alva Edison, 3. Stephen Hawking, 4. Nicola Tesla, 5. Aryabhata.

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