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This is me

A melon-like face, like a spirit like a thousand eyes like two watery pearls

By NatalieMarmolPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
This is me
Photo by Elijah Hail on Unsplash

A melon-like face, like a spirit like a thousand eyes like two watery pearls, a pair of large and flat ears hanging on both sides of the face, nose high and tall, was set under the watery eyes, and a large apple-like mouth. His greatest characteristic is his pair of large ears: large and flat, with the unique characteristics of the wind ear - what people can not hear, he can hear at once, and heard clearly, not a trace. Who is he? That's right! He is me.

My characteristic is that I am not discouraged. One time, I participated in a voice competition, and the full score was one hundred. I immediately picked up the phone and read it carefully, but I only got ninety-five points. "Why?" I said to myself. I checked up and found two words that were a little bit sound-eating. I tried a few times, then recorded again- ninety-eight points. "Why?" I said to myself again. I checked again and found that it turned out that one of my sentences was stuttering a bit. I tried a few more times, and then I recorded a few more times, but I was still unsuccessful, at which point I encouraged myself: "Come on, I can do it!" After a few more attempts, I finally got a hundred percent.

My biggest hobby is reading books. Whenever I have time, I pick up a book and look at it with great interest. On Saturdays, I can't stop reading: I finish my homework early and then I read a book. I also like to take notes when I read books: I draw the words I think are good, I draw the most moving moments, and so on. A good memory is better than a bad pen. Because I know that writing is about accumulation. Moreover, I have to read books very quickly: at least 2 days to finish one book, the fastest one day to finish 2 books.

I also love writing essays. From time to time, I write a five- or six-sided essay. To write a long and good essay, I used all my power: I first came up with a rough mind map, where to write in detail and where to write briefly I marked out, then wrote a draft, revised it, and transcribed it into the composition book, a long and good essay was shown in front of my eyes. Good essays are made by revising, and I enjoy writing them. People say I am a little writer.

I also love to draw. Usually, I go to the river to enjoy the beauty of the scenery while I draw my ideas. Because I think what I come up with is unique and different. After conceptualizing, I first draw the basic outline and then very patiently and carefully paint it with different colors, just like putting on a colorful dress for the painting. At this point, the scenes in the painting all come to life, as if they are smiling at me! Every time I paint, I feel happy. People say I am a little painter.

My greatest characteristic is my self-confidence. I remember one test, I entered the examination room with confidence. During the test, I listened carefully and answered the questions carefully. I was convinced that I could get 100 points, and as expected, I got 100 points. I am convinced that self-confidence is always reserved for people who review carefully and answer questions calmly. Everyone says I am a confident and sunny boy.

There are different leaves in the world, and there is only one me in the world. Do you like such a little painter and writer who never gets discouraged and is full of self-confidence?


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