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This whole rest thing is bigger than anything

by Berard Jackson 2 months ago in celebrities
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This whole rest thing is bigger than anything

Freud is the greatest painter in the world today. Britain's Queen Elizabeth wanted him to paint a picture of her. So she sent her royal minister to ask Freud to come to the palace and paint for her.

Freud was drawing a picture of a country woman. When he heard the royal minister's intention, he said without looking up, "I am busy and have no time to paint the Queen. If the Queen wants to paint, please invite her to come to me.

After hearing this, the Queen hurriedly put off important duties, dressed up, and drove to Freud's studio.

Pushing open the ajar door, the Queen saw Freud leaning back in his deckchair, his eyes slightly closed. Somebody said to Freud, "Here comes the Queen. Please draw a picture for her."

Freud looked up at the Queen and said, I am resting and have no time to paint for you now.

"That's all right," said the Queen, smiling. "Rest and draw me another one when you have time." The Queen smiled and quietly withdrew from Freud's studio as if she were afraid that the sound of her footsteps might disturb the painter and violate his sanctity and peace.

Afterward, someone said to Freud, "How can you rest when the Queen is here?"

Freud said, the rest of the matter, more than the sky, how can I casually give up the rest of the beautiful and quiet?

Near Jerusalem, Israel, there is a famous bar called the Finks. Inside THE BAR, THE ATMOSPHERE IS WARM AND ELEGANT, ESPECIALLY THE OWNER of this bar can make a fragrant chicken flavor wine, let a personal taste, will taste to leave the lip, unforgettable.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hosted the visiting former Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger for lunch at this bar. After the meeting, Netanyahu and Dr. Kissinger went to the bar together, laughing and talking.

As soon as they reached the door of the bar, they saw the owner of the bar, carrying a travel bag and dragging a suitcase, about to close the door.

Netanyahu said to the bar owner, Where are you going? I'm coming to your house to entertain important guests.

The bar owner looked at Netanyahu and his guests and said, "Excuse me, I'm taking a vacation. Go somewhere else."

Mr. Netanyahu shrugged helplessly and went off with Dr. Kissinger.

Afterward, someone said to the bar owner, "You are so bad at business. It's a pity that you don't do such a good business and give it up."

The bar owner said, "How is that possible? Rest is a big deal. How can I give it up to make money?

In 2002, the World Cup soccer tournament in Asia, the Chinese team and Qatar World War I, is about to start. This match is related to whether the Chinese team can impact the World Cup of the key war, all eyes.

But at this moment, the coach Milutinovic left the team, with his family to the Gulf of Mexico holiday rest. At this critical moment, Milutinovic is not training with the team, but he has the leisure to go on holiday. Public opinion was in an uproar, all kinds of accusations, and criticism, overwhelming him.

Milutinovic was advised not to go on holiday and take the time to lead the team in training. As a manager, you will be involved in the failure of the game.

Milutinovic WAS SURPRISED TO ASK, "THE VACATION IS WRITTEN IN THE contract, HOW CAN I give UP THE rest for the game?" For me, rest is very important.

Despite all the criticism, Milutinovic remained the same, sticking to his decision and never giving up his rest.

The GAME was less than 48 HOURS AWAY when Milutinovic RETURNED TO THE team, BUOyed by the Gulf OF Mexico sea breeze and spray.


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