The Untold Story of Shayna Tesla (Part 2)

Chapter 2 - Then there were two.

The Untold Story of Shayna Tesla (Part 2)

Two hours down and one more to go. I can't wait to get off this plane, go home, and become the shut-in that I was meant to be. Charvi and Arabella are both asleep next to some random guy on the plane. Arabella’s head keeps falling on his shoulder and he gets so shocked every time that he tries to push her away softly and then she just snuggles up to him and it’s the funniest thing. Charvi is sleeping like an angel. This is the only time where I’m reminded of the old days with her where she would play with me and not be annoyed with everything that came out of my mouth. I wish I could be as calm as them when we go on airplanes. Whenever I get on planes, I either listen to music, play games, or watch shows that I've downloaded on my phone. This plane ride, though, I couldn't seem to calm myself down. Every ten minutes or so, the plane would start shaking like a giant was playing with it. So, I've been staring out the window watching the engines.

The sky is so blue and peaceful that I feel so silly for being so paranoid on this plane. Even though I have no grounds to be so paranoid such as being in an actual plane crash, I’ve still watched too many scary stories about them online and that’s what scary to me. I know all of the statistics, but that just makes this all worse. I have been on so many planes ever since I could remember and this is the first time that I feel so out of place. Like I should not be here at all.

-Plane starts shaking-

"Attention all passengers: The plane is having some minor engine problems. Please remain calm and in your seats with your seat belts on. The problem will be stabilized shortly," the flight attendant said so casually, like she's said this thousands of times. I have no idea why this plane has so much turbulence that it to the point that am on the verge of a panic attack. The other side of the plane looks a bit weirder than mine. A little grayish but that just might be my eyes playing tricks on me because I’m so paranoid. I try to get more into the music that I am listening to but it only helps a little bit and more and more the plane shakes the less it actually helps.

-Plane starts shaking again-

I tighten my grip on the arm rest. The engine on my side looks perfectly fine. Arabella gets shaken awake this time and blushes when she sees that she’s on the random guy's arm. He blushes too and I could see them together maybe, but then I remember Arabella’s personality and he would run for the hills right now if he knew. That's when I looked to the window on their side and couldn't believe what I saw. There was black smoke streamlining into a bigger and bigger ominous aura around the side of the plane until I could barely see the blue sky and white clouds beyond it.

-Plane starts shaking uncontrollably and gas masks fall from the overhead-

"Attention all passengers: Please put on the gas masks on yourself and help children around you afterwards, please keep your hands and feet in front of you or wrap your head in your arms," the attendant rushed as she went to go sit in her seat with a worried expression.

Charvi is finally awake with such a confused expression on her face. Arabella shoves the mask on her face after putting on her own. They both look towards us, my parents and I, pleading with their eyes. My dad, seeing that I’m in shock, notices that I still don’t have my mask on and hurriedly puts it on me. Just then, a bright light came from my window. In perfect view of the engine, it was a sight I would never forget. The engine was starting and stopping over and over and over again. Sparks were flying out of the wing. This is the first time in my life that I honestly thought I would die. My parents see that I'm starting to freak out and my tears are dropping faster than the plane. They try to calm me down but it's already too late. Because the plane has already gone down. And all I see is darkness.

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