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Top 10 Celebrity Couples with a Big Age Difference

by WatchMojo 3 years ago in celebrities

Some say age is just a number, but some of these age differences have others scratching their heads.

Despite a difference in age, the laws of attraction united these celebs. Join MsMojo, as we count down our picks for the "Top 10 Celebrities Couples with Big Age Differences."

The celebrities on our list aren’t necessarily still together, as we’re focusing on past and present relationships that made a significant impact on pop culture for a variety reasons. We’re considering several factors, including how well-known the celebs are, the actual age gap, and whether or not their age at the time of dating made the relationship controversial.

Married in late 2015, this wealthy couple lived vastly different lives a quarter century before. For one, Mary-Kate Olsen was just over one year old when the first episode of Full House aired, while her future husband was just beginning his financial career. Oliver Sarkozy ultimately became a multi-millionaire and married a fashion writer, and his half-brother even became the President of France. But as Mary-Kate Olsen grew up and evolved into a noted fashion designer, Oliver took note in 2012 when the pair commenced their relationship, separated by a full 17 years. And for the record, that’s two years less than Ashley Olsen and her beau Bennett Miller.

As one of America’s most controversial figures of his time, Donald Trump has experienced both failure and success in the public eye. But a Slovene-American model named Melania Knauss has long been a constant in his personal life. The pair first began dating in 1998, with the 24 year age difference raising a few eyebrows, especially as the relationship successfully continued on into the 21st century. In 2005, the two tied the knot and later had a son named Barron. In the political world, scandal often tears husbands and wives apart; but somehow, Donald and Melania made it work.

Now here’s a celebrity couple that took the road less traveled towards love, albeit a turbulent one. By 2011, Doug Hutchison had become a noted actor, previously appearing in the Tom Hanks film The Green Mile and later in seven episodes of Lost. But, when a 16 year old named Courtney Stodden signed up for his acting class, well, a digital romance transpired. And despite the 35 year age gap, Doug and Courtney married the same year, which led to plenty of public scrutiny and some interesting reality TV as well. Even so, the couple managed to sustain a lasting marriage, renewing their vows in 2016 for their fifth anniversary.

In 2009, a British filmmaker released her feature debut about the early years of John Lennon. And her star? Well, that was Aaron Johnson, 23 years her junior and previously known for roles in The Illusionist and Shanghai Knights. But just as the music of The Beatles inspired love, the film itself brought Sam and Aaron together. And at the premiere, the two announced their plans to marry, despite the younger Johnson being only 19 years of age. It remains to be seen if this celebrity pairing will last, but that doesn’t mean each doesn’t deserve to give peace (and love) a chance.

By 1966, the ABC series Peyton Place had made 21-year-old Mia Farrow a network star. And a chance encounter led to a dramatic union with one of America’s beloved icons: Frank Sinatra. Older by a full 30 years, Ol’ Blue Eyes married his young wife shortly before her breakout role in the 1968 Roman Polanski film, Rosemary’s Baby. Incidentally, the development in Farrow’s career disrupted the personal and professional plans of her husband. So while the industry brought these two together, it was the business of Hollywood that played a crucial role in their 1968 divorce.

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Amber Heard made her film debut in the 2004 classic Friday Night Lights about high school football in Texas. Meanwhile, her future husband was beginning the next stage of his career with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. And so, when Heard and Johnny Depp starred as a real-life couple years later in The Rum Diary, fiction became reality as the two began dating in 2012, before marrying in 2015. And while the 23 year age difference made headlines, and the relationship led to an iconic Internet moment with “Terriergate,” the marriage ultimately dissipated in 2016, and with plenty of drama at that.

From 1997 to 2002, Calista Flockhart starred as the titular lead in the series Ally McBeal. And by series end, she had earned yet another Golden Globe nomination for her work. But in 2002, Calista received an additional surprise at the Golden Globes when she met the legendary Harrison Ford. Despite the 23 year age difference, a romance developed and the couple ultimately married in 2010. From Brothers and Sisters to The Force Awakens, these two have remained relevant over the years and certainly have found a balance between their professional and personal lives.

Undeniably one of the more high profile couples of the 21st century, these two celebrities were first introduced in 1998 by Danny DeVito. At the time, Catherine Zeta-Jones was on the verge of Hollywood stardom, and Douglas reportedly told her that he’d like to “father her children” upon their first meeting. On paper, that seemed unlikely, given the 25 year age difference. Alas, it worked out for the glamorous pair, as they married in 2000 and Catherine later gave birth to two children. And by that same time in 2002, iconic roles in both Traffic and Chicago had made Catherine an A-lister. All in all, Michael and Cat have the resumes and star power that younger celebrity couples can only dream of.

As the world evolves, so does the nature of public celebrity relationships. In late 2015, noted movie and television star Sarah Paulson announced her pairing with Holland Taylor who, at the time, was approaching her 73rd birthday. And though the Two and a Half Men actress is 32 years older than Paulson, their relationship demonstrates just how far Hollywood and society itself has come in recent years, certainly for female actresses. And while Sarah and Holland are separated in years, they’re making a significant impact on breaking down industry barriers. After all, love is love.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

  • Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall—25 Years
  • Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley—20 Years
  • David Cross & Amber Tamblyn—19 Years
  • Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse—17 Years
  • Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart—18 Years
  • Dominic Purcell & AnnaLynne McCord—17 Years

Approximately a decade after Mia Farrow finalized her divorce with Frank Sinatra, she began a relationship with the one and only Woody Allen. Unfortunately, Mia wasn’t the only woman in the director’s personal life by the early 90s. Enter Soon-Yi, the adopted 21-year old daughter of Mia Farrow and ex-husband André Previn, and also the new love interest of a then 56-year-old Mr. Allen. That’s a 35 year age difference. Unsurprisingly, the origin and continuation of the relationship became the focus of intense public scrutiny, yet the couple went on to marry in 1997 and have remained together ever since. It’s a different kind of celebrity marriage, but the age difference and circumstances clearly didn’t prevent Woody and Soon-Yi from setting forth.

So, do you agree with our selections? Which couple do you find the most interesting due to their vast age difference? For more intriguing Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.


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