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There is a song of youth in my heart

by zhuwei 2 months ago in art
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There is a song of youth in my heart

There is a song that resounds through the sky; There is a song with melodious melody; There is a song that I remember... Looking back on the past, the colorful youth is passing away quietly. Looking forward to the future, I can't forget the memories left by the youth.

Youth · Dream

"What is your dream?" This sentence has been asked by countless people. I once thought that it was my dream to earn more money when I grew up. But when I entered puberty and became a teenager, I found that my previous idea was too absurd.

"I want to be a doctor when I grow up.

”I was stunned by my friend's frankness about his dream. What surprised me was not his dream, but the dream in his mind was so vague.

I tried my best to imagine, but only the vague figure of my dream. I smiled and laughed so much.

Youth · Hope

The fallen leaves are like the wind.

The autumn wind brings the message of winter. The scenery outside the window is vague, and the heart is also confused.

"When will it end?" Facing my complaint, my friend smiled: "Look out of the window.

”I immediately threw a puzzled look at her, but she said slowly: "Don't you have any hope for the excellent list of this conference? The autumn wind is whispering, and the winter is coming. Aren't we a step closer to spring? Spring is the hope of the four seasons, and this conference is your hope of a semester, isn't it?" After listening to my friend's words, I suddenly felt that the scenery outside the window was so clear, and the haze in my heart also disappeared.

Youth · Friendship

"We'll see you again.

”"Well, of course, you can't lose me! Hee hee.

”The parting with a friend is filled with sadness.

Our friendship is like a cup of coffee. The more you taste, the more mellow you taste.

In the past, we were inseparable and talked about everything. She was just like my little cotton padded jacket. She was both intimate and warm. The first good time in youth was wonderful because of her company.

But who ever thought that she was transferred to another school because her father was transferred to another place to work? I thought that my friendship with her would end here, but that was not the case.

She once said to me: "Friendship is like maltose, sweet, melted in the heart, but difficult to give up.".

I will stick to you forever like maltose. Don't try to get rid of me! " I didn't think much of it at that time. I didn't think much about friendship, but when the day of parting came, I deeply felt the friendship between me and her that was hard to part with.

Time stayed in the old gramophone, and a song lingered in my mind. Dreams, hopes and friendship together formed this song.

When all the beautiful things are condensed in this song, it is the time in my life that I do not want to forget - youth.

When the songs from the bottom of my heart ring through the sky, when the songs from the bottom of my heart cut through the sky, and when the clouds from the bottom of my heart are blown away, youth will bring us into the best time.

God, please stop the long river of time and let me stay in youth forever. This is the best time, the most beautiful music

Youth is a trickle of water; Youth is a green bud.

Youth has no color,

Like white paper, waiting for us to paint; Youth is colorless, like a book

The unwritten diary is waiting for us to write.

Spring is the most brilliant touch of warmth in the flower season

The sunshine is beautiful and exquisite.

When we sat on the chair, talking and laughing, our faces were filled with warm micro

Laughter is youth; When we walk on the street, we play tricks on our friends and girlfriends

To play, that is youth; When we stood in the sun, waving our hands in school uniforms

Happy to take graduation photos, that is youth; When we look back at our alma mater

Separated friends, the happy days of the past emerge and shed tears, that is youth

Youth is a beautiful and full of ups and downs, let's sigh, its short

Feeling aggrieved because of the teacher's scolding, I can't help complaining to my friends, that is Qing

Spring; I was in a hurry because my best friend's birthday was coming, and finally I felt embarrassed to ask my best friend

When a good friend talks, that is youth; Joy and sadness due to small surprises brought by family

If you leave everything behind, that is youth; Lost because I failed in an exam, I was again

The comfort of friends and girlfriends makes people laugh, which is youth

In those youth and simplicity, there are always some memories that we cannot forget.

Unforgettable friends

I have laughed and cried together, I have hated and loved, I have been a comfort in loss, I have been hurt

A warm heart is deeply engraved in the heart of memory.

All the feasts in the world will end, and you and I

But they have everlasting friendship.

Unforgettable mentor.

When reading poetry, remember your patience education; Bury one's head and pick up a pen

Fast writing, still remember your careful guidance at the beginning.

Gentle words, careful teaching, slender

The figure will always exist in the heart.

Memorable Alma Mater.

Step by step into the huge campus, beautiful flowers, green grass.


We spent a long academic career in this campus full of laughter and laughter.

Because of your

Accompany, just have a talent.

Your appearance is lingering.

"We don't want to live forever, or go through the day and night, but we want to stay calm and travel together


”As the song says, let's draw more beautiful pictures with youth as the pen and true feelings as the ink

The painting of youth, write a more vivid song of youth.

A single flower does not make spring, while one hundred flowers in full blossom bring spring to the garden; A person's happiness is happiness, and a group of people's happiness is happiness.

The campus is a garden full of happiness.

Each flower has its unique temperament. There are no two identical leaves in the world. Destiny brings us together from all corners of the world. Different habits and personality characteristics make us bloom more colorful because of this encounter.

As the hard-working gardener in the Hundred Flowers Garden, the teacher irrigated us with sweat and hard work and shared the joys, sorrows and sorrows of life with us. Why don't we cherish this hard won happiness?

The high school study stage is the most substantial but laborious stage of life.

Here we have gained profound friendship and ways of dealing with people.

Wealth is not an eternal friend, but a friend is an eternal wealth.

After graduation, those good times are lingering in my mind.

With the dawn shining in front of our window, a day of intense study began, and students looked after each other, especially brothers and sisters. Even if I was far away from home, I would not feel lonely.

I especially remember the greetings from my classmates when I was sick, such as the warm winter sun shining into my heart, such as the cool summer day shaking my heart.

I especially remember the playground we read together in the morning, the place where we ran and jumped together, and the gravel path we walked together.

After self-study in the evening, we exercise together. After running freely, we forget the worries and sorrows of the day. We pick up the yellow leaves under the maple leaves and talk to each other in your dormitory.

They are not relatives, but they are better than relatives. Here we have changed from classmates to lifelong friends.

In the short three years, we have learned to respect, understand and tolerate each other.

But not every student friendship is harmonious and beautiful, because we should respect each other and seek common ground while reserving differences in the process of getting along with classmates.

When conflicts occur, we should reflect on ourselves more than blame others.

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.

The so-called threshold means that the past is the threshold. Since you have the luck to know each other, you should have the courage to tolerate.

But the truth is not always as good as we think.

The Fudan poisoning case that shocked China not long ago made people feel sad.

The top students of famous universities, because of a little discord between their classmates and many others, went so far as to kill them, which eventually led to the tragedy of a slip into eternal hatred, and the two families also fell into great pain.

This makes us reflect on whether there are any problems in education in China today.

The survey shows that nearly 40% of the students think that their classmates' relationship is unsatisfactory.

The tragedy brought people back to the reality of interpersonal communication.

It is crucial to reflect on yourself and encourage others to correct their criticisms.

Fate is like a thief. When it comes, it comes quietly, but when it leaves, it makes you lose a lot.

The same is true of classmate friendship.

When you look back, do you think your youth was brilliant.

Youth is a song, and the profound friendship between students is the most moving melody in this song.

Let the song of youth fly.

Cherish the most important friendship among students in youth, which will leave us eternal good memories in life.

When I was young, I wanted to know the color of youth,

Find the answer in the mottled crayon painting.

The handwriting of my childhood tells me that,

Youth is a kite flying under the blue sky, with red wings stirring the light breeze.

When I was young, I wanted to know the color of youth, so I looked for the answer in the yellowing diary.

The twinkling words tell me that youth is the summer leaves that flourish at the windowsill, and the green fire clusters turn into the plot of hope.

Later, I saw the color of the sea. I thought that youth was the sea under the moon. The blue waves were filled with strange thoughts.

Later, I saw the luster of the city, and I wondered: youth, but this colorful refraction? Colorful lights confuse the clear eyes

I can't find the color of youth

When the flowing water under the bridge sings the praises of spring, when the solitary oars of the black shed ship send wisps of thoughts to the shore;

When the lingering rain dampens the green inspiration, when the oil paper umbrella sends a lonely sigh in the deep alley;

I drove the boat of time quietly to the end of the deep lane to ask who the cloves were for,

The oil paper umbrella can't cover the pear blossom with rain. How can the curtain of rain, like tears, block the sad yearning in spring

Now, youth has put away the kite of childhood, closed the diary of the youth, and faded the lights and thoughts, but on my young shoulders, I have a heavy responsibility.

So can I still find the poetic color?

Spring in summer will not sleep, cicadas in winter will not sing;

The rice fields in spring will not brew, and the branches in autumn will not play;

Life, this is so dull; Naturally, it has always been so monotonous; Thought is always so regular; The mood is like the old wine of Chen Feng

Suddenly, I understand

The color of youth is the color of sunshine! It is ethereal and transparent, and can not be pondered, while all things in the world are its colorful refraction!

If you, like me, have just started this picture of youth,

Step on the stage of life and get to know these young dancers, then use light and heat to reconcile the colors of youth!

You will draw a good picture, write a good poem, and in the precious years of life, interpret deeply and write happily!

Let the ageless memory shine

Shine out the most wonderful color of youth!

Sing the most beautiful song of youth!

Farewell to the golden childhood, we began to enter the dream of paradise youth.

Youth is a beautiful scenery, waiting for us to watch; Youth is a moving melody, waiting for us to listen; Youth is a prose poem with both quality and beauty. It is waiting for us to appreciate that when we just enter the door of youth, let's gaze at the youth track left by others!

She is beautiful and talented. With her beautiful face, she entered the palace and began her life in the palace.

She could have lived as luxuriously as countless concubines, or she could have worshipped the world like empresses of all ages. However, history pushed her step by step from the back palace to the front hall, until she sat on the dragon chair that only men could sit in the past.

In 5000 years of Chinese history, a woman was the first and last to claim the throne, and she did it as well as any male emperor.

The vicissitudes of time, however, her flower of life, in the rolling tide of history, is still so gorgeous and dazzling.

The road of his youth is full of thorns and frustrations. The relentless disease has taken away his most precious eyes. The hardships of life have pushed him to the bottom of the suffering, but he did not yield to the fate and still did not give up his pursuit of music.

In countless moonlit nights and rainy days, he integrated his love for music, his desire for light and his yearning for a happy life into his music.

Therefore, in the streets and lanes of Wuxi, near the Erquan in Huishan, people often see a blind person holding an erhu and playing sad or happy music.

The blind artist used erhu to convey his understanding and feelings of life, and inspired countless people who lived at the bottom of the society like him.

To this day, his music is still widely spread in the world, and his life has gained permanent youth in his music.

They work in the most ordinary and greatest positions in the world and perform the most solemn and sacred duties in the world.

They turned themselves into candles and silkworms, lit their youth, and guided the students seeking knowledge with painstaking efforts.

In the course of their life, there is no childishness or aging, and there is only dedication across the age limit. Therefore, in their life dictionaries, every page is written with the word "fiery youth", so people give them a new title of engineer of human soul.

Youth is like a magic pen. Some people use it to write beautiful poems, some people use it to compose moving movements, and some people use it to describe the most brilliant picture of life. Therefore, youth becomes eternal at that moment.

Yes, people only have one life. In the short journey of life, youth is as fleeting as flowers.

How can we make our youth flowers have permanent vitality? I couldn't help thinking.

I remember Ostnovsky said in How Steel Was Tempered that life has given us a huge and infinitely noble gift, which is youth: full of power, full of expectations, full of the aspiration to seek truth and fight, full of hope and faith.

Indeed, youth is the best season of life, the most sonorous chapter of life, the passion of youth, the power of the rising sun, our youthful spirit, we dare to be the first, we are full of youthful ambition!

We are the owners of youth, and we are also the pioneers of the times. We need to sing the song of youth belonging to each of us in our unique way!

We should compose the movement of youth with hard sweat.

Youth is beautiful, and it is even shorter. You can't see the bright mirror in the high hall with sad white hair, and the morning is as green as the evening snow.

We can't idle away our time and do nothing in the most glorious moment of life. We should take good advantage of our youth, learn from the sea swallow that fights the wind and rain to fly, and learn from the tall and straight pine that can stand proudly through the frost!

We should weave the music of youth with dreams.

We haven't felt the tension and busyness in high school yet. Looking back, the black June has gone away from us. With a little ignorance and dream, we entered the university gate, where there are a vast number of books; Here, there is the blending of knowledge and the collision of ideas; This is the place where dreams set sail! Human beings are great because of dreams, and youth is wonderful because of dreams! We should have a good grasp of youth, use our outstanding ideas to construct the blueprint of life value, and use our dreams to fill the baggage of life experience.

Let's shout to ourselves: Today's I have surpassed yesterday's I, tomorrow's I will certainly surpass today!

We should use passion


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