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The beginning is about modern content. Treasure hunting is salvaging the wreck of the Titanic in search of its diamond pendant known as the "Heart of the Ocean"

By NatalieMarmolPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
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The beginning is about modern content. Treasure hunting is salvaging the wreck of the Titanic in search of its diamond pendant known as the "Heart of the Ocean". The salvage process itself has a certain appeal to the advanced technology of salvage and the wonderful underwater world, and salvaging the treasure easily arouses positive emotions and interest. However, the process also has its ups and downs. As the cabin safe opens and the treasure hunter does not appear, the mood of the audience becomes negative all of a sudden, and both the audience and the treasure hunter are filled with disappointment. But then pulls out the spin-off vignette of the elderly Ruth, making the audience and the treasure hunters seem to see hope, while the elderly Ruth brings a fascinating and beautiful love story. 84 years ago (1912), the Titanic, the world's most luxurious cruise ship, began her maiden voyage. Before the ship's departure, the film shows very lively scenes on the pier and the ship, setting off the identity and noble qualities of the heroine Ruth. On the other hand, the hero, Jack, is gambling, and the detail that Jack cheats during gambling in the film is seen to be very affected. Ruth is oppressed and repressed leading her to want to commit suicide. The film's depiction of Ruth's suicide process is emotionally and emotionally powerful. On the one hand, the film depicts the height and speed of the ship, and on the other hand, the film's treatment of Ruth's determination and action to kill herself makes the audience's mood very tense for a time. When Jack comes and is impressed by his wise and moving words and actions, Ruth at the same time gives the viewer an extra glimmer of hope. But Ruth's foot suddenly fell at this moment, and at once the audience's heart was in its throat. Fortunately, with the efforts of the two men, Ruth was finally out of danger, and the two men returned to embrace together, which made the audience breathe a long sigh of relief and happily experience the sweetness of the two men. Then Carl appeared and gave Jack a taunt. After Carl showed his love to Rose and gave the diamond called "Heart of the Ocean" to Rose, Rose also finally broke up with Jack. But Rose and Jack still keep going back and forth. When they get together, Jack spits on Rose to disgust the audience, but this is partly to evoke a completely different mood or emotion, and partly for Ruth to get rid of Carl on stage later. Jack meets a nice man who helps him go to a party held by society, whose actions are so funny that the audience thinks Jack is insulted, but Jack's witty talk makes the fears go away. After the dinner, Jack gives Rose a piece of paper and gently takes Rose to the third party. In the third class, Jack and Rose, the audience is excited. But the agent's presence overshadowed the pleasant revelry. The audience was shocked when Carl, who was furious with Jack after learning of Ruth's meeting, suddenly flipped the table and left Ruth. Ruth's mother then lectured Ruth on her thoughts and transformed Ruth's bra. Ruth has been shaken and wants to break off the relationship with Jack. Jack, who is in love, is not willing to give up and uses a stolen piece of clothing as a cover for a chance to meet Rose, only to be rejected by Rose. Jack is depressed, Rose has been touched by Jack, however, has also been very much in love with Jack, and finally, Ruth took the initiative to find Jack again. At this moment, the beautiful music plays, the two people standing on the bow of the boat embracing, kissing, and flying with open arms, the audience's emotions shifted to the boiling point, the audience is infected and enchanted by the romance of the two people.

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